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Guest chapter 24 . 9/25
Hey, I love your story...
But I'm going craaaaaaaaaazy!
So write some more please
A chapter maybe

In case you didn't notice, I just have that song 'call me maybe' stuck in my brain... Plus I'm bored aaaaaand...
I miss you so much!
Please write some more if you can :) cos this is my favorite story (I mean, I would definitely favorite it if I had an account)... So please keep on going!
I believe in you ;)
Alkeni chapter 12 . 9/24
Well, my poor little M'ergana shipper/Morgana not going evil' is being squished here. But nicely done, regardless.
Alkeni chapter 11 . 9/24
Very interesting developments.

I'm always wanting to get into Morgana's head, and see Merlin and Morgana talking.
Alkeni chapter 7 . 9/19
Interesting development. Go Arthur. Now is the tell to tell him you've got magic, Arthur.
Alkeni chapter 6 . 9/19
Well, I'm not /happy/ that Merlin's upset or whatnot, but as I was never much of a Freya fan, I can't say I mind.
Alkeni chapter 3 . 9/17
Very interesting.
Alkeni chapter 2 . 9/16
Please don't have Morgana go evil!

Very nice chapter.
SttarGazer chapter 24 . 8/10
You call this filler?! I live for this stuff! Arthur finding out is my favorite thing to read and I love what you've done with it so far! So good! Can't wait for the next chapter :D

p.s. how dare you.
SttarGazer chapter 23 . 8/10
OMG. Hi I'm back. OMG.

this was so amazing! Ahhhhhhhh. I have to go somewhere now but I'll read 24 later today.
Thousandsmiles chapter 24 . 7/27
Patiku chapter 24 . 7/27
I liked it, especially the moment between Arthur and Merlin, but HOW COULD YOU KILL GWAINE? Really!? Yes, he died in series, but in the end and you could keep him alive! Please, say that it's only a mistake!
starglen chapter 24 . 7/27
Well, I wouldn't say angry... more a sense of sadness. Sometimes a story just has to be written one way, even if it means the death of a favourite character. You just have to go with your muse and I'm happy to follow where you lead us. At least, Arthur now knows he has the backing of the US. I do appreciate how you've brought the rest of the world into this story. A little bit of realism in this modern age only improves a fantasy story.

I can well understand how Arthur feels he's unable to trust Merlin. They do need to have a long talk, though I'm not sure if Merlin should tell the whole truth. Sometimes a little bit of ignorance can be bliss.

I look forward to reading that coming talk and to finding out what happened to the rest of the the gang. Don't worry about not sticking to your schedule. I'm just happy to see another chapter whenever you find time to write.
mokona-pyuh chapter 24 . 7/26
Damn ! Freya is baaaaaaack ! That's wonderful. I love Freya. And Merlin loves Freya too, and they will be happy together and have children and live happily ever after ! (one can hope)

Anyway THATS what I call an excellent chapter ! Arthur dealing with the revelations, and Freya, and Gaius, and Merlin... Sure, Gwaines death makes me want to punch you in the face, but it's canon, as much as i abhor acknowledging it. Everything is as it should have been, and I love it. I love your fic. Can I marry it ?

Just joking (half, anyway) but for real, that has to be one of the best chapters there is. You take it slow, let the development begin as slowly as needed, and yet it's not boring, and we get insight as much as we get emotions... I don't know if i'm clear, but yeah. That chapter deserves some kind of award.

Thanks for existing, thanks for writing, and thanks for sharing ! Can't wait for more ! See ya ! :D
Audriel chapter 24 . 7/26
Aww Gwaine... He is really, really dead? His death does provide the incentive for US to throw in their lot with Arthur, however much he dislikes it. At the core, he is just a man who tries to do right by his friends and people, all this losses and sacrifices weigh more to him than the support and gains.

It strikes me as sad how little the people around Arthur think of him, even those who are supposed to know him best. First, Uther and Morgana. Now, Merlin and Gaius? That is why I agree with your portrayal of Arthur showing his (lack of) inclination to completely trust both of them. Gaius missed quite a lot of points in his argument, loss and betrayal can be done not in only one way. And Merlin... Just like I pointed out before, his arguments are weak, weaker than canon and Arthur can see it too.

It is about time for Merlin to be truthful to Arthur, to show his trust and prove his faith in him, because by keeping that part ot himself his words are nothing but pretty lies. It is also time for him to step up and acknowledge his actions: good and bad. Arthur has made the leap, it is time for Merlin.

Naw, I guessed that Freya in Dartmoor actually, but since her role is unclear... No need to mention that. I think that is why. You look really tried, found plenty of typo, esp Mithian-Mithain. Take good care of yourself m'dear, things are getting interesting, can't have you bedridden. Cheers!
Mirlasse chapter 23 . 7/14
*screams* I KNEW IT! Freya is alive, isn't she?!

And very good reveal! Beautiful!
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