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TwilightCullenLove chapter 47 . 17h
O_O more please u take so long to upload screeeech
yaoilover1992-2010 chapter 47 . 10/21
I want the next chapter. This is awesome
Debbie Hicks chapter 47 . 10/17
Chapter 48 Bella'pov
BITTEN BEST FRIENDSS Harder roughly then sudden the kids with Claire Young hardest then BLACKED OUT From here then Drained bittenby Sn akes were dried up corpses as all of it then Mauled too hardest torn bood was fred then Volturi kidn apped us/the three with the Bitten then Slienced us/them this one is dead is chan ged drugged under a torturous Vulcan m in d meld good m ake them as Asassin s Executed Mixed b lood with both then suddenly tainted then suddenly screaming far too much then aAssaulted as all of it wre as all of it thenburnt as all of them turn ed in to a m ixed b reed then with them Destroyedthen medical teams were killed were as all of peo[ple as all as all drin king blod were as all of the Vulcans Hun griest for Vengeanc e then suddenly Poppedb lacked out then you broke two laws you are our slav es then Felix rid of these Lycans! Murderedb lood slattered everywhere tore a skin burn ty everywhere then the seer foun d us dying of blood loss you are too late decease they weill be they will be lost foever Explodedwith them but lost as all traces of m y soul m y life was blazing too loudest Snappedfrom here then tran sformed Extinct us/them with halv es of all then then bv roken as all of bon es skulls were Killed but freed Scream ing were no longer here then b rought here then c ame a alien evolution of us/them were damaged then BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! Then nails blaring a loudest noise then suddenly trilling a m ost glorous Xen a Warrior Princess war cry then so they then a flurry Gurading Betazed the planet of Telepathy! guardian of the Soul and Fire! ruling Princess of m y castle those who break law into m y doorway of Rixx! SUPER SAILOR BETAZED IS HERE! Blink! now in the name of Betazed my Prottector world will YOU In the name of the CRYSTAL PALACE! My blood returned toxic but stronger but more aglie but finally had worn a sailor fuku newest hair style with both suddenly popped with them but brought here then suddenly too late ended from reincarnated then with both then as well but suddenly it came too late reported she awakened from here corpse withtheirs as a n ew species evolved as a sailor guardian remembers of her previous life is dead are sen eten ced to death with as all guards drained remains exploding is not humans but Immortalized by the ancient sliver imperial crystal made them immortal but are un able to die are granted n west powers she awakened a very ancient gift but blew apart with them destroyed bring them then suddenly Clamped freely brought here then lost the bodies now were with teleplanet energy were mu h stronger than normal gained telepathic powers in both forms then used my men tal shield had brand newest blood was burning for the great spirit and spirits was a Galactic Sailor Guardian oh m y GOD! Alice they did to her with them lost as all blood her n west blood she's alert but glowing mess with us you'r Sushi daimons stay back your highnesses Super Sailor Betazed guards ye from My home world Blacking outside with them brought here then were as all of them but suddenly executed from here not my tribe Invaders BETAZED SHIREKING EYES OF CRYING TREES! SLICE! Then it was too late then my gift exploding full throttle then roaring a massive energy roaring like Sailor Uranus's attack Was more violent then was a slayer different executed her army was faster as the wind more powerful than a OX Was still fasting by moonlight win ning love by daylight was much older was in fact a sailor senshi was mature older Poppedwith them freed from here now brought to Volterra, Italy reported had a power was the mind was far too strongest exploded then now a supernatural being a sailor guardian was with them yelled as all of them tey were from worlds saved from here blown freely with them as all of them brought there of as all of supernatural people now killed then extinct then it came too late as all of guards exploding reported met mates then suddenly with hum ans execution of as both with supernatural but destroyed he deserved as all but destroyed from here reported they all gain ed from hoosts are no longer alive they all united again st us the saved newb orn s are V egetatrian s as all of them with themn uked are brought here good they are guilty of as all m embers we find you sentenced to die here then exploded more guards were as all of them destroyed now their young/youth reported had looks of them they have training thembut are into America asleep tainted poisoned they never marry im printed but are locked but destroyed are brought here good then killed from here now Cursed by the ancient sliver imperial crystal nuked then were Immortal fully time after imprinting myself was a full telepath suddenly after looking deeply in his soul speaking telepathically Do you remember I Have Taught you Imzadi can you sense my Thoughts yes Imzadi he too was telepathic oh my god they are a Alpha couple yes myself was still telepathic I Too never say Goodbye Imzadi what it mean s Beloved in Betazoid you are mated it is for life crap she is not human so do we are Immortal the kids aged are full grown were mated yikes you are from the planet Betazed are telepathic covens we are faced a galactic problem she gone Betazoid her hair is stylish no way we gone telepathic are Aliens then news of our powers emerged looked in our twenties were still teenagers were from a planet news of us were Telepathic could speak telepathically via mouths closed trained taught them wore from the 24th century Betazoid clothes and shoes granted money to find a mouse more bigger did a fan film from Betazed were advancing our powers but the young Vulcan woman taught us/all to be free of adults taking command of a new species holy moses you rich yes from them yikes freed from them yes good god Woman recalling from your history from a alien world yes then news of us/all asleep popped freely brought here now no lo ger here were murdered by them n ow forever living but were undying beings had altered history.
Selet chapter 47 . 10/3
Hmm...I think there are bigger issue you are missing in this spot.. Sam and Emily are in Seattle... where Victoria is creating her army.. How has he not caught their scent yet? This has been a few months since Laurent was found and killed, which if I remember the time line right(might be a little off) Edward left(start of story), 3 Months later Jacob stormed into her life, about a month after that he phased for the first time, Laurent happening within the same week. so we are already passed that by a month or two. Italty happened about a month after Bella learned about the wolves. and two to three months after that is when Victoria struck.

January is when Bella got out of her 'coma', Jacob phasing and Laurent was about February, Edwards return was March, Spring break(I think anyways..) is when Victoria strikes. Victoria was creating her army for a month or two, so that should have begun around Edward's return. So she should already be well on her way to creating her army, having at least 10 of them already.

With Sam in Seattle, he should pick up at least one of their scents, and with them all knowing about Victoria's plans of revenge, it should stick out like a sore thumb to him that it is her doing this.

Everything is happening at once here, but to stick to the time line for these events, which started long before Bella 'phased' the previous year with James, you have to remember the side points instead of singling out the pack. I understand that you are trying hard to focus on building up the characters in the pack, but you are also leaving out the Cullens. Edward and Alice, who should be pretty much main characters along side the pack, are barely mentioned and the other cullens are off the side being ignored entirely. The Volturi have to be brought into the story quite soon as well due to the Newborn Army in Seattle. Alongside that, the Denali coven needs to be mentioned as well due to Laurents death because of Irina. You've made Alice and Edward into characters who are attempting not to keep things from each other, and the Denali coven have probably started asking about whether Laurent has been seen or not.

I love the story though, and can't wait to read more. I don't mind that the plot from the story is ignored very much, as the story is still entertaining, but just thought to point out that you are running out of time to get things rolling with the Newborn Army since the time frame for this was started before your story even began.

Yes, the point that the Army is being made is out there since so many are phasing right now, but the fact that Sam is in Seattle to begin with brings a major issue up on how the hell he has been there for the whole day so far and not caught a whiff of the newborns yet when the day is ending.
nu.cyber chapter 47 . 10/1
I read this story few years back and bumped into it again today. I totally love it and really hope you update soon.
meher chapter 10 . 9/20
Amazing! And I love the fact that JACOB and Bella are siblings
William Francies Reisen-Newman chapter 47 . 9/19
nice update
Midnight Angels Say GoodNight chapter 47 . 9/19
Poor Bella and Sam. All they wanted was a night out with their imprints. or in Bella's case a night in.
decadenceofmysoul chapter 47 . 9/19
Awesome update!
X.summergrey.X chapter 47 . 9/18
Hot dam, things are heating up. Hopefullh seth and Leah dont get the scent of edward and try to take him out but Bella is going to smell like him a bit. Sooo...idk maybe something will happen. Wonder what set them off.
Guest chapter 47 . 9/18
Great chapter!
WiccaHPTwilightLover chapter 47 . 9/18
Edward's a prude
polyphany chapter 47 . 9/18
Love it! ;-)
Universal creature chapter 47 . 9/18
Fantastic chapter
Debbie Hicks chapter 47 . 9/18
Chapter 48.
Bella's pov
then attacked both teen agers trashing with kids n oises was heard then Volturi you there who created as all take them with the three with the kids then Kidnapped was used then Changed too late was Without hair killed with the v ery as all of them bitten drained then Executed Then It's begun the drugs into with four will kill her with them then Brainwashed us with all b ut Slienced With Vampire bat ven om deepest with five will destroy her then with a host will be gone good train them all then Lost memories you will be destroyed it's too laterr she has don e you are guilty please let me go this miun te Assaulted as all of it then Bitten too hardest then Tornfrom life to deathj with them but it realloy happened overdtrained with more then suddenly was so sickest then was feverish then More broken bon es an d cracked skulls were dying of the disease became en tering a newest life it is don e she's ours with all blown freely then suddenly Broken as all of bon es broken skulls foun d in to a Mogrue With more Vampire bat blood with Rattlesn ake veom then too late had nop mem ories it's done burst freely Trapped within here serving therm for210 yrears as their own sold person then suddenly too late Blacked out lack of memories made me different from the bodies found the both told with them freedd then was losing control of the both oh my god Carlisle who did to her Volturi thjen chained were With them blown Cracked who created her tell us PAIN! Dawn did created her who bitten roughly you are guilty Isabella Felix rid of her at on ce then m yself sc ream ing then was con fessing then Cracking of my howling wioth them Murdered With my im print then With teenageers with them weere executed Freedwith Witnesses then too late were chan ged too late were Destroyed bring them but our masters kn ow you did caused don't return to school Punished your crime then it really happen blown then lost the all con trol then blasting freely then brought them were unablle were did with the same thing we declared her to be un able she is not human drained but is deceaed is a hybrid of Shifter/Original created by The Gods an d Goddesses who are found with her with them are phased blown apart will not have more children are sen tenced to death of her mixed heirtage will evolver they With rest destroyed her with them bring them then too late they had them destroyed of it then suddenly too late all of the each three bitten aged to adulthood shattered freely were all-Venomous from here then Exploded then hairs grew back myself was Athletic but stronger and most toned and healthy but was very powerful Alice they caused this to here and they are eating both with food rebuilt what they lost they blown from last ones all animals made young ophans then at night Cracked freely with them brought here reported overdosed conv erted but are deceaased in wolf form s rip the guartds alive then too late freed then had our/their looks exploding now Immortal from the gods an d goddesses made me different from other wolves had powers of mental shield and telepathy an d Telekinesis Alice she is gifted with three powersd are one is the most psionic Werewolf gifted with planetary ablities man your sttations here it comes BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! Then all of the sudden a greatest exploding noise nails exploding then rin ging a lip rod then CAUGHT IT! Then suddenly all of my friends yelling then a sudden trilling Xena Warrior princess's war cry across the planet Earth Guided by Betazed the planet of Telepathy! the guardian of the great fire! ruler of fioth house of Betazed allow me to DROWN YOU! SUPER SAILOR BETAZED IS FINALLY RISEN FROM THE GREAT FIRE IS HERE! BLINK! So are we to fight for love and justice NEGATRASH! Thenn ews of our poiweers into Werwewolves was out revealed our secret was exposed blasting freely Nulled these ones exposed themselves Killed but murdered nowfrom here bring them they are forbidden to attend school then brought here with as all of sc ars cuts slivery lines and was far too much then suddenly myself began glowing m re supreme BETAZED EYES OF HOLY OPAL SEAS! SCORCH! Scream ing then blown with them from here then broughty here then myself was dying Alice they did this oh my god tortured them all then Popped then brought them but myself mess with me you'r Sushi daimons focused my gift chanting into Tibetan but ancient dialects of Japanese people was in fact a priestess Snapped with them burst freely bring them you broke the law then freed then too later brought here now too late reported they gathered a army they are dead good rip them apart remove both now too late was grey-bluish Alice they hav e them beaten oh ouch we heal then myself had Yellow/black eyes by mistake thenpassed outr was papery but pasty Borg white Alice thery had nwest organ s oh god got two hearts regenerated what race we are what healed groan Popped brought here thenbut reported they are departed good they are not alive that was it ourselves did exist from the host were pierced but cursed by the Grey sisters born old but ancient but shattered freely caused us/all to be immortal b eings then it was too late were as all saved beings sacrificed n ow too late vasnished by magic then reported these ones are found guilty of a army recuted cadets to here are deceased rip them alive sa sen tenced to death beings then took from here now all of them were more of themwitnesses then Atomized with the both houses merging with the other both destroyed popped then lost from here then was merged into a more monstrous place brought the corpses then were in fact departed urgh yikes oh no it's more floors Alice she is in a healing trance her ears are pointed with upswept arched but slanted eyebrows looks like a Vulcan priestess from the temple of Gol in Mount Seleya oh my god oh ugh what happened to us Can you recall yes now had eldetic memories she is what a priestess as for or day for our tomorrows from time of the beginning it shall be who am I I shall make my choice This One! that was it pointed to my champion coldly acted like T'Pring who was Arlene Martel he went to the ritual gong then took ritual orders Kail-flieeee! Challenged Sir! she declares Ritual marriage it's challenge Momma mia madam who dares to acdress thy titles and ranks i am your priestess of Gol as a Acolyte of Mount Seleya gasp she has stopped aging so they are what a order of both now news of us were far more powerful as a mixed coven pack blown with it then Exploded then brought here then no more then it was too late it stood with us with both now aboard with more into a fused vessel with more then Destroyed but drowned but Exploded then freed from here Warped to the planet Vulcan but the bodies brought here as all with all both deceased forbidden to hunt but it reached it with all of them suddenly both blown with as all stan ded vessels then shattering from here then it was no longer there now into Mount Seleya was in fact a ordained Acolyte of Gol then news of us/all existing on their world rebuilt as all of homes but no longer there but merged with vilas fusion but things placed were more largest then never reappeared again.
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