Reviews for A Chance for Happiness
Tapirbackrider chapter 95 . 4h
One of the best written stories I've had the privilege of reading.
kate1309 chapter 95 . 10/15
I don't really know what to say, but you asked for a review so here's one. xD I think this story was the best explanation of how Severus and Hermione's relationship would've been if it had ever happened and I'm so grateful that you put in all that time and effort it took to make this wonderful masterpiece. All I really have to say is good job. I didn't think anyone would be able to explain their perfect relationship, but I think you did it. Incredible work. Wow.
Lucyole chapter 95 . 10/2
Like always am amazing story. Really good the feelings went rushed at all it just had come upon them one day that they care deeply for each other. The phoenixe were great and adoable and their animages form too very interesting need to Google how they really look like to get a better picture of them in these forms. The names of the children were interesting too. And Olivander having Julius as an apprentice were very sweet. All in all a very interesting, funny, dramatic, sweet and romantic story everything I love was in there. *cookies for you*
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 93 . 9/23
cute cute cute!
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 71 . 9/22
this scene in shrieking shack is great and I love that you inserted it here, where the reader can appreciate it in full, instead of. the beginning
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 69 . 9/22
ok, first petrichor, then ... I forgot what it was, and now 'you are stuck with me'? you are a whovian, are you not?
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 60 . 9/22
ooooh, and yet another flawless turn of events. great Patronus!
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 59 . 9/22
ooooh, this is a great twist!
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 57 . 9/22
ohhhh, so good
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 56 . 9/22
absolutely brilliantly writing!
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 55 . 9/22
muahaha indeed!
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 53 . 9/22
so lovely.
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 39 . 9/22
a mystery, yes!
Grosspointeblankfan chapter 28 . 9/22
this is absolutely wonderful fic. can't wait to continue
m-e-l-beatle chapter 95 . 9/10
I’ve read a lot of FanFiction. Especially HG/SS FanFiction. I’ve read one shots, and I’ve read 400k stories. And this is without doubt one of the best stories I have ever read. You have a beautiful way with words. You don’t forget details in chapters. The relationship never felt forced or wrong. Just two people finding each other. Beautiful work. Thank you.
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