Reviews for Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms
Guest chapter 1 . 2/9
I usually don't read cross-overs much and I've never really been a big fan of them but this one so far seems decent.
The only real problem I'm having is with the grammatical errors such as commas that don't need to be there and some words missing, but it's still pretty cool.
I'll continue to read :)
Attrix chapter 2 . 1/15
Sorry for not reviewing for so long. Had too many tests and assignments to get done...but I'm here now.
Again, make the person feel the soundtrack instead of telling them which soundtrack to listen to before ever paragraph.
2. This is EXACTLY like the original want to create a story, NOT retell the anime.
3. Where did the Madoka Magica girls come from? It makes no sense to have a character or characters pop out of nowhere.
4. Describe the characters even though you know the anime, some people may not. You could convince others to want to read the manga or watch that particular anime if you described the characters as you see them. (P.S: A fanfiction got me to want to read Ouran High School Host Club. I had NO clue about it, but she really did portray the characters really well in her story that I wanted to be a part of that fandom)
5. More detail on setting
6. Link your paragraphs together. It's like you're skipping too much which makes it hard to understand what is really going on.
7. With the scene where Shu walks out all of a sudden, it made NO sense why Inori would go and convince him. It would've made the story flow better if you had Madoka help him...Also, you could've added some heart to heart conversation which would've really captured the reader's attention even more.
8. Please explain the antagonist's feelings. I have watched the anime, so I get it...but NOT everyone has seen need to add detail to it. Even if it's NOT what's in the anime, you could put your own theory as to why the antagonist is the way he is. People can find out what is true and may think that it's your theory...but even if they don't, they will not accuse you of lying.
9. Please keep the soundtracks related to the anime. Like you're literally all over the place with that. I mean, if you're doing a cross over and you want others to listen to the soundtrack to help advertise the anime, then use that anime's soundtrack only. It makes it less confusing and more interesting.

Yeah, you're so all over the place that I have NO clue what is going on...and please cut out all of the "cue soundtrack" stuff 'cause it really doesn't make sense at all to keep them there.
But you're doing pretty well on this story...We just need to pop a few fillers here and there and it would be truly interesting. :)
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 9 . 1/13
Woo, what a crazy ride this story was! I enjoyed this AU twist to the YYGDM. I was impressed you accomplished two goals: writing a Guilt Crown revision and crossing over with Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Nice battles. Whoo, Shu was shown his canon self's fate and glad he didn't let him bring him down. I loved seeing Shu and Madoka kick Yuu and Kriemhild's sorry butts. The Puellas defeating Walpurgis. Not to mention the Neo Duelists, Valkyries, and Neo Senshi saving the day. Here comes the dark phoenix herself: Apocalypse Mana.

Shu has the right to deny his 'sister's' love, esp. since she's just a clone and took away his lover. I was almost scared for Shu when she was gonna mind frag him! Neat final battle between Apocalypse Mana and Goddess Madoka/Generis Inori. Shu and Gai finally had their duel. Man, Mana was over the top insane and potty-mouthed!

I think some of us can agree: that one famous line Mana spouted in this became line of the chapter. That was hysterical! XD

A nice ending. Though, it came at the cost of Shu's sacrifice, albeit a fitting heroic one. He died being what he wanted to be most and being with his desired lover. Whoa, you surprised with combining the two realities. Combining the world these Puellas came from with Lost Kingdoms verse came out of left field!

Ok, survey time since you asked for it.
Fave male characters: Shu, Gai, RJ, Helio, Yahiro, Argo, Daryl
Fave female characters: Homura, Madoka, Inori, Kyoko, Sayaka, Kyoko, Mami, Ayase, Tsugumi, Brunhilde, Skuld, Skogul, Sigrun, Gondul, Haruka, Arisa
Fave male/female villains: Yuu, Mana, Kriemhild, Loki, those evil Norse Dragons
Fave spirit partners: Speckles, Audrey and the Puellas' spirit partners; my favorite probably Madoka's.
Fave comical moment: Few that come to mind... Mana's one-liner 'SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT SHU!', Dan Eagleman's moments and the funny moments involving Funeral Parlor.
Fave heartwarming moments: The bonding and family reunions in Mission 7 like Shu and his parents and Hina and Aoshi. Arisa's speech in final chapter.
Fave sad moment: The demise of the YYGDM heroes, Shu & Inori's deaths, the bittersweet ending, Hare's death
Fave battles: Funeral Parlor, Puellas and Asgard vs Loki and his Jotunheim. Shu and Gai vs Yuu.
Fave final battles: Apocalypse Mana vs Goddess Madoka/Genesis Inori. The Puellas vs Walpurgis. Nidhogg vs Silver Valkyrie.
Fave unexpected moment: No doubt Yuu's reveal as the offspring of the chaos witch Charon and 1kmon (WTF?!), Goddess Madoka becoming Genesis Inori, SAO character cameos.
Fave darkest moments: Shu losing his Power of the Kings, Apocalypse Mana in general. The capture of Homura and break-up of Funeral Parlor caused by Da'ath. Just the overall Lost Christmas post-apocalyptic, dystopian Japanese world.
Fave music: Puella Magia Madoka Magica, Guilty Crown and Attack on Titan OST
Fave dimension: Attack on Titan, Big Hero 6, Legend of Korra, Wreck it Ralph
Fave dimension characters: Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Wreck it Ralph, Vanellope, Hal Jordan, Hiro, Baymax
Critiques for improvement: Um, fixing some grammar issues and working over the clustered battles, some the ones before Apocalypse Mana. Don't remember which ones.
Final thoughts: A very ambitious and risky undertaking with two universes different (and maybe not so different) from each other. I liked the sense of dread and hope the story instilled. It was a pleasure being introduced to Guilty Crown and find this story much better than the actual source material! And getting to see the Puellas in a whole different setting was refreshing than fighting exclusive Witches. I look forward to any new installment this universe brings!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 8 . 1/13
Back to reviewing this! Like HoM, I did finish reading this; I just didn't get to review.

Let me rectify that for you! Great chapter, not only is Shu back with a vengeance, but he takes down a few assholes, including that damned Nanba. Your death has been avenged, Hare.

Yeesh, I can't imagine what could happen if Homura took that Power of the Kings. Heh, but K did mention about a what-if fic you wrote. Will give it a look sometime. :D

Then, we have the big meeting on the cruise ship. Whoa, not only is Pluto there, but all the Neo team and remaining heroes of the former era! Shi- it's Kyubey, the little floppy-eared troll. Still, pretty neat he meets the Mooncats.

I liked seeing everyone's heartfelt talks before the final war. I really liked reading Homura bonding with Haruka, Shu meets his parents spirits, Adam reunited with Saya, Ayase seeing her mom again, and the Valkyries revealing their civilian forms. I liked Helio meeting Arisa. That was sweet.

Yuu and the Kriemhild witch round up their army. Da'ath is pulling out the big guns! Uh oh, Mana. I'm scared. D:

Great chapter! Finale, here I come!
gh0st3 chapter 9 . 1/6
Sorry for my late my review but it is really goddamn long list...

Ok is mine!

Fave male character - Shu, Gai and RJ
Fave female character - Mami, Inori and Ayase
Fave male/female villians - Yui and Loki
Fave villians love to hate - No, I don't have any favorite villains.
Fave spirit partner - I guess they're ok and they're doing their teamwork.
Fave comical moment - No, I don't remember it. Sorry.
Fave heartwarming moment - Shu seeing his own ghost of his parent ( made me impressive.), and Shu's relationship with Inori
Fave sad moment - the last chapter that you did post it.
Fave battles - I would say...the battle is kinda like...harden, but I lost my favorite.
Fave final battle - lip is sealed.
Fave unexpected twist - I remember it from chapter 3 when Puellas has becoming Valkyrie.
Fave darkest moment - GHQ's stranghold of Japan and Apocalypse Virus/Lost Christmas.
Fave music - I'm not fan of music.
Fave dimension - This looks familar from Kill la Kill and Wreck it Ralph.
Fave dimension character - I forget it.
Critiques for improvement - I lost my word when you wrote is such huge chapter than manga. I mean it was like...this is like version of Hobbits movie.
Final thoughts - At least, I can tell you about your story which there were much epic crossover and it's better story about roleplay and different scenes. But I would say it is really good story and I gave 5/5 for your story.

And happy new year and I'm losing my sleep after I read it.
JNaegi chapter 9 . 1/2
I say that was good! Not only did you give the Puella's there own happy ending along with combining the two realites but you also gave Shu a "hero's death" to complete his heroic deeds!

It's understandable that he did have to die since the infection of Daath spread through out diffrent realities. FYI, you could have just killed Yuno from FD; that girl gets on my nerves and those incubators are another issue but I digress.

Another bonus for having Shu learn about his original counterpart that takes place in the anime! I'm glad he handled it well since some would have broken down about the diffrent universe mind fack.

Here's mine!

Fave male characters: RJ, Helios, Shu.
Fave female characters: Homura (I stick with her to the end), Inori, Brunhilde, Skuld, Madoka,
Fave villians: Yuu & Mana
Fave villians you love to hate: not sure in all honesty.
Fave spirit partners: I treat them all the same so a B.
Fave comical moments: Can't remember (sorry)
Fave heartwarming moments: Hina finding Aoshi. The Puella's having their happy ending.
Fav battles: When the group goes to Asgard.
Fave final battles: Homura and the Puella's going against Walpurgis. Mana vs. Madoka(Inori) goddess.
Fave unexpected twist: Discovering that Yuu is the son of the harbingers of chaos. Shu's death.
Fave darkest moments: Shu losing the power of the king. Homura captured.
Fave music: I think you had Hill of Sorrow on there so that.
Fave Dimension characters: HSOTD.
Fave Dimesnion character: Not sure.

Critiques for Improvment: Clustered at times but you worked through it regardless so it's cool. Some sentences need to be edited as well but I got what you were saying.

Final thoughts: Never thought of a GC and Puella crossover to begin with but you made it your own. If Kazuto is in here and SAO is taken place after the story ends than I can assume Accel World will be the future of this dimension since their is reference to the NervGear in that series.

And I standby Kuroyukihime is the daughter of Kazuto/Asuna in the future so Burst Linkers will be coming! XD

Attrix chapter 1 . 12/30/2014
This is a re-write of the first two episodes of Guilty Crown. The story doesn't flow very well and the ideas are all over the place. Putting "xxxx" to separate the story doesn't makes it hard to concentrate on the story...If you want the audience to imagine the theme songs, then put the lyrics (of the original or your own) in italics in between the lines, so it's a spiral of song and action. You don't always need specific theme songs in the story...try to use your words to get the audience to feel it. I'd say that this is nice, but more detail and less separation would be nice. Also, there are a lot of parts where you could've used the setting to enhance the with the rockets trying to hit Gai. You could've said how the tall the building was, how the sky's color changed when the rockets came closer to him, etc.
Kanius chapter 9 . 12/22/2014
Argh, darn the word limit cut off the rest of my review.

Oh, that's quite of list of dimensions you decided to cut. Maybe for the best. I really went all out and crazy overboard with all the dimensions in my Dawn of Chaos fic (but that doesn't mean I didn't have fun doing it! Haha!) Now you have your first major fic completed and despite its end you have plans for a future with this dimension's characters. Well, there's Cross Generations. And Wrath of the Defiants, which actually might be the true series finale. The Crystal Age is looking more like the epilogue/GT-like spinoff. Thanks for the mentions to me and my stories. I'll do my best and hope to reach YYGDM's finale.

Alright, time for fanfic evaluation. I'll make this quick
Fave Male Characters: Shu, RJ, Helio, Gai, Taiyou,
Fave Female Characters: Madoka, Mami, Homura, Sayaka, Kyoko, Inori, Hare, Mana, Ayase, Valkyrie Skogul, Valkyrie Brunhilde
Fave Male/Female Villains: Yuu, Kriemhild, Gai, Apocalypse Mana/Yami Houou, Loki, Keido, Fafnir
Fave Villains Love to Hate: Yuu, Segai, Nanba,
Fave Spirit Partners: Speckles the Tarbosaurus, Achilles the Achillobator
Fave Comical Moments: Anything with Kyoko and Argo, Shu falling on Ayase's boobs, most of the Gaiden stuff, Dan Eagleman (Bandit Keith's long lost brother)
Fave Heartwarming Moments: Shu seeing his parents' ghosts, Shu & Inori's relationship, Shu & Madoka's interactions, Haruka's moments with Homura, Shu & Hare's relationship, Shibungi & Nagisa, the final group shot.
Fave Sad Moments: The fall of Japan's heroes, Hare's death, Gai's first death, Sailor Pluto's mourning, Megumi's state, Shu/Inori/Gai/Mana's final passing in the last chapter, 'Merry Christmas' (Shu & Madoka).
Fave Battles: Funeral Parlor/Puellas/Valkyries vs Jotunheim, Shu vs Yuu,
Fave Final Battles: I'd say the whole final chapter. Apocalypse Mana vs Ultimate Madoka/Genesis Inori was the cherry on top.
Fave Unexpected Twists: Shu and Funeral Parlor receiving their animal spirits (Chap 3), Puellas becoming Valkyries (Chap 3), MetalSeadramon (Chap 3), Scrooge and Carol making their appearance, Inori being the Houou's new avatar, the reveal of Yuu's parents, the true reveal of Madoka, Sword Art Online cameos, Hackmon becoming Taiyou's partner (Gaiden), Silver Valkyrie formation, Nagisa Momoe, Dimension Synthesis Splicer
Fave Darkest Moments: The Apocalypse Virus/Lost Christmas, Inori's nightmare, GHQ's stranglehold of Japan, Nanba joining the bad guys and (accidentally) killing Hare, the raptor mutants (poor Miyabi), Yuu's origins, Apocalypse Mana/Yami Houou in general.
Fave Music: Hard to say. The Guilty Crown and Madoka Magica OSTs fit the general universe. Other standout themes: Godzilla vs Destoroyah – Requiem, Birthday Massacre, Attack on Titan OST, Batman Arkham City OST.
Fave Dimensions: Attack on Titan, Wreck-It-Ralph, Big Hero 6, Gundam 00, Green Lantern: the Animated Series, Kill la Kill, Hunter x Hunter
Fave Dimension Characters: Hal Jordan, Wreck it Ralph, Vanellope, Toothless, Sasha, Mikasa, Jean, Eren, Hiro Hamada, Baymax, the other Big Hero 6 characters.
Critiques for Improvement: Just looking over missed spelling words (which I helped point out for you in my live reactions!). I understand wanting to rush out chapters. I think you've kept the characters 'in character' but you've helped flesh them out and adding better qualities to them. The final battle chapter was well paced and not overly crazy like mine was in Dawn of Chaos. Well you get the chance to use the GC and Puella characters in crossovers with my stories, including Cross Generations. Then again, I'm not that deeply connected to the current anime communities like I used to be. Just one minor critique: Where the heck was MetalSeadramon in the final chapter?! Asleep? Lol. Would've been cool to see Brunhilde summon him in the final battle to kick some butt.
Final Thoughts: I can tell you put a lot of effort and thought into this than what the anime writers tried to do. For a first time at a serious multi-series crossover, you did splendidly. Bravo and thanks. It was my pleasure helping you role playing and writing out scenes for you. I'd give this a 4/5; a huge improvement from the original GC series.

Good work! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Ford! Onward to 2015 we go! )
Generic Reviewer chapter 9 . 12/21/2014
Final chapter felt rushed. As in even the main villains get one-shotted like every Digimon final boss. A bit impressed the other creatures of havoc lasted longer

It also suffers the too much copy-paste of DoC's dimension devouring rather than focusing on the battles. As in I liked the House of Madoka final battle more. A lot more.

Shu getting to see his own canon world was kinda interesting and NanoMilleniummon seems like too good an idea to get killed so quickly. At least Yuu didn't get hijacked.

I know you didn't wanna suffer writers block and leave this unfinished but I felt some whiplash after chapter 8.

Later days!
Saint River chapter 9 . 12/23/2014
I must say. This turned out to be more satisfying and entertaining than I expected. All the crosses that happened. Mana and Madoka's conversation "If I put a 'T' in Shu, I'd say 'SHUT UP ABOUT HIM". NanoMilleniummon... second time I saw someone make a new Evolution for him. The fighting and the epilogue for excellent. I like epilogues.

Good work with this man.

Happy Holidays!
Saint River chapter 8 . 12/22/2014
Ha! There's people from SAO here. Very good, Shu. Avenging Hare's death and all that. The next and final chapter will be quite exciting.
Saint River chapter 7 . 12/22/2014
I must say I enjoyed this far more than I thought I would. It's following of the plot is coming along nicely. Hare's death is different though not entirely. And the best part for me would be the fact only Shu's hand got cut off. In canon he lost half his arm and I for one don't like mutilation.
Kanius chapter 9 . 12/22/2014
All right, here we go!

This is my first attempt at a live reaction review. Let's give this thing a go. Looks like you've gone the lengthy route for the final chapter. I'm surprised you were able to get this out before the New Year. Well done, my friend.

- It begins. The time to end the apocalypse. Neat, Gai and Shu forms their Bows of Sagittarius to initiate a quick duel. Unicorn wins over dark eagle! Oh, just noticed two typos: 'Kamae', which should be Kaname. 'movie' should be move.
- First wave of mooks eliminated. The groups split up! Surprised the Neo Duelists are going with Shu and Madoka. 'Unborn' daughter, huh?
-Ah, that's why you let the Neo Duelists join them. Helio and Yuigo are really their father's sons with their voids being Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician. They take out the Malefic Blue-Eyes and Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon corruptions! Here come more Duel Monster abominations.
-Neo Duelists show off their Spirit Fusion forms! Nice, Sorcerer of Dark Magic, Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon and Magician's Valkyria. Those three with Andro Sphinx and Sphinx Teleia are nods to Yu-Gi-Oh: the Movie (the US marketed one with Anubis as the bad guy). Surprise to see Gagaga Magician and Gagaga Girl.
-Valkyrie Maiden vs Erinye Valkyrie a-go!
-The Puellas meet their Witch counterparts. Ooh, Puella Valkyries vs Witchery Erinyes. And their spirit partners are there in full assembly. Kyoko's trash talk gets under Ophelia's skin. Oh yeah, Homura has every right to worry for Madoka.
-Yikes Oogumo, Argo and Ayase are caught in a fight with Witches. Poor Shibungi has the unfortunate honor of meeting Mami's killer Charlotte.
-Here we are with the unpleasant reunion of Scrooge and Carol vs Present. Character name references from the Scrooge story was a nice touch for the spirit partners. Their fight is on.
-An evil red T-Rex named One-Eye, huh? Well he didn't last long. Good that Speckles got his revenge with Shu and Madoka.
-Inori sings her song as her memories start to fade. Oh no, Eve's coming.
-Finally, Shu and Madoka meet the Da'ath duo. Yuu the ever slick little bastard and his witch partner. Don't you mean 'Sailor Charon's hellspawn'?
-Shu is enlightened about other Guilty Crown dimensions and his various counterparts taking on different destiny routes. He had to be flabbergasted to realize his canon self became a tyrant king and had his arm cut off. No doubt this awoke him to what could've been had he not chosen the hero route. No matter, it didn't turn off his determination.
-Valkyrie Madoka vs. Erinye Kriemhild
-Yikes, Yuu becomes an eldritch monstrosity! NanoMillenniummon, huh?
-'Shu is disguised...' Should be 'disgusted'.
-NanoMillenniummon wielding swords based on Valmarmon and Arago; the battle claws and helmet of Ghidorah/Gamera's Shredder masks.
-'Shut up and come at me' – Shu. He's not messing around.
-I like how Shu switches between Voids amidst the fighting. He's become a boss.
-Oh, poor Daryl. Rowan's just become another experiment for GHQ.
-Yikes it's Walpurgis Night, the biggest witch of them all! Da'ath is going all out and not kidding around.
-Upgraded Souja! The Neo Senshi face the augmented versions their mothers and friends fought ten years prior. I look forward to introducing these guys in my series. ;)
-The Maidens are in trouble with Nidhogg.
-VenomMillenniummon and CarnageMillenniummon. No comment who these guys are based on! Yes Taiyou, that Venom and Carnage. Surprised they didn't threaten to eat their brains (obvious Venom reference).
-SaviorHackmon's holding his own well!
-RJ tackles Dai Kakugoryu, mirroring Yusuke's fight with Kiryu and Long.
-Shu takes NanMillenniummon like a boss. But, Yuu makes a rebound forming a merger with Kriemhild and Eon! “Now you will end you.” I believe you mean, “Now I will end you.”
-Nice, Shu and Madoka combine their voids as well as Chibiusa and RJ's. Rest in pieces, Da'ath. Yeah, this was just a half-victory. The final boss battle awaits.
-Yep, too late. The new Yami Houou awakens
-Apocalypse Mana's appearance is beautifully haunting and creepy.
-You tell her, Shu. This creature isn't your sister anymore. Mana goes yandere mode and attacks him mercilessly! Oh yeah, you didn't forget about Yami Houou's deadly mind screw ability.
-“Even if you want to apologize, I will never forgive you.” Should've thought of that before consuming Inori and taking her body. You took Shu's dear friend away, harlot.
-Here comes the apocalyptic ballroom dance. We got a global outbreak. Lol, Funimation, the ones that gave Guilty Crown its English dub aren't spared. Not even Disney can get out of this one.
-The other realms are getting affected as well. Ooh, I spot MedievalGallantmon, the successor to Gallantmon! Omegamon, fight on, gallant knight. Likewise, demon fighters.
-Wait, nexus dimension... could this mean...?
-Ah, you're doing what I did in Dawn of Chaos! Other dimensions! The first dimension attacked is um... Mnemosyne, I think. Never seen it, but will add to my list.
-Ok, we got Future Diary, High School of the Dead, Attack on Titan, Green Lantern (ooo, I notice the Black Lantern book! Are these what could've been for Season 2?), Wreck it Ralph, Gundam 00, Kill la Kill, How to Train Your Dragon, Frozen, Korra, Hunter x Hunter, Big Hero 6, and more. Good cameos from each dimension's protagonists. You covered the worlds I didn't touch upon.
-Apocalypse Mana's yandereness is creating chaos.
-...and out comes Madoka from her crystal prisoner. Wait, it's Ultimate Madoka!
-It's finally on. The final stages set: Shu vs Gai and Ultimate Madoka vs Apocalypse Mana
-Sheesh, Mana mood swings whenever the 'fake''s name is addressed. She's going off the deep end I can feel it.
-Madoka and Mana's cosmic battle ensues. The latter's laughing manically and cursing. Yep, her mind's gonna slip further into despair.
-Speaking of Gai vs Shu, can't forget Super Speckles vs Super Havoc. The dinos going at it!
-Don't give up, Homura.
-The heroes are hitting their darkest hour.
-Even bleaker with Mana beating around Madoka.
-Lost Christmas and then a Lost New Year... ok, Mana. Whatever you say.
-”Please, if I put a 't' on his (Shu) name, I say 'SHUT' THE FUCK UP ABOUT HIM!” Ok, we have our line of the whole chapter here! goodness Mana's quite more colorful and crude in her language than the canon version. Someone put cosmic soap in her mouth.
-'Cumulates' should be 'Culminates'.
-Gai severely beats down Shu, disrobing him his armor. Shu then lands near a flower. Here it comes.
-...Inori miraculously gives Shu the Singer's Sword!
-And whoa, Genesis Inori.
-'Apoclaypse' should be 'Apocalypse'.
-Mana is pissed seeing Inori. She's going off the deep end.
'Thundrous' should be 'Thunderous'.
-Man, a battle between the Genesis and the Apocalypse. Both wielding the Houou's power. Nice touch of the Yami Houou cloak forming over Mana; likewise, the Houou cloak covering Inori. Getting good!
-'Apocalpyse' should be 'Apocalypse'.
-Oh cool, the Puellas summon their own familiars and defeat Walpurgis Night.
-And we finally get to see Brunhilde using the full power of the Moon Force Crystal! Whoa, didn't see that coming! What an awesome moment! She merges with her Maidens to form their own Silver Valkyrie. Wait until I tell you who the original Silver Valkyrie is. Farewell, Nidhogg.
-Ask and Embla must be the Norse versions of Adam and Eve.
-'Nifleheim' I think should be 'Niflheim'. No e between the l and h.
-Eternal Neo Senshi, Detectives and Duelists take care of business.
-All right, Jesmon's here!
-The Undertakers and their spirits go super modes!
-Whoa, Momo Sakura.
-Checkmate. Shu beats Gai. Adios, Dancer Sword and Yandere Houou!Mana.
-'Apcalypse' should be 'Apocalypse'.
-Wow, a kiss from Genesis Inori and that's all is needed to purify Mana. Mana is gone and Inori returns.
-White snow appears. Yep the good guys have won.
-Goodbye, Scrooge and Carol.
-And there goes Keido. Death by suicide.
-”Please tell use why you did this?” 'Use' should be 'us'.
-Well Gai had plotted behind Da'ath and had it planned out. At least you did that, Gai. Farewell and go with your yandere... I mean Mana. :P
-Here's the Houou. It's always big when she shows up. Nice mention of the previous host Sailor Mars. And there she goes back to the universe.
-Shu's made his decision.
-And so he did it. He made his wish to stay with his love forever and makes the hero's sacrifice. A Pyrrhic victory indeed. RIP Shu and Inori.
-GHQ is no more. Good riddance.
-One year timeskip later and our post-battle recap commences. Narrated by Homura.
-Everyone gets a good ending. Wow, Madoka's world gets merged with the GCLK universe. Charlotte gets reincarnated to Nagisa. Most of the Puellas get adopted. Madoka's family moves next to Haruka, who adopts Homura.
-Good speech from Arisa.
-It's always true what Homura says: “What the future holds for us?”
-There's our SAO cameos.
-Taiyou and Hackmon form their own Digidestined! Neat!
-Homura Ouma and Kyoko Tsukishima indeed.
-Sayaka and Ayase's mothers greet.
-Argo and Kyoko are now official siblings. :P
-Ah, I see Arisa and Helio bonding.
-Final heartwarming reunion in heaven!
-One last quote to end things on a happy note.
-And it's over. Wow. It's really over.
-Cue the credit. Ok, just a correction: Athena is now voiced by Carrie Savage. PinkPatamon is voiced by Jessie Flower (voice of Toph from Avatar). We'll fill the rest of the undecided vas later. Chibiusa's new english va should be revealed soon. Neo Senshi vas will be decided later.

Well, that's the live reaction. Hope it came out well. You've done it, my friend. Well done getting this whole thing out through the year and just before Christmas! This one hit home pretty hard and easily beats the pants off the real GC ending. Well, not a hard accomplishment, but still well done. I think with this being your first 'breakout' hit, I believe you succeeded.

Oh, that's quite of list of dimensions you decided to cut.
obsidianminer67 chapter 9 . 12/22/2014
Holy fucking shit, this has to be the largest crossover ever. It's just so much for my mind to comprehend

The fic as a whole was awesome, and I do find it better that Shu dies, there's no point to have him wallow in sorrow again.

I never expected Mana to curse


That was hilarious
Sovereign64 chapter 9 . 12/22/2014
Bravo. That was a great story. And honest, as much as how sad it is, I think it was good that Shu died in the end because he died as a hero and a martyr whom will always be loved and respected by his friends and allies.

That was a great final battle and to be honest, the best final battle I've ever seen in a fanfic. XD And it's also great to see a long epilogue of what happen to everyone after the end of the battle and all the subplots resolved by the end.

Anyways, onto my fanfic evaluations

My fave Male characters are Shu, Yahiro, Souta and Kirito
My fave female characters are Inori, Madoka and Mikasa
My fave villains are Gai and Keido
My fave villains I love to hate are Nanba and Segai
My fave spirit partner is Achilles
My fave comical moments are Kyoko and Argo scenes and Dan Eagleman moments.
My fave heartwarming moments are Shu and Inori's relationship
My fave sad moments are Hare's death and Shu and Inori's deaths.
My fave battles are Shu VS Segai and Nanba and Gai VS Inori.
My fave final battles are...well, the entire last chapter. Does that count? XD
My fave unexpected twists are SAO existing in this story and Scrooge and Carol making guest appearances.
My fave darkest moments are the Apocalypse Virus/Lost hristmas and Inori's nightmare.
My fave music is Release My Soul from Guilty Crown OST
My fave dimensions are Attack on Titan, Wreck-it-Ralph and Big Hero Six
My fave dimension characters are all AoT characters and Big Hero Six characters.
Final Thoughts? I love this story more than the actual show. Seriously. Well the original Guilty Crown show was full of inconsistent writing and an unsatisfying ending, this story executes the writing and the ending MUCH MUCH better.

That's my review and I've really enjoyed this story. Hope to see more stories from you in the future. :)
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