Reviews for Unexpected Truce
Taania chapter 70 . 9/14
Thank you for continuing the story for as long as you did. You have been through so much while still pushing on with this tale, you are so strong! Thank you for sharing it with us. The characters and personalities were amazing like a movie in my head. I've laughed and cried and wanted to shoot a certain headmaster! Thank you
Latarra chapter 70 . 8/27
A most excellent story. Thank you for posting it.
Kate Snape21 chapter 70 . 4/28
I love this story and i am sad that you are not continuing with it.
Sharklist6285 chapter 7 . 4/27
I KNEW IT! So obvious. Severus would never. I figured he'd bring him to Spinners end.
Sharklist6285 chapter 1 . 4/26
I love the relationship between Minerva and Severus measures for the fact that it's completely OOC of Severus to do something like that. I've always liked to think they had a sort of parental/child relationship, though, so this makes me very happy.
Katiewalters chapter 69 . 3/24
This story is wonderful. I hope you finish it, or the revised version someday.
Lasciella chapter 27 . 2/23
Really enjoying the story, lots of good ideas.

Just a quick tip "extremely hurt" and similar phrases, don't make for good reading. Consider something more along the lines of "but it would take a miracle to keep him that way".
Heart-adore.dramione chapter 22 . 2/12
who would hurt poppy like that?
Heart-adore.dramione chapter 19 . 2/12
hope remus actually can get through to his friend!
Heart-adore.dramione chapter 15 . 2/12
loving to story, so much! great job...
kittyranma chapter 69 . 2/2
I'd love to see this harry deaged to live a happy life With Severus after everything else is taken care of.
kittyranma chapter 70 . 2/2
Horrible bad author why a cliffhanger? Hate cliffy endings can't wait for sequel. Lol, you're forgiven.
xSapphirexRosesxFanx chapter 70 . 1/25
Aren't you going to make the same, like UPDATing it...Re-correct it or something? It is a really good story, really intersting and I would like to see what will happen with Draco. Also maybe they can become friends in the near future those two (Harry and Draco). After all, in a way they are relative. Son and Godson. Also with the gang all together they can take down the Death Eaters and put the Headmaster on his place, as he is getting old in his mind apparently as he act as a kid that doesn't get his way. What also is going to happen at the end of the year? Where are everyone going to stay? They might need a new place as the Black house is gone. How is Luna? So many questions.
Please don't let this story not being continue. It's one of the best.
Keep the work on.
Guest chapter 70 . 1/16
Every story has issues. I think you should finish it anyway. It's been delightful. Thank you for writing it.
Jopru chapter 70 . 1/8
Wow it's posts like k e some of you posted that make author s quit writing. None of us are professional writers it's for fun and maybe release. I don't read a story or not because of grammar or continually, I read it because I like it. As for marking it complete it is for Them. I loved this story and will look for a rewrite.
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