Reviews for Something's Gotta Give
Bevey99 chapter 12 . 7/30
I remember this one-shot was so good, but it screamed to be continued. Sooo glad you did. Wonderful story, just like your many works. Fabulous writing. Thanks
ghartling chapter 13 . 7/30
LOVED this story!
lia01 chapter 12 . 7/21
Thank you for sharing this amazing story!
Brenda chapter 13 . 7/19
I didn't review after every chapter, I am sorry. However, I really enjoyed this. I liked the more than rough around the edges Edward and I liked that Bella wasn't meek in this one. Great story.
onlybelieved chapter 13 . 7/18
I LOVED this. Thanks for sharing!
vickywest38 chapter 13 . 7/3
amazing story as alwaysyou write so well, I really feel like I'm in the story, you have a gift. x
Bakergrama chapter 13 . 6/13
Wonderful this...thanks!
Kopec82 chapter 13 . 6/2
Different intense and fun love not filter Bella
cuteascherries chapter 12 . 4/17
: )
cuteascherries chapter 13 . 4/17
: l
PAT2024 chapter 13 . 3/23
Again a beautiful love story. I loved it and the slow revelation of their difficult pasts. Very well written as usual. Thank you for sharing
Seba nefer chapter 13 . 2/29
Great story!
Thank you for sharing.
sosueme chapter 13 . 11/29/2015
Enjoyed this! Especially the slow release of edward and bella's background information. Loved this strong bella and how she saved carlisle in the beginning, and watching this edward grow from such an abrasive recluse into a man who loves. Loved the setting in the woods, the feeling of the outdoor descriptions. Thanks for sharing!
boopgirl chapter 13 . 11/24/2015
Great Job!
renochick chapter 13 . 11/20/2015
Really enjoyed it. Thanks for the story.
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