Reviews for Beyond Seven
Athenaion chapter 4 . 3/16/2010
Rufus woke up to be a Shinra brat, but the scene that he was praying to the night sky is touching.
Athenaion chapter 3 . 3/16/2010
This granny talk is so cute!
Athenaion chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
What a life of Rufus! But he was fortunate to meet lovely Tifa.
riley-is number 1 chapter 7 . 2/22/2008
.GAWD! #$%&*()_ _)(*&%$#$%&*()(*&%$#$%&*()*&

why are all guys SUCH idiots? all cloud thinks about it 'aerith aerith aerith' gawd i HATE her. no offense to anyone who likes her speaking of mood swings...
riley-is number 1 chapter 6 . 2/22/2008
dude...omg GO TIFA! lol she told them...BURN!
riley-is number 1 chapter 5 . 2/22/2008
UH-OH there's gonna be trrouble LOl rufus is gonna be PISSED
riley-is number 1 chapter 4 . 2/22/2008
okay here's my prediction ah-hem,

Rufus wishes on star


rufus wishes to be in love or something (w/tifa?)

NOT check...

they fall in love perhaps...

NOT check...

um...happily ever after?

riley-is number 1 chapter 3 . 2/22/2008
hahahahahahahahhahahahah OMG that would SUCK to be rufus...or should i say 'granny ruffie who had a gender change' OMG lmao you rock that was HILARIOUS!1
riley-is number 1 chapter 2 . 2/22/2008
D-E-N-I-A-L...denial ...she's a bitch
riley-is number 1 chapter 1 . 2/22/2008
aw...poor wuffie... *sniffle*
Neko-kao chapter 1 . 7/15/2004
Ah! You've got me wanting to write Rufus/Tifa's now, too! Heh. I loved this first part, it was well done and cute :)
Kairi Elison chapter 6 . 5/29/2004
TIFA SNAPS! XD Funny how she punched Cloud. _
Kairi Elison chapter 5 . 5/29/2004
Cool! _ Dark Nation are Tifa could really make a great team together...

And Rufus panicking about Dark Nation's disappearance really made me laugh, especially the yogurt thing with Reno.

Well I understand Rufus's reaction. If my dog or my rabbits get lost, I'd probably panic too no matter how cool my exterior is!
Kairi Elison chapter 4 . 5/29/2004
"I love the way you love, but I hate the way I'm supposed to love you back"...

Hmm... I know the song's about not being in-love, not wanting to be in-love and not wanting to be loved in return, right? *yes, I also happen to love the band Silverchair!*

Very fitting for Rufus. For Tifa, I'm guessing what's on any of your minds when you wrote this: she got tired of Cloud; so she's not in-love anymore, but she misses the feeling, right? Though I'm not sure about the not wanting to be loved in return thing... but what the hell... which ever angle you look at it, the song really fits them! _
Kairi Elison chapter 3 . 5/29/2004
Hahahahaha! I agree with General Quistis when she mentioned once (it was in her blog, I think...) that the Turks serve as the "comic relief" for the game.

With the Turks, things are really sure to become hilarious! Teehee! _
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