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Guest chapter 61 . 8/16
welcome back! Hope you had a great vacation! And awesome update! Thanks :)
manticore-gurl071134 chapter 61 . 8/16
Sorry trying this review again. somehow got logged out while posting.

welcome back! Hope you had a great vacation! And awesome update! Thanks :)
ReviewerDWJ chapter 60 . 8/2
I have to admit this has got to be the most well written fanfiction I have ever read. It took me two weeks to read all of this. I'm still shock at some creative ideas you came up with in this story. Does it follow the flow of Oh! My Goddess story telling? I'm not entirely sure, I've recently finished watching the anime and have yet to read the manga but this story certainly has that feel. I'm amaze at how may characters you can keep track of. The only complaint I have is there is not enough human enemies, I mean Toshiyuki Aoshima seems to be the type that would never giving up trying to find a way to break up Keiichi and Belldandy's marriage so he could sleep with Belldandy. I'm enjoying this fic as well as your other work 'Ah! The Lost Contract' and I will follow & review every five chapters. Keep up the good work.

chuckiboo chapter 60 . 7/3
Boy, is this a hell of a conundrum here. Bell meeting her son from an alternative timeline, and told that he is married to the demoness she thwarted in a coup a few months ago. I am totally speechless. I'm just ready for chapter 61, to see how part, if not all, of this pans out. The most intriguing story I have ever read. And loving every minute of it.
Xindran chapter 60 . 6/29
Belldandy is such a trendsetter. Now everybody is going to want a demon-in-law!
Xindran chapter 1 . 6/29
Another deep story arc begins... What we have here are alternate universes following what I have been calling the "quantum reality" rule. This means that chances were impossibly high that there was never, ever going to be a carbon-copy of Odal conceived to this universe. It makes perfect sense that he was going to get a little sister this time around (and what are these stories without little sisters?). I'd like to say I was betting on that but it's too late... Well, either that or at least a little brother that was the exact opposite in either appearance or personality. Those really were the only two sensible possibilities I could have bet on by that principle, at least. Kudos on the Rei Ayanami cosplayer reference. I'd have never thought of that in a million years, but it fits perfectly. I'd actually forgotten that character existed. It also made perfect sense that Skuld would step up to the plate and be the "mommy" for Odal just as Belldandy had been for her. That, and having Hild be the perfect friend for him as she could never get to be for any version of Urd. So much for the rule about Daimakaichos dying at the end of their rule. Does anybody even manage to make a full term around here?. Ymir's still around. Now, apparently, so is Fapnir. (Yes, I did that on purpose. it's a toss-up in my mind who will say it firstHild? Surt? Odin? Thor? Lind? Ansuz? or even little Skuld?Those are my prime suspects anyway.) The day of feinting is upon us! Repent! (wait. that's something else...) Keep up the good work!
Gamera68 chapter 60 . 6/29
Good chapter as always. :)
NappaRules2250 chapter 60 . 6/29
Wait what? I'm confused
thegrayfoxwrites chapter 60 . 6/28
And it is another fun chapter

funny to have the two Holy Bells meet! Reminded me of the movie TimeCop..where the bad guy meets his doppelganger from the past...only with disastrous results. Still...very funny.

Belldandy is now the 'mother-in-law'(very very technically speaking) of the demon that tried to make her a demon once. In-law issues coming up...

Hel now has some 'avatars'...wonder what they are up to.

should have the decency not to faint! After all unprotected sexbabies (most of the time!)

Looking forward to more chapters...espceially more from Odal's diary.
Guest chapter 59 . 5/25
Congratulations on the three year milestone, and a big thanks for keeping this story going for this long. It's sad when great writers end up losing interest after a while and eventually abandon their stories when it becomes too much of a hassle to update them. Still, you've done an excellent job to keep things so interesting that for me this is more or less the closest to an actual substitute for the manga there is. Actually, the sheer amount of content, characters and even genra added in the OMG universe is the most ambitious expansion I've seen here on this site. And ll those notes at the end with the explanations about the Norse myths are a sign of how much thought was put into this story. What really excited me though is the whole idea of Keiichi and Belldandy having a kid, and while I was somewhat weary of Odal at first, he's quickly becoming my favorite character. Actually, out of most other immortals he seems to be the most human in a sense, which also seems fitting given that he's Keiichi's son. So, I hope that he and Hagall will somehow work things out and in the end they'll become an actual couple. Still, the latest chapter did an excellent work in that regards, and the scenes between were a refreshing change from the much more familiar interactions between Keiichi and Belldandy. Finally, I'm looking forward to learn more about Odal's timeline, since this not only involves him, but the other characters too. It's almost like a bonus story, just on its own. Really looking forward for more.
SAIYAN GOD VELGETA chapter 59 . 5/23
Awesome. Love the dialogues of Odal and Hagall. Please keep on continuing.
solopy567 chapter 59 . 5/23
OOoooooh the Future Trunks vibe!

I love it. Really want to see more of Odal's backstory. Gotta put together the pieces for the whole picture.

All in all, great chapter. Always love to read Keiichi and Belldandy parts.
thegrayfoxwrites chapter 59 . 5/22
The tale gets interesting.

Would be nice to see Odal and Keiichi eventually meet. Wonder how that would affect the timelines...

Looking forward to the next chapter.
Xindran chapter 59 . 5/22
Congratulations on running three years and going! Your attention to detail, sheer variety of content and familiarity with all of the genre you've sprinkled in along the way has convinced me to think of this one story as an extension of the original cannon. I've checked out your other works as well, and I'm equally impressed at how likely those stories seem within their own context. After your description of how the world tree thinks, not only do I see these stories as valid as well, but also all of the fanfiction for this and other stories offered by others have a certain validity in that light. Overall I think the only real difference between this and Fujishima's work is that he was either unwilling or unable to add male characters that weren't trying to kill Keiichi... Well, that and he managed to win a "Parent's Choice Award" right out of the gate. Between that and not having an identity for the "Almighty" right away, his story was doomed to be G-rated up until the final arc where we see the silhouettes of Nimue and the bard together. Good luck on pushing this as far as it will go.
chuckiboo chapter 59 . 5/22
I must say, this chapter really starts to clear things up for me. Especially concerning Kei and Bell's son Odal. Not much filler, but a well orchestrated plot, where now Odin is involved. Wish the Norse myths had went this far.
Sometimes, I find myself going back and rereading past chapters, to relive mental pictures of everything that has happened so far. You are an extremely creative writer, love this story, and keep it up.
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