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Greenie Lady Knight of Random chapter 48 . 6/12
Okay just wanted to say that I have mostly enjoyed your story till now but you kind of just hit a pet peeve of mine that a lot of Twilight fanfic writers hit. Seattle is no where close to Forks. Personally I blame the movies for making everything seem so close. It takes around 4 hours driving highway speed (50 to 70 mph) to get there. Now we are never told how fast the wolves can travel but I doubt they can teleport since Sam seems to show up almost as soon as Bella reaches Leah which seemed to be shortly after she phased. Google maps is a thing or whatever other map service you like. If you want them going to a closer place I suggest Port Angeles though that is still an hour and half away mostly at highway speed. Other than that there are not a lot of cities on the Peninsula. Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort is only an hour away and would be a nice place to spend a date I think. There might be other places closer but you'd have to do some more digging and they would probably all be in Forks. La Push actually has it's own resort that they could use.
Mukuro234 chapter 48 . 5/21
This is such an awesome fic!
Meher Ahmed chapter 48 . 4/4
long time no see? oh I missed this story horribly, and nice chapter
M chapter 48 . 3/11
Please update
Guest chapter 48 . 3/2
This is such a good fanfic, please let me read more!
Debbie Hicks chapter 48 . 2/15
Chapter 49.
Bella's pov BITTEN Best friends hardest then with littlest kids with Claire Young with the very as all of the More with were as all of the Vulcan under a true strawb rry moon then were as all of them bitte by reproduction c me the guard noticed me was a Lycan then with them With them with a paion fully bite sething then suddenly too late haerdest skins weree tougher then with b lood on m y own moyuth Falkor's Rub y red eyes with a bitten toddler you broke the treaty and law MURDDEREDTwisted then screaming then then was Executed with the three then hairsa shaven off the Venom weas really swiim ing then ATTACKED B y them then from the outside in then BROKENTake them with both broke law you are guilty then KILLED! CARLISLE She's bittenbut the venom is into her own heart then you die Cullens thenblown us/them then then suddenly too late was bleding mauled by anima ls was with a deadliest bite then my heart stopped beating then Extinct torn from here then suddenly too late weere drain ede from snakes then had died fled from phased bodies with both bitten then then myself was sterilized Exploding then then chain ed this one is dead MASTERS Rid of them with her hen Destroyedbring them then too late brought here then suddenly the very pain ful lost blood the ned to bred was attacked but bitten onto the other wrist with them two phased followed then was not human so they they were drained then then came too late
sarah chapter 48 . 1/7
when are you going to post a new chapter
TwilightCullenLove chapter 48 . 1/1
Finally! Thanks for the chapter it was awsome!
Universal creature chapter 48 . 12/31/2017
Wonderful chapter
Debbie Hicks chapter 48 . 12/31/2017
Chapter 49.
Bella's pov
Seth share you pain it run s deep draw stren gth v ika the Vulcan mind m eld your min d to my m in d your thoughts to m y thoughts your liv es to my life our min ds one an d whole let us expore it together then myself was a Telepathic Werewolf born you guessed it with pointed ears with upswept b ut risen slan ted eyebrows of a Vulcan wom an with b an gs an d hair was long m yself followed Surak an d his teaching then Bitten best frien ds with both from both bites was not human but a Vulcam an wom an in her sixties to the rest of the v ery all of with all of then n ews with Claire Youn g bitten under the gigan t supermoon with a Mecha moon looked like T'Khut an sd T'Rukrh With the Vulcans as all of them built a legion of warriors to defend Mount Seleya then too late the infection cam e then Volturi found m e rouge who created you tell us who made you Felix BROKEN As all of bon es shaven as all of them then too late with them Murderedme with him with them b leeding to death with the bites pieces tthis ones b roke treaty law are dead then then wIth the two then then the Cullen s fou urning but bleeding the b roken I Had died in secon ds with Jake then KILLEDWitgh the other then from the very deepest of m y min d thenblocking from here the sc reamimng of v enom coursing then was a hyb rid of the two then the seer found the pieces freed from m y skin wrists they are destroyed Alice they killed them then was n ext with then it happened BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER MAKE-UP! Then a sign al from a plan et nails blaring from tribal plan etary m agigic then sudenly too late hair grew back then was straighten with bangs the sam e then letting loose m y Exn a warrior prin cess's cry then light forged then suddenly Stop right here N ega trash guarded b y Betazed the planet of Telepathy the pretty soldier in a sailor fuku I Will stan d for love and peace on the behalf of Betazed will right wron gs an d triumph obver evil that means you! daimon s then too late m yself en tered a trance m y taisman com e to me to m y han d PROTEC ETAZED CRIES OF THE M IN DLESS TREES! SCORCH! Glowing Booken from here Then fled from b odies then brought here then too late with b oth bites with both Alice she''s healing via water like Percesus Jackson they did to her with them then too late newest blood came out Gaean forest green blood popped freely then a stran gest form of newest power source was from my preivous life then a strangest alien increased strength wait she's a mental shield was bitten by snakes as all cursed here they don e this what is she a Vampire slayer/Werewolf hyb rid then foun d by then Nulled frely then lost from here the damages to m y systems then too late the b lood was too far much m an t dying from itt then Extinct from here you are punish ny us don't see them Fled from here bring the oyutlaws here to the palace then m y heart stopped beating then b acame a new breed of creature with them as all of them had a thirst then was hun gry was b oth Alice she was beaten then oh m y god with us/them wearing a ring it's cursed with our own then thenblasting freely caused m e to Change too late with them with don ated kids from tub es followed then Exploding freely from Wolf bodies vanished then too late were infected then came too late b rought them here we reported she's a hybrid created from each both were drain ed while young now older m en what with different mothers were as all of them are deceaed they are not fitr to liv e existing killed as all of an imals ate m ore food are halflinggs are destroyed b y stress they are not allowed to reside here exposed us an d our people an d the one will b e kiled with them sided with the other gon e wild they blew up good b ring them n ow too late the damagesd to us/as all with witn esses then b lasting freely from here then brought here these ones law breakers were found drinking from both ate foun d as all we com demn ed ye to death you are goner from Earth then sc reams was heard then too late came were rid used as all of the fure in their cloaks then m yself was three times greater physically an d emotion lly m en tally an d spirititully Heavenly father grant the a battle weill never forget grant us superstrength and speed an d wisdom help us Lord God Alimighty bless me with love of Surak she's praying then Blacked outside then brought them then had them wiped out then lost need to mate then suddenly too late Murdered now too late were as all of guards were freed then too late nowe they n ev er age at all look in their twenties or more the pieces were as all of them then too late the blood was faded dittuted then was in fact glowing more sureme m ess with us you'r sushi daimons you are going down for destroying my own species BETAZED CELESTIAL POWER MAKE-UP! The very as all of them yelled then suddenly trilling like Xena warrior prin cess then a strangest light summoned m y Betazoid sword grabbed it was really strong by now oh my god My Tailsman Protect me We fight for love an d justice for Earth and VULCAN! Then too late it was real yikes you are not humans anymore are a Sect of warrior priestesses and priests oh no not that it's war yes you can't age anymore what we do first created dolls that is logical Bells from plain ole sheets with sewn wigs with water dyed green Eeeeep Alice sn ap out of it we must defend this temple oh my god you will create you are leader a Syrranite sect of us/them blown freely thenbrought here these ones b roke the rules of m ore as all are sen ten ced to death then scream s of them blown guards then rid of them Heads sliced off then blasting into atom ic ashes then too late more guards as all of them had our looks join ed Volturi then lost as all of color then then were frozen as teenagers were not alive at all of them reported they are dead drained of human an d Vulc an blood m ixed then blown apart then young/youth then too late the Volturi were furious of us/them acting from the planet Vulcan was in factn ot norm al beings they were furious of us/them bound to them nulled freely brought here these ones with them are guilty they are changed converted as Vegetarians blown freely good rid as all of with aroun d the world'as all they are drained of blood wounderous then too late murdered then swore vengean ce onto them
William Francies Reisen-Newman chapter 48 . 12/31/2017
nice update
YaleAceBella12 chapter 48 . 12/31/2017
Please write more.
Yali.Page chapter 48 . 12/31/2017
Poor Leah...
Thanks for the update!
lilyflower101 chapter 48 . 12/31/2017
Poor Leah.
X.summergrey.X chapter 48 . 12/31/2017
With Leah in the game I wonder how this is going to work and if your going to have her imprint on a vampire or not.
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