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torlan2003 chapter 1 . 8/15
Great story, wow slammed them but they did have it coming. I like Harry standing up for himself. Thank you for writing.
Korran01 chapter 1 . 5/10
Maybe I dont understand but how could Susan swear on her life and magic that Harry was dead when he was still alive? Otherwise this was really good!
Guest chapter 2 . 2/17
I just found this and for the most part, I enjoyed it. However, I dont like the fact that harry stopped being friends with ginny and neville just because they dated people that harry didn't like. Or, in the case of ginny, dated at all since harry didn't seem to have anything against dean. However, I really enjoyed how you portrayed dumbledore, but why was lupin exempt from the bashing? I mean, harry seemed to hate everyone who ever listened to dumbledore and I cant think of a more loyal person to dumbledore than someone who would put everyone at risk just because he didn't want to disappoint him. Remember, back in the third book lupin never told anyone about sirius being an animagus despite the fact that at that point sirius was supposedly after harry to kill him.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/29/2016
I'm sorry, but your Harry acted like a s spoiled brat when it came to ending his friendship with Neville. So Neville dates a girl Harry doesn't like and all of a sudden, Harry tells him to go fuck himself and treats him like Ron did back when Harry's name came out of the Goblet? If you had written it as Neville ignoring Harry in favor of Hannah, then yeah, id see Harry's point, but since you don't, I only see Harry ending the alliance between their Houses like the actions of a little boy taking his ball away because his friend wants to include another person in their one on one basketball game.

At the beginning, you imply that Hermione's friendship ended because she was jealous over the textbook, but at the end, when Susan confronted her, she was like, "I was told to do so." Uh, who? Dumbledore, Ron? Its like in your "Losing Control" story where Molly's biggest sin is sending Harry a Howler and then at the near end, its revealed out of nowhere that she was a spy for Dumbledore. It really does feel like a contrived way to get us to hate them.

Also, I would have had Harry leave Hermione the potions textbook she was so pissed off about rather than an expensive copy of one of her favorites.
desireejones99 chapter 1 . 3/14/2016
It is sad that's where the group was headed under JK's leadership, and then she made it worse, I feel they got what they deserved the way they abandoned harry in book 6, sort Of why I feel that the series stops at the end of book 5.

Excellent Entertainment
Brian1972 chapter 1 . 2/21/2016
So Harry ended his friendship with Ginny and Neville because both started a relationship with someone? Wo how shallow can someone get? I mean with Ginny there might be a reasoning had she been in some state of a relationship with him. But Neville wasn't allowed to have a girlfriend? Do all of Harry's friends have to become focused on him only (either platonic or as sexual partners) or be declared traitors?

This doesn't even qualify as book 6 rant. In essence it is Harry bashing for protraying him as someone who would throw away friendships over non issues like you let him here.
missgsmith51 chapter 1 . 2/18/2016
"This would be the wake up call for Ron who finally saw his dreams of fame and fortunes go down in flames. It was hard to be famous when you did nothing." Ron doesn't seem to be very interested in fighting against the evil that is Voldemort; he just misses the attention (and probably the money) that went with it. Idiot.

Neville is a huge disappointment, because he is usually one of my favorites. I'm glad Susan slapped Hannah down. She deserved it. Hermione certainly lost her reputation in the magical world, and I doubt she will ever overcome it. Dumbledore is worrisome, because he won't rest until he gets his hands on either Harry or his child ... or both. I'm sure he has nefarious plans for both, because I'm not sure he truly believes Harry is dead.

I'm glad the twins, Charlie, and Bill and Fleur stayed true to Harry, even if they have not chosen to follow him just yet. I'm sure that, before too long, the "New Marauders" and the remaining originals will be plotting merriment and mayhem for the enjoyment of all. It sounds like the Goblins will also be around, if needed.
MSgt SilverDollar and Snake chapter 2 . 1/11/2016
I am reading dad's favorites that are completed and ran across this. It's good enough that I've decided to read the rest of your stories. I know dad didn't like Dumbassadork, moRon, Ginevra, or MouthMolly plus a few others and having read canon I agree with his and apparently your assessment of those characters. - Snake (SFC CopperHead)
Smargden chapter 2 . 10/9/2015
Yes - this was a good one - right in my way of thinking.
ripper34 chapter 1 . 10/4/2015
Good story
Guest chapter 1 . 8/2/2015
too much angst and too much of a bitchHarry. I really dont get why faggots like you tend to make Harry this angsty. This is the same guy who told both Hermione and Ron to fuck off in third and fourth year, as well as dissing the shit out of them n fifth and sixth. Really, just for the sake of your crappy stories yo people forget that he has a temper and make him into this foorgiving shit taking copy of Jesus. Get your shit together bitch
TJ Jordan chapter 1 . 7/16/2015
Just got done reading your story and I have to say that I do like it. There is this very serious feel to it, not to mention dark as well.

However, as much as I hate to go into any negatives, I do have some problems. It's the way how you treat a few certain characters. I won't lie, I was happy to see Ron get his punishment. I don't mind him in the book series, but he really got on nerves whenever he lashes out in jealousy or hurts both Hermione and Harry because of his insecurities. So, in all fairness, seeing Ron get a taste of his own medicine was satisfying for me. I'll give you that one. Even others like Ginny and Albus I didn't mind. But I have to talk about the way how things went for Hermione! I know she betrayed Harry by abandoning him, so I will agree that Harry really needed to teach her a life-changing lesson. But the way how Harry handles her punishment just feels way to harsh. At least she came to realize her wrongdoings and was terribly sorry about everything. In fact, what Harry did by the end of this story wasn't even punishment, this was 'Count of Monte Cristo-style vengeance'! He hurt her ten times more she did to him. And as a fan of Harry Potter, that feels very out of character for him to do. Okay, yes, he was hurt in ways that he wasn't before and was pushed beyond his limit, but the Harry I know would calm himself down after a long period of time and reflect on everything that has happened. I agree with you when you say that Harry is too forgiving. He really can be. But he understands that hatred and revenge won't change anything, and he most certainly wouldn't do any of that just to make himself feel better or just to hit back at them. I'm not saying that you should have had him make amends with Hermione. I see where this story was going and you have the right to go that direction. I would like to see more stories where Harry leaves his friends and the Wizardry world behind. All I'm saying is that Harry felt very out of character by his actions. Even Hermione herself feels out of character. I can see her becoming too involved with school and not spending as much time with Harry as she used to, but I can't see her doing it on purpose, not to mention out of nowhere. All I'm saying is that it kinda disturbed me that Harry would go so far to do something like this by the end.

Also, the way how Harry punishes Neville really got me a little angry when I got to that part. Yes, I understand that Neville started dating a girl who treated Harry horribly (which btw, why the hell is Neville even dating her again?!), but he does have the right to date who ever he wants. This was a moment that I felt that Harry was being selfish on his part. Why should he have a say in who Neville dates?! It's his freaking life! His decision! Not everything revolves around Harry. I understand why Harry would feel this way towards him, but the way how he strikes back at him just feels selfish in a way. And yes, I know that Neville hadn't been spending time with Harry. On that I will agree that he is guilty of.

Don't get me wrong, I like the story. I just had a hard time buying everything that has happened between Harry and friends, including the way how he leaves things between them. I'm glad that Luna is the one remained true to her character and actually got a 'not-so-bad' ending to her story-arc. In the end, it got the emotion this story was supposed to and delivered what it promised.
Goose chapter 1 . 2/3/2015
Another betrayal fic. Lol, I don't think you could write a different plot to save your life. Your stories are all the same. "Harry gets betrayed by {insert character(s)}, then falls in love with {insert random unpopular female character who is pretty much an OC}, via super fast, and unrealistic means.

akasanta chapter 2 . 12/3/2014
Excellent story.


ob1292 chapter 1 . 11/25/2014
A good story though I am a bit sad that harry chose to leave the land of his forefathers behind, but I understand the why he did. Good Job
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