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lora chapter 55 . 18h
omg this chp is awesome! super funny to me, cant stop lauging XD
lily chapter 32 . 7/18
XD rupert, that reminds me of rupert grint, ron weasley's actor lol i was like wait...rupert?! XD
Dehydratedtoxins chapter 72 . 7/9
Love it, gives me butterflies, I just wish it was a little more graphic ;)
TheDoctorShadow chapter 95 . 7/4
Your story was mind-blowing, full of emotions from the beginning through the end, it was fun and nice to read. I did not stop during two days, and it was like...magic.
You have the "thing" for story telling and a good knowledge of the world, muggle and magical should I say ? *wink*
This story for me, will be remembered like an original book and a part of the Harry Potter world, I was really sad for the ending of Professor Snape, and Mr. Rickman was astounding bringing him to screen...
I will always remember him as Severus Snape.

It was beautifully written, I adored a lot of parts, poor Ginny and Ron I loved them reacting to Snape,the weasley family for christmas *giggling* then teaching potions *lot of scowling*.
But the first one, lovely and heart gripping was when they first connected and rebuilded Hogwart ;)

A huge hug and appreciation review,
those stories are rare and I love them.
Thank you for writing :)
Noppoh chapter 95 . 6/17
I cannot express how much I loved this story! The way they come together, how he takes care of her even in the beginning of the story, how they grow to mirror one another, how well they compliment each other. I cannot tell you enough how much I loved this.

There are so many things, so many moments in this story that captured my heart. Minerva's 'it's so fluffy' was hilarious! You do have a wicked sense of humor, and somehow you manage to just sneak it in there, at moments when least expected. I absolutely love it. And the way those phoenixes have Minerva wrapped around their talons, hihi. Talking about Minerva, the way she allows Julius to pet her like a regular cat? I'm having trouble wrapping my head around that one. But then again, what cat doesn't like a good belly rub or ear scratch?

The moment where Hermione is hit with that Living Death though. OMG! Having Severus fall apart like that broke my heart! He broke down! The Master spy who had survived Voldemort and lived through two wars completely lost it. And how he tended to Hermione afterward, how he protected her? It still gives me shivers.

And then their is that mind-to-mind thing they share, their bond. Isn't that what we all want in life? It's so damn beautiful! That he trusts and loves her so much that he would just throw himself from the parapets on her word that he would become a Harpy Eagle. My god!

I need to head back to the phoenixes. Bottomless pits of fruit eaters? Flaming assistants to 'making Snape look beyond dangerous'? Having a parliament of owls? Steaming fluff balls? I love how you wrote them! They really had character, amazing!

Oh, and 'Mistress of ferrets' made me die with laughter. Idiot examiner. LOL. That little moment where Hermione tells Draco was just perfect!

The ending was sheer perfection. It wrapped it all up so beautifully. 'Wholesome' is the word that comes to mind. *happy sigh* So beautiful. So, so beautiful. The entire story was beautiful. This one will be with me for a long time to come. Thank you.
KylieKyotie chapter 95 . 6/13
Absolutely lovely storytelling. Thank you!
OzRatbag2 chapter 95 . 6/13
Loved. loved. loved this story!
I feel an attachment to this odd brood, as though I've been allowed the pleasure of watching them grow and change together. That through the fires of war, their paths were forged long before Hagrid happened upon a Phoenix egg and Prince became a part of their lives. So many tender moments to love in this story, and I need to go back and read it carefully. I gobbled it up greedily, and it's taken me two solid days to read it.
It's quirky, different and yet the characters are beautifully fleshed out and never lose their identities in the story telling. The idea of touch healing, helping both of them to grow and cement their love and bond, is just beautifully observed.
I feel as though the arc of the story is such that they both beat down the fires of war, only to then embrace the fires within them to bring up not only a human but avian brood. It's a lovely metaphor for the whole story, I think. :)
I've happily added you to my favourites list.
xX-Blue. Nymph-Xx chapter 1 . 6/3
Thank you very much for writing this fanfiction.
I've read all your HP fanfics and somehow this is the last one...and to my taste, the most perfect.
I wholeheartedly agreed with you, I will never accept Severus Snape's death in the books and refuse to accept it otherwise.
please keep writing, I cherish the chance to keep reading.
Khyharah chapter 95 . 5/23
Three days later and I finally finished this. I absolutely love this story. Just as much as I love pretty much all of your stories LOL. You have a vivid imagination and things I can see happening. I believe you kept true to JKR's universe this is truly a happy ending I wanted for Severus. Amazing work my dear
Guest chapter 95 . 5/20
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Thank you so much for writing it. I will be looking for more from you, great job. I wish I had your writing talents.
sxlvn chapter 95 . 5/5
This story is amazing from Chapter 1 till Chapter 95 and to be entirely honest, at the start I was still wondering why you chose to start the story at a point where Hermione was already Severus and Minerva's apprentice, and if the entire would have any plot to it. Boy was I wrong! I enioyed this story so much I put off work and sleep (well just some XD) and I really LOVE this story loads!

I love how you made the story humorous and interesting (the other professors' comments and their conversations are HILARIOUS and you've definitely NAILED Severus's dry humour!) and just so wonderful and enjoyable!

It has been an extremely fun and awesome journey with my 2 favourite characters and I thank you for writing and sharing this amazingly awesomely great story with all of us! I hope you continue writing and keep up the awesome job! Can't wait to explore your profile to find more new reads! Once agin, thank you!
Kushka chapter 95 . 4/26
Great story
gisela19wwe chapter 95 . 3/10
My favorite history ever, I have to tell you that I loved your fix from start to end . This was so awesome more for the happy life of Sev and Hermione . Thank you for written this amazing fic!
mom2divas chapter 55 . 2/19
This is one of my favourite chapters for this story. Very amusing but still keeps with the tone of the story as a whole.
Sampdoria chapter 95 . 2/18
i adored this story (even if I missed the spiders:-))and I have spent several days Reading it. . Very well plotted and written.
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