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fresh prince1 chapter 80 . 9/17
I thought this chapter came out good.
Exiled Soul Nomad chapter 80 . 9/17
Well now, things are going to be very interesting with this.
X3runner chapter 80 . 9/17
I don’t know why but I kinda got a Superman origin feel from this last chapter I did like it a lot especially the notable changes from the original bardock special and what it had from dragon ball minus. It felt like a cleanly written chapter. Can’t waut to see the next chapter.
RKF22 chapter 80 . 9/17
victor0606 chapter 80 . 9/17
Good chapter.
maximusrexmundi chapter 79 . 9/17
Well that's certainly a twist! I don't mind Gine at all lol. I never got the hate when I saw it. I'm most interested in the wording... Unless I'm wrong, it sounds like she's permanently back! That would be cool :)
RHatch89 chapter 80 . 9/17
Awesome update :)
Goldenfightergirl chapter 79 . 9/17
I kind of like the idea of Gine coming. I also like the fact Goku finally having a mom so no worries from me!
silverhawk88 chapter 79 . 9/17
Hey I like Gine! I have fallen more in love with her due to MasakoX what if video called what if Gine went to earth with Goku. He has a bunch of video’s like that, his most famous is what if Raditz survived. He has even created a visual novel called Dragon Ball R&R that takes place just after Buu arc and features a little bit of the story on Raditz and his daughter by Launch named Ranch. If you have some time you should look up MasakoX YouTube channel and check those what if stories. They are really intriguing. MasakoX is the guy who voices Goku and Gohan in the parody series Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
Also I remember that shenron could do three wishes but most of the time 2 because of the mass resurrection he does a lot. This chapter was great!
EVA-Saiyajin chapter 79 . 9/17
Didn’t see that coming. Reactions to Beerus are hilarious.

I did not dislike Gine, though I think her story could have been a bit more...sophisticated? Thought out?
Paleomario66 chapter 48 . 9/11
This was an awesome chapter, though there were a few things in your author's note that I really have to disagree with, particularly the "POWER LEVELS ARE BULLSHIT" part. While I like the idea of human characters becoming powerful, that doesn't mean powerscaling should completely be abandoned. First off, Toriyama never stated that he removed power levels because of how unreliable or meaningless they were. In an interview, he stated that he stopped using power levels it would be a problem for him later on, since if fans knew the power levels of the characters, it would be too easy to tell who would win or lose. He then decided that their power could no longer be measured properly. I agree that if power levels were still used, they would have gotten too high, and it's too hard to determine them after the Trunks Saga, especially since many characters can suppress their power, but powerscaling is still a thing in the Dragon Ball series.

My point is, that yes, power levels can no longer be used in Dragon Ball since they would become too high to be measured accurately (and there's no way to determine accurate power levels for post-Trunks Saga characters), but powerscaling is still a thing, no matter how inconsistent it can be, and the claim that "power levels are bullshit" is by no means true. While you have a good reason for Erasa's power to increase as much as it did, and same for Gohan's, I just wanted to point out that powerscaling should be considered quite important in a fighting series like Dragon Ball, fanfiction or not. That's also why a lot of people on YouTube have been complaining about powerscaling issues in Dragon Ball Super because they believe the increases that a lot of these characters get don't make any sense at all. Comparing power between characters in Dragon Ball is far from ridiculous, though it should not be done with exact numbers (like with power levels), but with a tiering system. There's another fanfiction made by Herodan3, called Destiny Shattered that uses this system after the Frieza Saga ( s/9582102/68/Destiny-Shattered).

Regardless, I enjoyed this chapter, and I loved what you did with the Super Holy Water in terms of its power boost since the original series had Goku take it before it was revealed that he was an alien.
Tenryuji chapter 77 . 8/28
Forgot to add, before the author or any of your other reviewers are rebutting my argument with, "Well, Tenshinhan is an alien, so it makes sense how he can make huge gains," Tenshinhan's still an Earthling. The same racial guidebook that first mentioned he had distant alien ancestry STILL grouped him right in there with the other native Earthlings, including Kuririn himself (I own the copies to the Daizenshuu/Chozenshuu guides). In Dragon Ball, you do not have to be a "human" to be from Earth. In fact, "Earthlings" are divided into three categories, according to the Daizenshuu databooks. These being:

1.) Animals
2.) Humans
3.) Monsters

He counts as an Earthling, and as such, he has no more potential than Kuririn to catch up with the Saiyans (which is unlikely).
Tenryuji chapter 78 . 8/28
I got to agree with BigPimplin on this one. The story has decent writing as far as I'm concerned, and the premise is unique, but I don't like the way you presented the story, specifically, the eponymous character, Erasa is my biggest gripe with this story. It's not because I do not like her or anything, but because the amount of asspullery you pulled on her. Erasa jumped from a level where she could give early Z era Goku a run for his money to a level above Freeza and Cell in the span of a few months, and she's just an EARTHLING.

I refuse to believe that Erasa, a mere EARTHLING who had next to no fighting experience, went from somewhere around 1,000 to over the gazillions in just a matter of short time training under Gohan's tutelage. That'd make her training better than Goku's 100x gravity plus four zenkai boosts on his way to Namek, even better than the Super Saiyans' time in the Room of Spirit and Time. No fucking way could humans improve THAT quickly, especially not when Erasa doesn't have natural race-exclusive traits to exploit like the Saiyans does with their zenkai boosts, her body isn't as sturdy as a Saiyan's, thus, she can't endure harsh training environments like 100x gravity, meaning, she'd have to fend off training in the mountains to gain. It's less about power level and more about having naturally tougher bodies that can take more punishment, Earthlings are just too frail compared to Saiyans or Warrior-Type Namekians, and can't put up with these things for any worthwhile amounts of time.

Outside of the reason mentioned by BigPimplin, I'm also bothered at the fact that Tenshinhan can jump leaps to leagues of the likes of Freeza and Cell, which is completely unrealistic as well. While he may not look it because of how young he looks, but Ten in the Majin Boo arc and Super is in his late forties and early fifties; he's well past the age when Earthlings were in their primes. Unlike Saiyans who retain their youth in order to fight longer and have no limits, Earthlings aren't as fortunate and have a hard cap as to how strong they can become. Ten, as well as the other Earthling fighters, all reached that cap and it's clearly evident based on how Kuririn gave up fighting and while Ten may still train, he appears more interested in nurturing his disciples and teaching them the ways of his school of martial arts.

Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta has been training for decades to obtain the strength they have now, how much of an insult would it be to them if Earthlings like Ten and Erasa were just given cheap power-ups just because fans couldn't accept them being weak anymore?

It's a potentially good story with an interesting premise, but the execution leaves a bad taste to my mouth.
maximusrexmundi chapter 78 . 8/27
Woo! A truly epic battle! My favorite was seeing Buu turn him to candy, great idea with great consequences. I also loved the clutch Bulma rage at the end
Guest chapter 36 . 8/26
SSJ3 Vegeta but taking away his last stand in the anime is unforgivable. That was his greatest moment.
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