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Guest chapter 29 . 9/19
Amazing development!
eleanoralovesananias chapter 2 . 9/19

You, sir or madam, are brilliant.

It's really difficult to convey this level of "My world is crumbling around me" in pure text, but you have done a truly amazing job of it. And at the same time as I feel for him, it's also hilarious. Pretty much Matt's every line made me laugh out loud. And no, I don't mean smile, I don't mean snicker, I mean throw my head back and laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair. And that is not an easy task.

In particular, I just want to mention the fact that Matt stops in the middle of his horrified inner monologue to complain about the radio. That is priceless.

I really, really hope you keep writing this story, and I will follow it loyally. You have officially gotten me hooked.
eleanoralovesananias chapter 1 . 9/18
I've never been the biggest fan of dropped-into-the-Doctor-Who-universe stories, but the idea of a cast member, much less the Doctor, having to travel with... well... the Doctor, intrigued me enough to read the first chapter. May I just say that I am NOT regretting it. You have a descriptive yet casual and snappy writing style that draws a reader in and makes them both feel deeply and laugh out loud. I easily identify with Matt, but at the same time I totally believe that I'm reading about Matt Smith. And the transition from exhaustion and boredom to horror to annoyance to plain old bewildered shock is an emotional rollercoaster, but it's so smooth that I only really noticed when I read it for a second time. Also, the Doctor's reaction is so beautifully in character. "Hello, I'm the Doctor, and what are you doing with my face?" That's a line that will go down in the history books - or would, if this were canon, which I really wish it were. Cheers!
MadMadamMedic chapter 29 . 9/17
Such a strange ordinary day for the TARDIS crew,
superlc529 chapter 29 . 9/17
It was nice of her to give him his clothes back. Interesting that the TARDIS (or rather Tardis) somehow got inside Matt's head. I wonder if Matt's imagining Idris from "The Doctor's Wife" in his mind's eye when thinking about her. After all, he knows about future 'episodes' just as the TARDIS encompasses all of time and space. ;)

The Doctor and his jelly babies. Personally, I love the cartoon route. It makes sense. I really loved the "You have my face" line. It's almost as if the Doctor is a twin, I'm sure. ;) Matt's right. No good moment like that lasts forever. Loved Amy and Rory's frolicking around. I love them. Great update! Loving this story. Post more when you can. :)
Cashagon chapter 29 . 9/16
I leave you a review! :)) This be a fun story to read. I am very happy to see Matt and the others get some free time. Running for your life is fun and all, but a guys gotta take a break some time or other. But he's right, it can't last forever. And the Doctor isn't going to be happy about Matt and Tardis's little secret. Not happy at all...

Cash is out. Peace!
Christy - Flare chapter 29 . 9/16
Ha, rose petals in her name! Love it!

Do NOT love the whole 'Tardis becomes mortal' thing, 'cause it makes no sense. She doesn't live solely in Matt, or she wouldn't be with the rest of the ship and her coral. And even if she was, Matt SHOULDN'T leave the TARDIS and put himself in danger! And if he goes out, that means the TARDIS shouldn't land herself anywhen dangerous, just in case, unless she really does know all possible futures and deems it safe for Matt, but still... The sheer number and severity of paradoxes caused by this are staggering. And if the whole River thing isn't happening and she doesn't explode in a timey-wimey thing that ends up separating from Matt and regaining her later super-long lifespan, it's extra bad. Also, she's bonded to the Doctor, so if she dies early, he might as well, which is really bad.

Seriously, for the universe's sake, Matt, tell the Doctor and hope this can get fixed. Or call the TARDIS' bluff, 'cause her lying is the only thing making sense at this point due to the loneliness factor.
K.J. Bollinger chapter 29 . 9/16
Really Great!
Alpha007 chapter 29 . 9/16
What's wrong with the format of this chapter? It's made the whole page go weird.
Fox131 chapter 29 . 9/16
Ah well. More develompent. Wow. Loved the atmosphere of the chapter. Very peaceful indeed and a bit melancholic. I'm so grateful for every chapter you have writen. The twists and turns are so wonderfully unexpected and very, very clever. They fit perfectly.
Guest chapter 29 . 9/16
Ah yes. This is good. Matt getting some peace :)
WriterGreenReads chapter 29 . 9/15
And can I just tell you that the cartoon physics of Matts telepathy is fascinating and oh so clever
copperdragon 2 chapter 29 . 9/15
This brightened my day beyond words! Very creative development of plot and exposition! Of course the 'Susan' thing hurt like a harpoon to the chest, but I think as an experienced Whovian, I'd say I'm familiar with the feeling.

Anyway, picture-perfect chapter! Full of fun conundrums and hints to what's ahead. Looking forward to what you have to show us next!
StitchinKat chapter 29 . 9/15
Ah, yes! A new development indeed! Wonder how Matt is going to solve this predicament? I'm hoping for River Song arriving to fix the problem! (fingers crossed!)

As an aside, I met the whole gang at DragonCon Labor Day weekend! Eleven and 3 life is complete!

Looking forward to the next chapter!
ChangelingRin chapter 29 . 9/15
Well. That was unexpected.

Could you, maybe, add some TARDIS translations at the bottom? I got most of it, but there were a couple words that I couldn't make out and I don't want to miss anything important. (Also, can you tell me how you got that corruption effect? It's kind of awesome.)

Keep it up!
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