Reviews for And, The Giant Awoke
Anonymous chapter 25 . 10/10
It's great! I especially like how Bran isn't the emotionless robot he was in the TV series. Also, is Summer alive, or did he die? I know he's most likely dead, but I cling onto shards of hope.
Kalaong chapter 25 . 10/1
Odd thought; if greyscale can be defeated by simply cutting it off and treating the exposed skin with a half-assed antiseptic(pine and elder sap mixed with olive oil), then an actual antiseptic such as Iodine/Godswine would pretty much annihilate it. Might this come up in the future?
Boramir chapter 13 . 9/21
Maybe I am reading more into the words than was meant here but consider the following statement by Tywin to Tyrion: "You'll never be named Lord Paramount while I draw breath." To me that statement does not deny Tyrion's right to inherit Casterly Rock it merely says that Tywin will never give up the title while he lives, and I doubt anyone would expect him to. Tywin may hate Tyrion but preserving, expanding, and leading the Lannister Family is his single overriding objective so I think it is entirely possible that Tywin will let Tyrion inherit given that the only other options are Jamie and Cersei. Cersei is short-sighted, arrogant, and overconfident. Jamie is uninterested in, and unmotivated by, duty to his family; he is also arrogant and while not stupid scarcely smart. Tyrion is cunning, motivated, capable, and loyal to his family despite all the myriad reasons not to be. Furthermore if Tywin must know that if he dies leaving a disputed succession the Lannister Family's power could be dangerously damaged in the ensuing power struggle (and Tyrion or whoever he supported would almost certainly win the fight).
CompuBob chapter 22 . 9/15
And my question gets answered and you get two reviews from me in a short period of time.
CompuBob chapter 21 . 9/15
I don't recall Jon dying a second time; so where is he?
Scout chapter 25 . 9/12
I've just crammed your story in an hour and I think it's amazing!
Just one small request-could you include some Jaime & Tyrion sibling moments? Where Jaime proves that he does love his brother. They just make me happy ;)
0ak3nsh13ldl0v3r chapter 14 . 9/13
jon snow has older blood. bastard or not [depending on rlj thearies] but he is related to the lords of winterfell, who before they were lords, were kings of winter for the better part of 8000 years. sorry, got annoyed at the fact that you had stannis say that maester aemon had the oldest blood in the seven kingdoms. the targeryan dynasty was only about 300 years old with valyria lasting abot 3000 years before that.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/10
archergwen chapter 25 . 9/2
OH man this is awesome. I hope you have as much fun writing this I as have reading it.
Selacha chapter 25 . 8/30
Good god, Tyrion could sell Ice to an Eskimo... I love this story, easily one of my new favorite GoT stories. I hope you keep it up.
Guest chapter 25 . 8/26
"Mostly drawings and very little writing.", he mused as he leafed through it.
"Most people simply do not know how to read, M'Lord."...
..."Knowledge, Pod, is just as much theft as it is inspiration. Someone learns about a good idea, steals it, puts their own addition on it and sends it back out into the world."

Tyrion should take this realization and open up schools! Most will probably only gain literacy and common math skills, but those who have exceptional intelligence could be picked to further their education in engineering, medicine, etc., etc.. Look at all that Tyrion has invented/innovated, and he's only ONE brilliant mind. And with the common people able to read, more people will buy books, meaning more money for him. And he could come up with the idea of newspapers that people would buy too.
Dark Serpent Cat chapter 25 . 8/25
Will Jon learn his heritage soon?
Dragoness of Sil chapter 25 . 8/16
Please keep your promise and finish this story. I am so impressed with and enthralled by your work.
ants chapter 1 . 8/6
the best got/asoiaf fan fiction.
CompuBob chapter 5 . 7/30
This story felt like a oneshot at first, but it clearly is a series of oneshots in chronological order. Nice going! Keep it up!
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