Reviews for One Last Time together
Sweatshirt Shiro chapter 1 . 5/7/2006
This was truly the most beautiful and most sad fic I have ever read... I dont think I ever had such a strong desire to cry, I hope you write an epilouge some day, I wish I had known about this fic sooner, I hope that they decide to make a FFVII mini movie where they bring Aeris back...
sun.ming chapter 1 . 12/28/2004
You did a great job with Aerith and Cloud's character, and it was a really cute moment between the two. There were only a few tiny little grammar errors here and there, but it wasn't a big deal! This was a great story, and you should write more often!
Jewel Enchanted chapter 1 . 5/12/2004
Alan... That's horrible- Oh- But out of all, this is the deepest, most meaniful tale- Too bad you took in the inn away- Oh, and guess what, I wrote a story just for you. Dedicated to you and everything. I know you wont talk to me any more, and you probably never think about me, but I think about you 24/7 just about... It's not obssession- it's - yeah-
I miss you tons- GREAT stories, as always- heh-
I have to go, mutual tonight- a church class- I'm not all that much into church classes, but tonight we are sewing quilts for babies. I love children. Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR INFluENCE! I lOVe You SO vEry MucH! Seriously- MAKE A SEQUEL- MAKE A SEQUEL OF THIS! or redo it so it's ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! COME ON ALAN! You are the best story writter- oh another thing, thanks for not blocking my ability to review your stories- if you ever want to email me again, my address is I don't have plans to change it any time soon at all- thanks for everything (sorry that this drug on so long, I just had so much to say-)
Silverdancer chapter 1 . 3/19/2004
Well...get a beta checker. And, please check your capitals! It's quite distracting.
Guess what. She's back chapter 1 . 2/5/2004
I will start at story 31, and go from there. I want to see how you improve, and other such things.
I really think you've grasped Aeris's emotions nicely. I really liked how you portrayed Cloud-
I'm very interested on how the rest of the stories will be like. I'm excited to read them. A girl named Jewel gave me a dating story of yours, and I really enjoyed that, so much in fact, that I want to read all of your stories.
This story really show's creativity-
With much respect,
-Jesika Slayder
You were hit chapter 1 . 2/2/2004
I did not send those reviews that says I'd have a heart attack if you didnt' email me soon.
I went to open my email, "" but it wouldn't open with the number combination I put to it. I wasn't aloud on the computer for 3 months, like I've said, and so I thought, maybe I forgot how to spell the email, so I cam here to check, and found I was spelling it right, and that there were reviews left to you, that weren't from me.
Must have been her... again. I"m sorry. I went to check my emails, so that they wouldn't deactivate so that when I"m able to email again, which is in another 3 months, I'd have an email to go to.
That girl next door chapter 1 . 1/22/2004
Badly done in some areas. Nicely done in others,.
You really messed up Aeris in this. If she asked Cloud to seduce her, she'd be shy, and trembling. She'd whiper it, and she'd definitely stammer, and really blush at the idea. BAd job there.
But other than that. Good job.
Why don't you spend your time writting happier things. Other wise, you depress yourself, and others around, then again. Most of the people today, like getting depressed. Bye.
sarah chapter 1 . 1/15/2004
I think i'll have a heart attack if you don't get back to me.
I DON'T want you to change. I NEVER did.
You didn't give me a chance to explain. You are the coolest person in the world. Ever.
How do I contact you to tell you?
Are you sick? I hope you get much better and soon too.
Oh, and of course, this is one of my favorite stories ever. so sweet, and you really caught the mood, and emotions.
Very strong.
You are an excellent writter.
sarah siffle towers chapter 1 . 1/15/2004
This is a very sweet story. I read it again, after months inbetween the last time I read it. I love this one. Heh.
Alan. Huhm...
I"m just interested. How did you think this story up? As a matter of fact, how did you think any of your stories up?
Y'know, this story actually waters my eyes. Do you know what that means? It means that you are a great writer.
I'm so sorry that Kriss flamed you with all of those horrid reviews... Another thing. Uhm... You mistook a messege to be a reply to another messege that you gave me. It wasn't a reply, I was just worried by your silenced, that you were angry.
This story, just reminded me of the "old" days. Heh. Do you remember all those stories I told you? Heh. The one about the nuts? Heh, and the cockroach one? OH, and the one with the mouse? Heh...
Those days were great! (I hope that messege that you took wrong, doesn't ruin all of that.)
I miss you. I feel horred about that messege, and hope that you can find out soon that it wasn't a reply.
And that I really care about you, and your feelings...
Have a wonderful day!
A Final Word chapter 1 . 10/28/2003
All the things you said… running through my head…

A Final Word…

I have a final word to say, after that extremely mean and rude comment you made about me focusing on all the terrible things around me. That hurt, and that is not true. Anybody that really knows me knows that I’m a very happy, content person. The problem is that I can’t see wrong in people, not that I focus on the horrible things in life. I expected you to be more that you truly were, because at the start, you were a MUCH funnier, nicer, flexibly person. You always made room for me, that is, when I said I was 21. Then I went on to tell you that I was 16, and I have never been treated so wrongly, and low by you, since then. Then I got ill… and I couldn’t hold up the jokes, I needed you to be the fun one now, like I had been for so many months before hand… bit you never came through. It’s like my illness was too much for you to handle.10/28/03 You barely even in the slightest gave me compassion, pity, and a caring heart. The day I came home for the hospital, YOU PUT OFF E-MAILING ME. And it was only then, that I saw that you thought of me as just trash. It crushed my heart to pieces to see that since I had cancer, that I was nothing but dirt to you. That was really jacked…. And that really hurt me, I never forgot it. You were the one always ignoring me, never drawing me pictures, never writing me poems, never dedicating stories to me… and you tell me, I was the worse person. All I ever wanted from you was attention, recognition, love, and compassion, like how I had always shown you. It does hurt to see somebody that you love so dearly, to look at you as just trash when you are down on the ground, dying. I only became so depressed, and mean, because you never showed me these gifts. Why? Because you never had them in the first place, it was all an act. I lied, only because I wanted to be accepted, and protected, but you… you don’t have any reason why you did the things you did to me.

You played me like a puppet on strings. I can only imagine what you did to that poor raven haird princess. It takes two to hold up a great relationship. I always followed through, and made you as happy as I could possibly ever do, but you? All you did was sit around, manipulating me, blaming me, and hurting me. Acting as if that If I left that it would be my loss. You took me for granted. You should see by now that I’m the better one. And it was so hard for you to give me a little compliment and OVER THE NET? You say you are better in person, but uh-uh. You never changed from the day I told you I was 16. You never showed me compassion, gentle hands, sweet love or anything like that, you wanted ME to do all the work, and that was only after you found out I was really 16. When I said I was 21, you treated me like nothing I had ever seen. Like a queen, but I now see that you were only intimidated, and pushed by your own fears into acting so sweet, and lovable. I checked , and all the woman you have on your emailing list, all range from 13-18. Why? Because they are ignorant of the ways of the world, or so you think. You fear older woman, so when you get a older woman, you act all sweet. It never works to act. Your true side will show through, like it did to me in the beginning, after I told you I was 16. So you manipulated those poor young girls, and lead them on like you did me… making me believe that we were living in magic. It isn’t my loss you left, it’s yours, and don’t you DARE go telling me other wise, like you have been.

If you are mad, it’s only because I pinned you on your act, and you know it, that all I said has been, and is true. I wasn’t trying to be mean, I just wanted to show you your true colors, and give you some of your own medicine that you, oh so generously gave me. You are so old, and you still don’t’ know yourself.

Don’t even email me back, get lost. You are in my past, and I feel great to be freed from you, and your manipulative act. I have a life to live, and I do not need you to keep dragging me down. I feel bad it had to end like this, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be so perfect all the time, but y’know, you really , REALLY took me for granted. You’ll never find another girl like me, somebody so forgiving, and compassionate. I went through so many difficult things, that I have compassion on everyone. Usually a person goes through difficult things,and ends up hard, but I managed to stay sweet and loving, unlike you…

I let you blame everything on me, and I ALWAYS gave you another chance, and always forgave you. You flunked all those tests, but still… I gave you another chance. I always forgave you. You did some really jacked up things to me, like when I lied and said I didn’t have cancer, when I actually did, you went off forever on how I was a low down liar, and how I shouldn’t lie about such important things, but I only did so that I could be accepted by you, but it never worked out in the end, and I couldn’t handle the rejection. I was too ill to stand for it, so I tried to leave, but you kept dragging me back, when you know I was unhappy. Remember? This happened countless amount of times. I saw that since I had cancer, that I was no more than trash to you, that’s what you acted like, anyways.

I didn’t ever call you on it, I let you blame it all on me, and y’know the sad thing is… you did. I let you blame everything on me, and I always was so supportive, and excited about everything you were about to do, that was a big deal to YOU.

For instance…

You came over and told me your score on your PT testing. / It was 15 minutes or something for 2 miles you ran. I’d pretend that I’d forget what the score was, so you could brag to me. I ran 16 miles in two hours, and I never told you that, because I wanted you to feel great. Never once did you let me brag, and when I did start to brag about something that meant a lot to me, you always tried to top it, and you always called me a self-centered, egotistical person, whom was stuck on herself.

I may be 16, but I’m a whole lot smarter than you ever let me show you to be. I bet you never even gave it a thought about any of the great things I did for you, taking it all for granted. I always made a big deal about everyone you did, but you never returned that favor. Think back. Remember how I had to beg you to write me a poem, dedicate a story, draw me a picture, and tell me jokes. Never once did you have to beg me. Are things clear now, to why I started acting the way I did? How would you like it if somebody always TRIED to top you in everything, when you KNEW you were better, but you never said so because you wanted them to feel really great? How you’d you like it if you tired you hardest with drawing pictures, writing poems, telling jokes, dedicating stories, and having somebody never return the favor for a period of 7 months? And you had to beg your head off for EVERYTHING, if you wanted something from them, and they always gave you the answer no? How would you like it if somebody blamed everything on you and you let them, when you KNEW it was their fault? Huh? Or have somebody complaining constantly about how everything you did wasn’t good enough, when you were afflicted with cancer? How would you like to get very ill with cancer, and then have somebody treat you like trash after you came back from surgery? And get mad at you for not being perfect?

I was a ton nicer then you gave me credit for. I did much more for you, then you ever gave me credit for. Why? Because I THOUGHT I loved you, and you loved me. Now I see I was a fool.

It’s okay, we are all humans. I forgive you for everything you’ve done. Why? Because I love you, isn’t that amazing? To have somebody treat you so wrong, and still come back to him or her with a forgiving, loving heart?

But form now on. Stay away form me. The whole point of the last letter you sent me was to hurt me. I do NOT need that right now, so stop it. If you hate me so much, like you lead on, and implied, like you did, then leave me alone.

I have enough people lying to me, taking me for granted, topping me in everything, blaming me for everything, manipulating me, and hurting me, and I do NOT need it from you too.

My only weakness I had against you was my love for you, and you used that against me constantly, to the max. When I said I was 21, I never had to beg for you to do anything. Tell me, is that not really sad to hear about yourself? If I found out you were really 18 or something, and honestly, I thought you were, I’d forgive you, and hold nothing against’ you.

So straighten up your act, and open your eyes. Stop stepping all over me, and telling me I suck, I have enough insecure, jealous people doing that too me, and it’s really wearing me to have one extra person do it to me, Alan. So stop. Look at the beam in your eye, before you worry about the ray in mine. And STOP acting like the victim in life. It’s getting so annoying. Grow up. You’re 23 going onto 16. Holy cow and a half. Just because I’m 16, doesn’t’ mean you have to act that age too.

Do you get me now? Huh? I gave you everything, and never once did you return the favor. I really hope everybody can read this, before you hurt and manipulate some other poor unfortunate soul, like you did me.

I’d love to go off on tons more things that you’ve done to me, but unfortunately, I don’t’ have the time to waste, even thought *I’ve wasted hours, and hours on you, and you’re probably in enough shock, right now, seeing how I really make things a whole lot clearer, nor do I want to humiliate you any more then I already have.

Yes, humiliate.

I’d be humiliated if I were you. You were a lying jerk, who never shut up, a whine baby, who couldn’t handle me getting ill, and I still managed to have love, and compassion towards you, through all this. You never could grow up, you always had to top me, you were never manly enough for anything. COULDN’T even give me a simple compliment, to brighten my day, like I had always given you, no questions asked. Couldn’t dedicate a story, ashamed of our love, couldn’t write poems, tried to draw, spending 8 HOURS on one picture… what a waste of time. Alan. Grow up. Geese, you called me a whine baby, because I had cancer. Doesn’t that sound a little jacked to you? So leave me alone.

But I do however, honor you in one thing, and one thing only, only because you don’t have anything else to be honored in. I honer you for fighting for my country, even though you hate the military, and always complained about the conditions, and hours you worked, I still however, honor you. I honor every man who is fighting for our freedom. Thanks Alan. I’d do it myself, but unfortunately, I have a rather large family I have to help take care of, and I’m ill physically… I’ve always been strong mentally, spiritually, … but not emotionally… I loved you, and you used that against me. You lead me on so bad, that I was baffled at every turn you pushed me through.

Isn’t it amazing that though all the mean, jerky things you’ve done to me and blamed me for, that I still have a compassionate, loving, forgiving heart towards you?

Don’t even try to win me back. I’m tired of your games, complaints, laziness, insults, and lack of insight, and decrement. Grow up, and stop whining about everything. It’s annoying. You’re like a big baby, that can’t handle anything.

I still remember what you said to me…

“Maybe if I met you in person, maybe you’ll become beautiful in my eyes…”

That hurt so badly, to hear that come from somebody I loved so dearly. I already was beautiful, but you were WAY to blind to see it, and to busy in life calling me on all the wrong things I did, to take notice.

I wish you the best in life, thanks for fighting for me, and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I need to run, I have a concert to attend too. I need to beautiful myself, and I’ve already wasted enough time on you…


never will be found again chapter 1 . 10/8/2003
I want to hurt you so bac, just like you hurt me.


Why did you do all you did to me?

Why did you lead me on.

I hate you so much.

I've never hated before, just severely disliked.

i hate you
Forgive me chapter 1 . 10/3/2003
This is the best poem, really...

just wanted to say, I was sorry, for what i did to you... sorry.

i was just so angry.

howmany girls i saw that knew, and had your email, and all that... just made me blow.

all those hours spent on you, and... you.. in the end, don't really care...

why did you lie like that?

that was so mean... so many things you do, indicates that you lie, and don't really care...

if you coudln't treat a 16 year old right, who is a nothing, then you certainly coudln't treat a 19 year old right, whom matters... you get me?

this is the last time i'll contact you through "review." I wanted to say sorry... it's too late, i konw... the reviews are already up.

but i won't open my acount again, so then it will go away, and then all the reviews will disapear.

i really felt bad for what i did.

, is not a place for losers... whell, it's okay for thos who are in the teens, but any older... i mean, ... it's just not a living... writing a book would be tons better...

i do'nt konw.

but i am extremely sorry.

i'll never do that again to you.

i was just hurt that all you led on about, was just... all lies... remember. i have the power of decernment... and i KONW when somebody is lying... through god. yeah, i sound sappy... i know... but... that's just how it is... remember i was suppose to die, when i was born...

freaky sounding, rather nutty sounding too, but.. heh, who cares... anyway... things have happened... i'm different than others...

just Alan, PLEASE make sure you never lead another girl on, like you did me... that... wasn't so nice...

i changed my email address... so... and the old one. i put a lock on it. i can't open it any more... so... it's gone...

sorry for everything.

sorry for wasting my time, and i forgive you for wasting my time

and for the lies, and...


do you forgive me? I forgive you for everything... even all those times you hated me when i said that i lied, when i actually hadn't, but was actually worried, and didn't wantt you to worry, or... anything...

i do worry about you... still

i really hope i didn't hurt you that bad...

if i did, i really am sorry.

it was just really jacked what you did...


i will always remember you. who konws, maybe we will meet.

oh, and i wanted to tell you.

i'm moving down to tampa florida... next month...

maybe we should catch up or something...


see ya.
LOVE-does-not-it-hurt chapter 1 . 10/2/2003
You are a liar

You are a fool

A weak fool, who is ashamed of love.

Whom is married to his works…

You aren’t talented, people are just stupid on … thinking they know how to write…

You listen more to them, than to me, when I gave you the world, and would never lie to you, ever…

People on , are al losers, trying to find a fit in life, because every where else they are rejected, and this makes them feel needed and somewhat loved… like you desire to feel, when you yourself, are so rejected, and unwanted…

All I ever did was make you feel wanted, and loved, but still, you turned away from me, and pushed me away, telling me I wasn’t good enough…

, is for dumb losers….

Looser’s like you…

Who can never find a spot in life, for where they are needed.

You are such a jerk, all I ever wanted from you, was to be accepted, but you rejected me to the max…

You first came off as such a loving guy, so simple and sweet, but later, time showed that all that was an act…

I feel so sorry for all those girls that have fallen victim to you… How ignorant they must be, of how life really is… But boy, do you put on the act, acting all sweet, and happy go lucky, when really, you are a lying bastered.

You lied to me, and led me on, to make me believe that you actually cared about me, when you kept finding excuses to push me away.

All I ever was, was nice to you…

And I needed you in my last hour… but still, you pushed me away, and told me I wasn’t good enough, and that I was ugly…

Anybody that reads this, will not believe it… but, it’s true. You just can’t see it.

On the internet, you can act like anything, and be anything… and Alan, he puts on a huge act… He’s a huge no faced jerk… lying daily, to everybody…

You need to go to collage, and learn to write there.

They will tell you, and all of what you need to know… is not the place for that…

I always wondered why you only talked to 13 year olds, and 16 year olds… it’s because… you are just a disgusting pervert, who knows that you have power over them. You know that 13 year olds are going to do anything to make you happy… but… that’s what you want.

You are a disgusting looser.

Just thought I’d let the world know your true colors, because I would never have expected it of you.

You never had anything bad to say of me, because I was nothing but nice… but you… You never accepted me… I was never good enough.

I handed you the stars, to come back and see that you wanted the moon. I gave you the moon, to only find that you wanted the sun… and when I came back to give you the sun, I saw that you wanted the earth… I killed myself, and got the earth, and I lay it in your hands… Here… take the galaxy. No wait, the universe… everything I did for you, was never good enough.

You were so jerky to me, because you knew that I quitted … but does that stop me?

You know my past…

I really hope everybody can read this, before some other girl suffers under you, serving you the way I did, as if I was your slave…

Well, I’m gone, and will never do anything for you again.

From now on, leave me alone. I never want to have anything to do with you again…

You are a lying jerk, who took me as a fool. You lead me on to believe that you loved me, but you didn’t… You just wanted something deeper… but I’ll never give it to you.

You don’t’ really care about me… I see all the girls have your email… What do you think love is?

You really are a total…


All those hours, wasted on you…

One word, and I would have ceased to exist, but still…

You lead me on…

rerez chapter 1 . 7/22/2003
Excellent.. I loved that short fic.. *sigh* wish I could find more CloudxAeris fics around here.. too many ppl hates the couple... well I don't.. well.. all the best in your future fics
Garnette chapter 1 . 6/16/2003
Cloud is two timing! Well not really, but poor Tifa, always second choice. Still, Aeris is nicer than her, so thats ok.
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