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born30 chapter 8 . 13m
Is it too weird to say you're worth the wait? :) I put off reading this with cleaning and errands all day because I wanted to savor it. Your writing is such a treat. This update built and built; I was breathless at the end.

I'll be honest, I did not know what to expect with her returning to NCIS, partly because the first chapter began with her leaving. We barely got a glimpse of those pumpkin walls, an order from Vance, and she was gone. It was almost jarring to come back to...the real world, in a way. And for Ziva, too.

I love that you opened with Gibbs. He's been a presence; Tony acting as conduit, often. But here we see that Ziva-Gibbs connection and it was classic. I wondered if it was your intent to echo the scenes in "Reunion" and then you used the "the closest thing I have to a father" quote. :)

Oh, that Tiva fight. It felt so real. I had a feeling he wouldn't really leave her, but one aspect of their dynamic that I've always loved is how they hold each other accountable, and this was no exception. Tony's been through the wringer with this case, too, though he's better at covering it up with humor (which was spot-on in this chapter, especially.)

There's a writing adage that if you should never close off one plot line before opening another. I think you did that smoothly here, hearkening us back to Emma-the origin of this tale, in essence. I will read for however long you grace us with this powerful story.

Thank you sharing & hope you are well! *hugs*
girleffect chapter 8 . 4h
I love this so much. You out do yourself time and time again.

I loved the repeated usage of "and now the closest thing I have to a father is accusing me of..." - so, so powerful. And I love her unwillingness to beg for forgiveness, yet again. I am glad she was able to make Gibbs understand, or at least get it enough so he can stop punishing her. I love that she admits that this work is all she's ever known- that she's worked hard to get here, and that its taken a lot of sacrifices. I love that she and Tony can fight fiercely and still find their way back to each other.

"She lost herself while watching the sky turn red through the tiny window in her airless cell". So simple, yet it speaks volumes, and is just so beyond powerful.

I feel terribly that she had to feel frustrated and humiliated at work, but I hope now that with go away since she and Gibbs have smoothed things over. I hope she find Emma, and in that, some closure.

I love this. Brava. xoxoxox
EowynGoldberry chapter 8 . 5h
I think Ziva would be stubborn like that. I think part of it would be she thinks she doesn't deserve to be looked after or have concern shown for her thanks to her father so she doesn't know how to take it when its given. I think sick days are boring and I don't care that much about my job (I don't hate it but don't love it) so I can imagine it would be worse for someone like her.
groovin chapter 8 . 5h
So happy to see an update.

You get Ziva better than most people. Her life was orchestrated to be defined by her work and therefore she saw that as her only worth and only purpose. The fear of losing it all and the frustration of still not finding justice for all those women made her anger quick to rise. If I needed help, I would look to someone like Ziva.

Hope all is well in your life. Looking forward to next chapter.
rebecca-in-blue chapter 8 . 6h
What an amazing chapter. I love it all, especially the interaction between Ziva and Gibbs in the basement, and Ziva and Ducky in autopsy. Your writing is always so wonderful and well worth the wait.
EvelynGrace101 chapter 7 . 17h
Aww! What a sweet chapter (/ending? Was this the end?) Either way, it was a delight to read more of this story, and I look forward to more of your writing :) (I came back to reread this chapter before the latest update, and my review was still sitting here, so I'll try re-posting it just in case...)
sobepuzzler713 chapter 7 . 3/16
Loved it.
Sunnyside2 chapter 7 . 3/5
You took me on quite the rollercoaster with this great chapter. Starting out so lovey with the blossoms. But then the asthma attack, the photographers, Ziva and Tony confronting some demons took it out of me, as well as them. But so awesome that they got in the same page finally yay! Ziva's recovery. I hope it goes well. She needs rest and relaxation. A trip to a beach with white sand and clear waters wouldn't hurt ;-)
born30 chapter 7 . 2/12
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get to this review. There are not enough hours in a day and I have made a habit of wearing myself out and falling asleep too early, but it's five in the morning and I've finally gotten to read this update.

So many times my throat closed up. The way you write Tony and Ziva in this story...I will never be over it. Their interactions-or maybe more how they relate to each other-is so minute at times and leaves just enough to the imagination to raise gooseflesh. That moment after he wears her down and sits on the bed with her and she just catches the side of his mouth before the call startles them...yeah. I don't even know what my point was anymore, but that was a nice moment. :)

I think Ziva's kinship with these woman is, and has been from the start, understandable. It is something she will not simply get over because it is her story, too. She was a survivor. A lucky one. But the wounds are similar, the ramifications. I liked the analogy you put in Tony's mouth about ripping the scab off and letting the would run clean. Natural healing takes time and maybe there will be a scar-maybe that will never go away. But it won't bleed anymore. It won't fester. I was also interested in the comment that perhaps Vance sent her knowing she would identify with the case-with the victims. He knew she wouldn't stop until they uncovered the corruption. (I stopped short of saying justice, because there hasn't been that yet.)

As usual, your work floors me. This story especially has meant a lot to me. I have a kinship as well, with Canada and rainy landscapes, and I love falling into the atmosphere you create. I love this T & Z. I love the whole thing, even though it is hard to breathe while reading. I wish I could give you more, but thumb typing on my tablet is not easy and work calls. Thank you, thank you. Love you lots, T
Guest chapter 7 . 2/8
Can't tell you how happy I was to see this story updated. :) I just love everything about it. The descriptions of the town, scenery, and the interactions and dialogue between Tony and Ziva (I love how he is taking care of her in this chapter, and love even more that she is letting him). As always thank you for writing!
Azucar chapter 7 . 2/7
Im so happy you updated this story and continued on! Please tell us their romance and her recovery : )
girleffect chapter 7 . 2/8
I am speechless. This chapter went above and beyond my expectations, and believe me, I had high ones. Everything was so raw and true and charged with emotion. When I was reading, especially when Ziva was being ambushed by the reporters, that I, too, was having trouble seeing- that's how vivid it was. I love that Tony puts his arm around her and protects her- makes them back off. He loves her so much- she is so precious to him. I love how.. there he is for her. How understanding, how protective, yet not hovering. He understands everything- or at least as much as he can. Reflecting on that dead look in her eyes back in Somalia- I had chills, again.

I love that smoker- Myrna- made her that beautiful drawing to keep her safe. All respect. It hurt to know how talented she is, how much potential she has. I know it hurt Ziva too, in a deep, deep way.

"You look terrible." What a thing to say- and maybe she looks sick, but she doesn't look terrible- to say that- it ostracized Ziva further. Drove her under those covers, but Tony was right there to catch. He always will be, and I love that.

"But it should not matter- you promised you would always, always find me." I'm tearing up. He did, and he has- Somalia, now- always. So much emotion. So much craft and a handle on the issues and a real deep understanding of Ziva. I am so proud. I am floored. I am teary. This is amazing. Brava. xoxox forever.
LadyMris chapter 7 . 2/8
I just discovered this story yesterday and read the entire thing. I am blown away. It is beyond superb. The atmosphere in the beginning when Ziva is cold as she arrives in Canada and the descriptions are amazing, so detailed, so evocative that I could almost feel the cold with her.
I can only assume you are Canadian or your research is impeccable because there were so many details I was unaware of with that part of the world. It is such a rich story in regards to the setting and the mystery.
But it doesn't stop there; Ziva's sympathies and outrage are clear and hark back to her own inner demons so well. Tony, stalwart and caring as I wish he would have been more often on the show. And the moments of Ziva going off on her own to investigate were just a perfect pitch for our stubborn ninja.
The medical stuff was outstanding; Tony's care for her, worry could be felt and the Cherry Blossoms was a lovely touch. I just had to leave my compliments on a well thought out and written story.

This Tiva lover saw a glimpse of what could have been in your story. Well Done.
ChEmMiE chapter 7 . 2/8
I just went back to reread the previous 2 chapters first... it's been THAT long since the last chapter! Had to remember everything, you know?

Ziva having memorized all those guide books is just too awesome! :) It's disappointing she doesn't know the exact length of the trail, though! ;)

Oh geez! Getting attacked by the media, now? That is definitely NOT what either of them (especially Ziva) needs at the moment!

I hated it! They didn't go see the little mermaid in Stanley Park! Totally unforgivable!
KIDDING! Obviously! hehe

This entire chapter was amazing! The trying to get away from the storm, the crazy media people... the talk about why she felt connected to those women (I'm with Tony!)... The orca painting/drawing was a really really nice touch as well!
And the writing was soooo good! You did awesome! :D
groovin chapter 7 . 2/7
Wow! Two updates in one week! This is much appreciated.

Montreal Lobster Rolls? Lmao! I still cringed when I was reminded of how serious her injuries were. Those reporters might have been intrusive, but they asked the right questions

All around great update.
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