Reviews for Prophecy of Two Boys
Guest chapter 65 . 4/24
Hi so this is gonna be long but bare with me!
This is the first ever review of this story as I started it just recently and I got totally hooked on it. So much so that I finished all 65 chapters in mere 2 days, it was that good! This was an ingenious idea and I've loved every minute of this story because it felt like a book rather than a fanfic which is an awesome feat. I've read a few fanfics myself and I have to say, this is, if not the best, fanfics I've read. This is just brilliant and I hope that you continue with this story. So this chapter was great and I want the story to continue to grow!
Hope you like this review and know that I'm your number 1 fan of this book!
Kikuriki chapter 3 . 4/22
Can you put the thoughts in either itallics or bold or bracket them withor something? I always trip over the switch from mental dialogue to the paragraphs because there's no marking.
Cole chapter 65 . 4/21
Please update the story its so good.
Personofmanythings chapter 65 . 4/3
Really great story! Please update soon!
CaptainWolfy chapter 65 . 3/31
Please update! This story is amzhang!
TheEvilMorgana chapter 65 . 3/24
This is amazing! I really like the detail you put into your work, and the ideas that you come up with to change the story, and yet still have the basic story line and major plots that are present in both series. Please review soon! I would love to see how this quest plays out, and see how The Prisoner of Azkaban plays out with the detail and character changes- along with Alyssa.
SlytherinPosidens Divergents chapter 32 . 3/21
I Play Water Polo, its actually hard! And very tiring.
random ass guy chapter 65 . 3/21
Why did it have to stop! I love this fanfic! It's one of the best crossovers of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson ever!
Emma chapter 65 . 3/16
Ghargr18 chapter 65 . 3/16
Please, please dont abandon this story! I imagine you have A2s coming up, so an update before we lose you to exams would ge great good luck with exams!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/6
Please update today or tomorrow please
daniellemontejo11 chapter 65 . 3/2
Awesome fan fiction! Of course I also have questions...

1. When can you... idk update? The last was August 2016.. sorry. ..
2. Will Percy become a Jackson? Like a really weird plot twist?
3.(( I have my problems in my head.. )) is there Any chance that Luna and Percy will have their own body? Well for Percy bcuz of.. son of Neptune or something..
Matt chapter 65 . 2/27
Please update soon.
DaughterofArtemisxxx chapter 65 . 2/21
This is really good! Can you update sooner?

Anyways, I have a question. So you know how when hit with some type of thing, like say the stunning curse, one of the twin souls go, sorta MIA from the other's mind? So if Voldy cast the Killing Curse at Harry and Percy, and say, Percy has more dominant control, so Percy would be dead, but not Harry? If that isn't how it works, then can you please explain? I trieed to think it over, then had a massive headache.
DaughterofArtemisxxx chapter 17 . 2/20
I realize that I haven't commented a lot, cuz it's just not my thing, but this fanfic is REALLY GOOD! Kudos! 1000000000000 (x999999) Kudos!
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