Reviews for Grave Digger
LuciliYuri chapter 40 . 6h
I'm not one for writing reviews but your stories have been so amazing it's hard not to. I'm sorry for the hatred you've faced, though I'm pretty sure it's illegal for her to go through your laptop and files without your consent or a warrant. It's an invasion of privacy and you can press charges against her for it.
Anyways, I just wanted you to know that your stories have brought out so much emotion within me during a time when all I felt was numbness (not a bad thing, really, but it's more of a feeling of emptiness that comes with not knowing what to do with life).
So, thank you, for having written Grave Digger, and I hope you won't feel too bad about the missed prompts. Not everyone has time to sit there and write every prompt that comes along.
I don't know you in person, so I can't tell you how to live your life. What I do want to tell you is that it's okay to pursue the things you enjoy doing. If you enjoy writing elsanna, then do it, regardless of what's to come. No one has the right to tell you otherwise, for those who cannot understand and accept you for who you want to be are do not deserve to be a part of your life. At least that's what I believe.
I guess my point is, do what you want to do because in the end, that is what matters the most. That, and thank you for your stories. I hope everything gets better for you.
Darthvaderisnotme chapter 40 . 13h
Well thank you for all the good times :)

Hope you can come back some day, till then, good bye!
mirandapowa chapter 40 . 23h
oww what a sad new q Aq i realy enjoy your storie and when it update it allway manke exiting to read it ouobut well thank you for taking you time to wrote all this great fic ou o thank you ouo. and can i do some fan art or make a comic of grave digger ( may be one day i don't know)
TheWrongandRight666 chapter 40 . 7/31
I am sorry that she went through your computer and found those files. Which led to you being physically hurt. I hope that you can continue writing not for Elsanna, but fun stories that you want to share.
Ceririn chapter 40 . 7/30
That sucks. Do you give a shit more about your fans or your haters? You're basically feeding them by quitting...whatever, you inspired me and I shouldn't be complaining. Thank you so much for these lovely oneshots, I enjoyed them a favorable amount, your creativity is tempting. Take care, these really cheered me up, it's sad you're leaving, but it's understandable. :) Again, thank you for your hard work.
frankenjones chapter 40 . 7/30
Well, I'm sad that it's over, but it was a hell of a ride while it lasted, yeah?
I'll be checking up on you & your works from time to time, you're not gonna get rid of ol jonesey that easy 3
Claire Cooper chapter 40 . 7/30
Well I for one am sorry to see this go, it was beautiful stories some depressing, some very steamy and some just very heartfelt.

Those haters that kept giving negative responses can go shove a stick up the-..nevermind.

Well hopefully you will come back one day until then I wish you the best of luck in what you do.

Can't wait to see what you have planned for Korrasami though lol
malekoydaerb chapter 40 . 7/30
sucks to see this go, you've got some talent.

i was hoping that we'd get to see madame elsa and her anna be reunited and get a happy ever after, but it sounds like that'll never happen now...
Jahaira chapter 40 . 7/30
Hiya, n1nastill. I'm usually more of a quiet enjoyer of your work, but since you're saying goodbye, I'll be sending the best of luck with you. Trust me, you've more than earn some fresh air from this place. Flamers and haters are ugly pains-in-the-necks (And that's putting it nicely) and some R and R is always good for creativity.

I hope you don't feel too bad about the missed prompts that you couldn't do. You're not perfect, but you are certainly one of a kind. I hope that you can keep some of them and let them grow into some of your future Korrasami and Hollstein stories. Because truly, some people had some pretty awesome prompts for one-shots. They were more creative than anything I could have asked of you. And I really think that you ended this one-shot series well. Not too big, not too small, variety, and comedy rolled into a series of stories about fated lovers. Personally I love this series out of the many I have read.

Maybe you'll return, maybe not. But I hope that you'll still be writing. Haters can hate on the world while the flamers burn it to ash, but that doesn't cover that fact that you're good at writing. You have fun with it. You played with the 'proper' Victorian Era stereotype, and that's when stories really come to life. I had fun, and I know that I'll be rereading this for a long while after today. Do take care, n1nastill. And until next time, Au revoir.
Nettlebane chapter 40 . 7/30
Wow, negative feedback? What? I thought your shorts were amazing! I'm sorry you had to deal with the harassment.

Anyways, thank you for sharing your stories! Enjoy your other writings! :)
Kurrent chapter 40 . 7/30
This makes me very sad, as your writing was extremely good, and the story ideas were fantastic. There were some heart-breaking chapters, but you warned us going in that would be the case, and they were still compelling and darkly lovely.

I seriously hope you leave this story up and consider revisiting it in the future, because I'd love to see more of your Elsanna work. Please don't let negative comments keep you down, because there are many more people who love your work than there are critics. You have a unique voice, and it would be tragic to see it not spin more tales of Anna and Elsa.
Drake Azure Saber chapter 40 . 7/30
Thank YOU for taking the time to do these one shots that've been amazing the entire way through. Unashamed to admit I cried at the end of the grave digger Anna ending. Sad to see this end but if that's the way things are then a salute to you and a middle finger to whomever dissed this brilliant collection of stories. /)
shtoops chapter 40 . 7/30
Aww dang. Well I hope that you continue to write elsanna regardless! Cuz I love your work 8D

screwupalex chapter 40 . 7/30
I'm sorry that you received so much negativity but I'm grateful for the stories you were able to give us
glittering-snowfall chapter 40 . 7/30
These were all magnificent stories and fantastically written. Thank you for writing them.
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