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13thxenos chapter 14 . 10/15
I can't read anymore.
What is the point of going back in time if everything happens like before? I've read the next chapter's title and I guess it would change eventually, but it is just unrealistic if everything before that happens as the first time. Especially the things Luffy is trying to change.
I have even read your explanation at the beginning of the next chapter, and I can't agree with you. First of all, he should have muscle memory and know a lot of his later moves. He might not perform them as perfectly as before, but he at least knows the move. And I'm sure Haki is one of those things that he would be able to use. But, even if we consider your story with your rules, he should have been training his ass off to be able to change a lot more than he is doing right now.
Kiki1770 chapter 9 . 6/11
9 Chapters in and I'm still just reading a summary of the anime. I love this concept, but I'd rather read the One Piece Wikia if I wanted a summary.
Chibidylan chapter 15 . 5/9
umm you say that knowing how to use Haki doesn't mean you can use it effectively but Haki is described as a manifestation of one's willpower. Willpower is not a typically physical "substance" it's is a representation of your mental prowess and therefore Luffy, who has future knowledge and literal years of experience training his mind for this purpose would be a master of Haki even if his body is not up to the snuff of his future self. In the past 15 chapters it felt like it went from chapter one and two setting up an epic redemption arc and then you read the official canon play out word for word. If you weren't going to change anything in Luffy's attempt to save Ace then you should've made this story from Sabo's point of view to actually give readers something that they haven't yet experienced. Sabo in canon still had amnesia until after Aces death, with his return from the future the decisions he makes to save his brothers IMMEDIATly deviate from canon and thus would actually make for an interesting read.
Boo chapter 2 . 4/28
What's the point of this fanfic when nothing seems to change?
Freddo Fraud chapter 3 . 2/23
"Besides, what would've been the point of this time-skip if he began to change everything?"

To counter that point - What is the point of this fanfiction if you don't change anything? Since you are so keen on keeping to canon you might as well start it later.
Helenvoid chapter 19 . 2/17
Really amazing.
Are you gonna work on Rayleigh next? If so since Luffy already knows all what he’s gonna be taught. Is he gonna push further than the basics? Like for example till he can see the future (as he was able to slightly do in whole cake arc?), or is he gonna be able to have a king’s Haki stinger than the one with 50k fishmen or what?
Seanb1000 chapter 1 . 2/6
Imma need you to update this one chief
Antonio Jolla chapter 19 . 1/29
Oi, oi were are the new chapters 4 fucking years come on man ,man up and update this SUPER story if you don't ...I will haunt you in your dreams till you update MWAHAHAHAHAHA *chough**chough* ahem any way hope to read a new chapter in the future

;) till then my dud.
Guest chapter 19 . 1/3
Esta muy bueno tu fic amigo te felicito leo varios y el tuyo es de los pocos q hizo una saga marine Ford que se lea con gusto y no exageraste los poderes, lo único q si no me gustó fueron las recompensas , amigo mataron un almirante , ya se los considera una super amenaza , cosa q ni yonkous hacen , al menos dale de 1200 millones para arriba jaja
agenor3333 chapter 1 . 11/26/2018
Eu sou do Brasil, e acompanho sua Fanfiction, sou um fã, continue, Abraço
Guest chapter 5 . 11/16/2018
Nothing is changing. Goodbye.

If you want nothing to change, don't write time travel fictions. It's boring and pointless.
Guest chapter 12 . 9/11/2018
Whats the point of this fic? 13 years more experience with his DF powers against New World opponents, Haoshi Haki, and his powerlevel is the same as pre TimeSkip?

This fic could be called Sabaody/ID/Marineford Cliffnotes.
River king chapter 19 . 6/28/2018
Nanahou chapter 1 . 5/15/2018
I only managed to read till chapter 14 but here comes a comment on what I've read so far:
The summary of your story intrigued me. I started reading, and I have to say: Your writing and pacing is very good.
I enjoyed reading the first few chapters till I realised that you're mostly keeping to Cannon and only added minor differences. It was like rereading the manga, and lacked originality. After reading over 10 chapters and seeing no change, I'm kinda sad but it's your story
Excalibur98 chapter 1 . 5/8/2018
This looks like a must read! Thanks for writing this!
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