Reviews for Princess of Konoha
Seldom Prodigy chapter 55 . 6/3/2015
Nobody's stopping me from being the seven-hundredth reviewer! YOOHOO! \./
Guest chapter 55 . 6/3/2015
Your stories are always well written. This is the first chapter where I saw a misuse of words. A few times you used the word trimmers when I think you meant tremors.
Deza 2.0 chapter 55 . 6/3/2015
Oh boy... Another chapter with 40% of it being of characters I forgot about 200k words ago... Whoop t do... Seriously guys it's a good story but there is SO much shit thrown in that the story is way too crowded. In August this was the best story I had ever read but now I'm thinking of quitting.
billy13579 chapter 55 . 6/3/2015
Amazing chapter and the fight from Gaara's perspective was very well written.
MYK-ON chapter 55 . 6/3/2015
Damn, how naruto and hinata handle this. I can't wait for part 2.
Good chapter
Mds777 chapter 55 . 6/3/2015
Gotta love the new chapters. :)
LilyVampire chapter 54 . 6/2/2015
Great as always, I just don't see how the Kumo team manaed to plant those bombs with team Sakjra right behind them. Thanks for updating!
AngularCanine39 chapter 16 . 5/31/2015
I love your story
Dragon Man 180 chapter 54 . 5/31/2015
Ino, Chouji, and Neji are all awesome cavalry. And Ino and Sakura teaming up means Renji is so boned. I can't wait to see the mess the two girls leave him in if he survives their encounter.
sagar hussain chapter 54 . 5/30/2015
Awesome chapter.
Darkcush chapter 54 . 5/30/2015
To be honest, I'm getting kinda bored from this fic. I love how dedicated the two of you are in writing this with such a large emphasis on character development, but recently its been getting really dull. A little under 500k words and we aren't even done with the Chuunin exams. By the rate this is going It'll take millions upon millions of words to finish this story. Reading through this chapter, I'm frequently asking myself why do I care for Choji, or Ino for that matter. This is the reason why this story isn't as popular as it should be. People read it, probably like it, and leave when they figure out it takes forever to advance the plot.

I'm not trying to discourage you from writing this, in fact I still love it, but it hurts when its not reaching the full potential it could be at.
Guest chapter 54 . 5/29/2015
From the previous chapter's notes knew there was going to be no Naruto/Hinata yet again so didn't bother reading this chapter.
Guest chapter 53 . 5/28/2015
Silmr3, that little ole thing called plot armor.
LilyVampire chapter 53 . 5/28/2015
Very interesting as always, I wonder if you'll kill Sasuke. Great chapter, thanks for updating!
Dragon Man 180 chapter 53 . 5/28/2015
I'm glad when we finally get back to Naruto and Hinata we get to see their fight through from start to finish. I'm a little surprised Jiraiya didn't summon more toads to help, using their oil and a fire jutsu they could take out a large part of the invasion force or at least push them back. Jiraiya vs Kimimaro is awesome, can't wait to see how that finishes up. Sasuke and Sakura are making good use of their environment in their fights, can't wait to see how Shikamaru fares when he makes his move.
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