Reviews for You'd go out with Remus Lupin, right?
iloveyou1234 chapter 37 . 7h
Thanks for updating. Love the story so far.
iloveyou1234 chapter 17 . 10/20
haha that was a rollercoaster. But the end conversation was hilarious.
iloveyou1234 chapter 2 . 10/19
lol "Tamed the Shrew"
Guest chapter 1 . 10/14
I absolutely love this story. I don't know what's going on in your life, but I do hope that you will soon give this pairing a closure. You did promise to not give up, so I believe you won't. As it happened with Bottle Specs, I was initially put off by Kate. More so as I loved and related to Effie, while Kate was too extroverted, too self absorbed in comparison. But I had learnt my lesson from your previous work and gave it another go. I will admit, till Sirius and Kate broke up, I was not invested in Kate or Remus or any of the characters. It was when Kate's character started developing that we started truly seeing others.
Remus is such a sweet heart, I like that while you made him kind and annoyingly selfless, you, didn't make him completely... hmm... mellow? Like, he has insecurities and self doubs that go deeper than the challenger deep of mariana, but he still snaps and still loses control. Not to mention he is totally adorable! I need not say anything about Kate. The way her character's depth was explored was incredible and it endeared her to readers. I like the other characters too, and especially the way you handled Sirius and the big break up.. The feelings didn't just go away, they had to cope with it and still move on.
I concede I am unhealthily invested in this story, but the blame wholly lies in your excellent writing skill(s?). They need to get together, I can't rest until they do, but then it will deviate from canon and katie needs to live. Even if they do get HE, they still need to face the reptile voldie. Then remus will die again. Ugh, I never fully realise how tragic remus's life was. Now I am rambling, about fictional characters...
PS- What actually went on in Remus's head when Kate mentioned 'tits'' (specifically her own)? He seems quite innocent, despite that kiss in dark. Lol, that would be too perverted for our blushing werewolf, won't it?
Padfoot23x chapter 37 . 10/2
I am legitimately heartbroken that you haven't updated this story since Jan 2017. I pulled an all nighter only so that I can get to the part where Remus and Kate finally kiss, but IT NEVER CAME :( And now I am tired and cranky and praying you will update this. (No disrespect I just want more!)
SiriusSpiritus chapter 37 . 9/25
I absolutely adore this story and remus and kate. amazing!
EraSwap chapter 37 . 8/29
Oh My Lord I'm in love with Remus Lupin. Everyone get out of my way. I need more Lupin, I legit feel like it's a craving. I didn't even sleep last night and now it's morning and I'm screwed but all I can think about is sweet Lupin and how he and Kate need to get together NOW and how I need an ending or I will explode. Excuse me while I go look for other Lupin fics.
YassieB chapter 37 . 8/28
Please, please, please finish this story! I need a conclusion! I ship Kate and Remus sooooo much! I mean I love Wolfstar but still. I love your writing (admittedly I've only read this story but that's beside the point). I only read this recently and I stayed up to 5:30 am reading it on a Sunday night. I was exhausted the next day but it was so worth it. I've been waiting patiently for a final few chapters for a month or so and I need them! Please finish this story!
Love your writing!
Waiting patiently,
Ghost Wolf 114 chapter 37 . 8/26
Awesome fic, hopefully you update soon
Guest chapter 37 . 8/22
Hey, can ou please update? Please please please wrap it up! Or write a few more chapters!
alylikesnetflix chapter 37 . 8/12
I've been reading this all day and fangirling about it please oh please don't leave this story I NEED to know what happens next because remus deserves the world and I am so invested I really hope there's another chapter soon but if it's not I understand but here's hoping!
Guest chapter 37 . 8/10
Hi, this is my firt review - this story is sooo cute! Will there be another chapter? Thanks for writing Remus x Kate fanfic; I feel like most tend to focus on Lily x James. Love this fanfic!

Yours truly,
Siredra Jane Granger chapter 37 . 8/9
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, please you need to finish this fic!, i am going crazy over it, really i loved it, i have not been able to stop reading to do anything else all day. Please finish it i am duing to know what happens.
ElTernera chapter 37 . 7/31
I just need you to update, your story is one of the best stories I have read, and I've gotten quiet attached to this story, please continue
Guest chapter 37 . 7/26
Hi... just wanted to tell you that I loved your story. The characters and your writing actually make reader feel to be in the shoes of the characters and the scenarios they are facing...
Like everyone here I am also waiting for the next chapter... Hope you get to finish this wonderful story that you started :)
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