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devil-urd chapter 35 . 5/27
**pops in**
***looks left...looks right***
Are we getting another update? Dying to see Urd getting shipped to Niflheim )
Guest chapter 35 . 5/17
A very good chapter. I like how you put a thing over another in one single chapter. Well, Peorth a subordinate of Lind, that's fun, and the new power of Skuld it's surprising.
I can't wait for other chapters.
Avatar of Wurms chapter 35 . 5/10
Awwww. Baby Skuld was adorable.
Hehehe. Lind gets her revenge.
Oh my god Excalibur. You crazy sentient weapons platform you.

Ok. So now we have Morgan la Fey. And Loki was Merlin. Yeah, in context of what you've already laid out I can see.

A fun chapter as always. Excalibur really stole the show this time, those were some great lines!
Gamera68 chapter 35 . 5/9
Knight Rider, Godzilla, and Akihabara.
Why does that last part not surprise me? LOLs.

And Morgan le Fey. Didn't see that coming.
Having her there can't be good since she shares similarities to her movie / non-canon, counterpart.

Another good, long, chapter which I really liked a lot. :)
Krazyfanfiction1 chapter 35 . 5/9
great chapter as usual
keep up the good work
SSTrans chapter 35 . 5/9
great chapter like always.
SSTrans chapter 34 . 4/30
Good chapter. Keep it up.
Avatar of Wurms chapter 34 . 4/25
Wow. This updated Monday? That means I haven't checked my email since then. I blame finally getting a Wii U and playing the crap out of Hyrule Warriors. Anyway, onto the story!

Hmmm. A nice bit there at the beggining with Urd and Mara. Its always fun seeing those to together. That reminds me; I need to start reading your other story.

Good on Tyr for trying to set things straight with his kids.

Oh wow. The entity of the thing with Peorth and Lind's clothes was gold. And good on Noble Scarlet for being a voice of reason for Skuld.

"or should I say...Loki of Utgard." WAIT WHAT?! 'Hurridly scrolls down to mythology notes section.' Ohhhhh. Ok. I did not know that. That's cool.

And Megumi's in on it. I'm glad, there are just to many awkward situations you can avoid by having her in the know . And her intro was about the most unsubtle it could possibly have been. Way to check your landing zone feather-head. (Also I've decided on featherhead as a mocking nickname for Ansuz). Frigg, of course, continues to be awesome. And it looks like were getting hotsprings episode. Alright! Those are always good for some laughs
TheWiseOne76 chapter 34 . 4/23
A very good chapter.
So funny the exchange between Peorth and Lind, now I want to see how the Valkyrie will give her "her thanks" for the gift. Heh!
Anyway, I would've never expected Keiichi to discover his powers so soon, the same I can say about the discovery of Megumi, however I'm more than happy that she knows now, she's one that can be trusted, just like Sayoko.
Also, now that I think of it, they (Sayoko and her cousin) will appear again?
devil-urd chapter 34 . 4/22
SO, onsen onsen!
Seems like we'll have a "calm before the storm" chapter next, huh?
Looking foward to see how tensions are going to be in the hot springs :)
Gamera68 chapter 34 . 4/21
Another good chapter and Megumi took the entire "secret: thing in good stride and didn't pass out or call Bell crazy - well not really, but still.

It was pretty good overall.

Looking forward to the upcoming hot springs trip chapter. :)
manticore-gurl071134 chapter 34 . 4/20
Greta update - though I wonder what Megumi's reaction will be to hild and mara (and vice versa) lol.
Krazyfanfiction1 chapter 34 . 4/20
amazing chapter as usual
and thus Megumi was brought into the loop...
keep up the good work as always
TheWiseOne76 chapter 33 . 4/10
I like Excalibur a lot, is so calm and logical.
The chapter itself is really good, I love how you lightened the fact of Urd's departure.
I'm looking forward to know more about Urd's training and Hild's battle against the new demoness. :D
SSTrans chapter 33 . 4/7
Wow what a chapter. Can't wait for more.
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