Reviews for Fire and Ice
Useless-Materia chapter 29 . 9/16/2008
I'm glad you went back to the snow scene instead of in the bedroom. It's so unique and beautiful. I love Seifer in this chapter, I think he's really well-written throughout your whole story, but I love him in this chapter so much. Can't wait for the next chapter to be up!
Jean chapter 29 . 9/16/2008
This is your calling.. you have a very special gift. Keep writing always. :)
The-Lady-Isis chapter 29 . 9/15/2008
O god. I swear, you have to publish this fic as a book. Hang getting sued, its not fair that only people with computers get to read your writing. You are a genius, and i dont mean that how its used in everyday language. I mean this is genius. Thank you.
hakukaen chapter 28 . 9/13/2008
I can't wait for the rest of your repostings to this story. I remember initially reading this and actually being emotionally moved with how well you developed the characters and events and really being surprised as there aren't many writers that can accomplish that kind of immersion. This is, by far, one of my favorite pieces of fanfiction that I've ever read and in a way I'm glad you're redoing it because it gives me an excuse to read it all the way through again.

Keep up the good work!
The-Lady-Isis chapter 28 . 9/12/2008
Just wanna say im so glad ur reposting this. Its gotta be the 100th time iv read this chapter, and it makes me sob everytime - not a critisism, but god ur writing is wonderful. More than that; u hit every spot. i can only say thank you
ZeeBee10 chapter 27 . 9/11/2008
I absolutly LOVE this story - hands down it is one of the best I have read on fanfic. Your characters are so well thought out and so personal... I have to admit this is the third time I am reading this..please update again soon and keep up the good work!
RollerDisco chapter 26 . 8/31/2008

A friend of mine sent me a link to this fanfic and after reading the first three chapters, I became hooked.

I love everything about it. Even thought it's a Seiftis, you managed to include the other characters and make them seem just as important. It's good to know all our favorite characters won't be forgotten.

I also love how realistic their growing feelings are for each other and how you show the steps in their relationship that lead them to that bond they have.

It's good that it's not one of those "You're hot, I'm hot, let's make out." fanfics. I've seen quite a few with this pairing.

Anyway, It's a real pleasure to read and I look forward to your updates.

Useless-Materia chapter 21 . 8/17/2008
I read this story a long time ago and I absolutely adored it. I should have left a review a long time ago to express just how much I enjoy this story, so now I'm doing just that.

I love all the details you have with casting and junctioning and the idea of being able to overcast and such. I love segment about Cid and Edea, and I love the skeleton boy who sits in cornfields and wishes to be a crow. I love little Quistis and her chopped off hair, and I love the fighting between Xu and Seifer. And of course, I love the gradual way Quistis and Seifer grow to depend on each other, enjoy each other, and eventually, love each other in their broken way.

Fire and Ice is revolutinary; this was one of the first really good, really long in-depth Seifer & Quistis fanfictions, and I think you inspired a lot of people to write for this couple, which I appreciate immensely.

I remember you having a website for this fanfiction, as I recall you putting the NC-17 chapter there when stopped hosting R-rated fics back in the day, but I can't find that site nowadays.

I know I remember this fanfiction being finished, and I wanted to go back and reread it, but it seems you are editing it at this time. Is that true? I noticed a new chapter (with the winter festival) and I'm assuming you're going to repost the rest of it someday. I sincerely hope I'm right.

I don't know what else to say other than thank you for this delight Keep writing, whatever you do. You have an incredible talent for it.
Sidalee chapter 1 . 7/30/2008
Hello there. I just wanna say that I love this story, such an epic, skin deep style. I've read it time and time again and I'm bloody happy that you decide to write more chapters. This story made me to write Seiftis too. So thank you and I hope when you finished with this you continue Gods and Gardens.
stillontheboat chapter 1 . 7/29/2008
This is one of my favorite stories, because of the painstaking dedication to detail and character development. You've got action, romance, angst, and dry wit down to a fine art, and I salute you.

My only problem is...

where is the rest of the story? I chanced upon the revisions, but there's only fourteen chapters posted now and the story is listed as complete. I hope the rest is reposted as soon as possible so everyone can be touched by your story.

I await updates for the sequel with baited breath.
JT chapter 1 . 7/29/2008
I've read this fic for probably 50 times already and it still doesn't get old. To think about it, I don't even know why I'm reviewing; Altol won't probably read this anyway since she (or he?) had finished this a long time ago, but hey.

Altol- You are a fanfic god.:) This fic's the one that got me hooked on Seiftises. And even though I've probably read all the Seiftis fics here (yes, I plowed through pages and pages of archives), this is still my favorite. You gave the characters so much depth that I couldn't help but wonder if you gave them even more thought than the dudes at Square. You also managed to show new sides to them while staying true to the personalities they had during the game. One thing though, the chapters are quite long. Okay, not quite, long enough that I skimmed a few chapters because it was getting a bit tiresome. Don't worry, you made up for it in those Seiftis fluffy sugary stuff anyway. Those parts made me squeal like a little girl. Lol. And I loved the ending. It was so nice and sweet and funny.:) I do hope you write more Seiftises. I'd write more but I'm getting sleepy so there. Ciao.:)
Paru-sama chapter 1 . 7/25/2008

I don't think I can find any other words.
champylin chapter 37 . 5/31/2008
I read the story for like 2 straight sleepless nights... it's so wonderful... marvelous... a total masterpiece... It surely made a an avid QuistySeifer fan.. LOL

Anyway... you're really great...

Great job on the story... _
Cat chapter 37 . 4/17/2008
hooray for emotional rollercoasters. That was brilliant :D I loved every chapter, even if it was torturous at some points to get through bucketfulls of angst. It was a really beautiful fic, and I really enjoyed reading it! Thanks alot for writing it, and i shall now move on to the sequel
cat chapter 30 . 4/16/2008
you're brilliant. best battle scenes i've ever read, and the most i've ever cried reading something :)
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