Reviews for A Study in Magic: The Application
Guest chapter 7 . 9/13
Hmm. I just read all that was up with this universe within two days and only just noticed it's been a year since the last update.
All good, definitely understand real life is more important, so to my bookmarks she goes!
Looking forward to the next update, whenever that may be. Certainly looking forward to seeing your resolution to this story in the long run.
Books85 chapter 7 . 7/31
See? I had forgotten that you had started the sequel. (Face palm)
Yeah, so far this story doesn't have quite the richness and depth as the first story, but my guess is that you wrote the first one while you were a student or vastly underemployed. Both of those states leaves a creative person with artistic energies to spare, and you sensibly poured yours into A Study of Magic (and you other work).
You now have another outlet, and one that (hopefully) pays you handsomely.
One of the terms of posting a story here is that you don't get paid for this work, so we readers really cannot complain. Instead I thank you for continuing the story.
sfjoellen chapter 7 . 7/28
so it's been a while since you updated. I'm assuming your muse is surfing in Fiji.

Thank you for ASiM, it's good characterization, it's an affirmation of the best of us.. being human and trying to do better.

I very much enjoyed reading your story.
GWBear chapter 7 . 7/26
More please! Enquiring Muggles want to know what comes next...
SusanL chapter 1 . 7/25
I was hoping Madan Bones would survive...
Uchiha Aimee chapter 7 . 7/25
So far so good. I'm loving this series. I hope you'll pick it back up someday!
Zaraelys Soulrage chapter 7 . 6/30
This, and its first story, are so good! Am sad to see this hasn't been updated in so long. Hoping it gets picked back up sometime
God of Vampires aka Alucard chapter 7 . 6/25
Will there be a pairing for Harry in this story?
GreenTinge chapter 7 . 6/18
Voila! I'm back at the reviewing! Just finish ASIM lady night and went right to this. Good job on the both stpry btw. Love ya
MangoD chapter 7 . 6/13
I love the sequel! I hope you aren't going to stop writing it, because it is really quite an eye-catcher. I can't put it down. Hope to see more chapters soon!
Corwyn chapter 7 . 6/7
Greatly enjoying the story and waiting eagerly for it to continue. Thanks for sharing it so far!
Cyn2K chapter 7 . 5/7
Fantastic, complex, unique story! I knew it hadn't been updated in a year, so I took it slowly to savor it. Sadly, this chapter is as far as it goes for now. I hope that you have the opportunity to update this someday.
PhoenixQuille chapter 7 . 5/5
Well. Its been a year now since you last updated, so I guess life has moved on and the motivation for this is kaput. But DAMMIT you wrote so well and the blending was so artful, I thought it would finish. I've never reviewed this dilligently before, ever. I wish you could finish it.
But I can't blame you for not. Keeping up that kind of dedication is a huge thing, takes an enormous amount of effort. I could never. You're amazing and your brain is an incredible gift to humanity. Thank you so much for what you created here.
PhoenixQuille chapter 6 . 5/5
I love it though. Both of these two Harry's are seriously hardcore, and the flamigoes oh my god XD I wish they didn't have to obliviate her though
PhoenixQuille chapter 5 . 5/5
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