Reviews for The Erased Chronicles
X3runner chapter 99 . 5/10
Hope you do SSG more justice than super did
Power of Magic chapter 99 . 5/10
That was quite a good chapter, and I look forward to what happens in the next one. Wasn't expecting Cell to know the Spirit Bomb, but at least Gohan stopped it and purified the ki before releasing it back to where it belongs, but the biggest surprise is that Cell can use godly ki as well. Looks like the kid gloves have really come off now
MrFrankyG4 chapter 99 . 5/10
Amazing chapter as always! Your writing skills never cease to amaze! Can't wait to see how this all plays out!
Uppaw18 chapter 99 . 5/10
Hey, it's been a while since I've reviewed this story (several chapters, I believe). Anyway, I really like the arc, even if the chapters are pretty short.

I know what you are going through and I can truly sympathize with the whole burnout and exhaustion aspect, since I'm also doing a very demanding work while also finding other things that interest me, which results in me writing my stories at a snail's pace.

Onto the story itself, I really like how you're having Super Saiyan God feel more incredible in its power and how significant to feels, something that was completely absent in DBS after the Battle of Gods arc until the Tournament of Power and Moro arcs with Ultra Instinct.

I would like to say that I myself do no like Super Saiyan Blue and would rather see Super Saiyan God grow more unique than a simply change in hair color. One thing I really liked was the "big lipped alligator moment" in Super in which Goku somehow healed himself while as a Super Saiyan God.

I loved the fight thus far and would love to read the next few chapters, even though I also despise Ressurection F for the horrible reason that gave Frieza a stupid power up.

Anyway, love your story, love the way you handle God Ki thus far and I can't wait to read more.

Until next time stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy your life despite the exhaustion.
thewittywhy chapter 99 . 5/10
This was an enjoyable chapter. Its amazing to think this story has gone so far. Next up is chapter one hundred! You've reached farther than most.

Plus its always a joy to see Gohan kick ass!
Joker555888 chapter 99 . 5/10
I wonder if this will be Super Saiyan God Cell or Golden Cell.
The Rocha chapter 98 . 4/5
A fantastic many chapters! I'm just loving seeing the crew's results of all that training with Whis.

You know, in retrospect, Goku and Vegeta in canon feel kinda greedy, in that they don't invite everyone else to train with Whis. I mean, God Ki, man.

Your description of the fights is simply epic, Demod20's too. You guys put a lot of epic detail and technique, its fantastic.

I like how different the Clone fights were. Erasa struggled with Clone-Goku due to familiarity, Trunks blue-screened even through he had the power to win, Piccolo and Videl were as tactical as possible (and almost Clone Freeza out even without their god forms), Yamcha went straight out to God Ki and blew Cold (who interestingly enough, was the one clone which retained individuality), and Piccolo Daimao almost took out Tien through treachery.

I also like how all their different god powers are. Tien's one is so cool, being literally unkillable.

I'm curious who is that mystery woman. It seems to be a goddess of sorts. But the pulling people from hell thing... Towa? If that's Towa, then she got a nice upgrade.

Seeing Gohan struggle again with his issues of holding back, those were nice callbacks. Also I like how since the Beerus fight, Gohan has been slowly but surely accepting the Saiyans instincts he has, the enjoyment of the fight and the battle.

Can I say how much I love how different the world is, now?
Guest chapter 71 . 1/27
This story bashes on Videl way too much and it sucks.
Marx Avian II chapter 3 . 1/23
He forgot his shoes
BOSS1 chapter 98 . 1/20
Awesome chapter as always? Do you have any plans for the main cast coming back? Goku, Vegeta? If so, they won't be the strongest, or the main characters. Gohan has the clout, but that is how it should be anyway... Look at me, I am rambling :) Stay safe in these shitty times. And good luck regarding work.
BOSS1 chapter 97 . 1/12
So far It's been a treat! I stumbled onto this story and I am pleased... I can't wait! You just do it at your own pace, even if it take a month. I am already used to the chapters being top quality, so don't rush!
BOSS1 chapter 54 . 1/9
To think this is still going after six years... Don't stop. But do it at your own pace... and don't push yourself hard.
BOSS1 chapter 53 . 1/9
AWESOME! I Don't even know what to say...
BOSS1 chapter 52 . 1/9
BOSS1 chapter 48 . 1/9
Awesome one!
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