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CalitaRael chapter 24 . 16h
I adore your writing style. Also I wanted to choke you repeatedly, but take that as a compliment.
CalitaRael chapter 19 . 4/18
I think there's a part of me wishing for a more romantic kind of situation, inexperience and love preferred over lust and aggressiveness, but I am quite happy nothing really sexual took place with the two of them under the influence of their primal bases. Still, I feel as if having such an encounter as being the first between them kind of ruins the angst there could have been and makes it feel like they only hold intense desire for each other, and not love per say. But I will go ahead and keep reading to find out how you develop on the scene.
CalitaRael chapter 9 . 4/18
I've been wanting to review since Chapter 1, and finally this was the last straw.

I'm sure you've had all sorts of comments about this, but for a moment I was thoroughly flabbergasted about the scene involving Raven imagining that Garfield was in the shower with her. For the life of me I could not understand how that event was even taking place, and such puzzlement was quickly followed by utter disappointment in your story development writing skills (as I had been so very much struck with amazement at your talent from the very first paragraphs). It seemed far too premature and it did not correlate with your proven ability to create a work that flowed so marvelously well, nor did it make sense that you would so suddenly take the protagonists that far out of character after such flawless portrayal from the beginning. I was, quite honestly, about to just stop reading your story then and there.

But I'm really glad I didn't. I love the detail and effort, the manner in which the scenes can be easily and fully visualized as if it were a movie playing before my mind's eye. I love how your style captures attention and intrigue, and I particularly enjoyed reading about Raven's visit in Nevermore. Your comprehension of your subjects and their individual aspects was fantastic.

There is, of course, the minor grammar mistake or a word missing every here and there, but it changes nothing to the quality of the story and I know I make these same kind of mistakes in my own works.

Excellent job, I will now continue reading and I can't wait to get to it.
Guest chapter 24 . 4/8
sorry for bugging but do you know when you will update
StardustKMS chapter 24 . 4/8
PLEASE DONT STOP! NEVER STOP! XD This has GOT to be one of my favorite TT fanfics, and im always a HUGE sucker for BBxRae. I would love it if Jericho maintained a regular or semi-regular appearance as he is one of my favorite Hero's besides R&BB of course. I look forward towards the next chapter. :)
rapture chapter 24 . 4/6
(I'm too lazy to log into my account, sorry!)

Absolutely LOVE this fic. OTP, overall awesome writing (chapters are much too short for my liking usually butthisissogoodomg)...seriously, it makes me so happy. Eagerly looking forward to the next chapter(s)! I've been checking back for a while now hoping for an update and figured I should let you know I'm really enjoying this. :) Happy writing!
Bittersweet Romanticide chapter 24 . 4/4
It's been forever since I've had time to read, but I'm glad I finally have the time to read yours again! Gees, I don't even know what to say. This chapter was just so fun!

I love hearing about Rose and her story. It's great to see that she isn't forgotten now that the romance is here. So many stories just abandon their plot without wrapping it up once the couple gets together, so I love seeing all of this fall into place.

Oh! And the line "Raven in a dress, he realized, is a very dangerous thing." I loved that! I can't wait to see that. If you're debating whether or not to put in the RaeCy conversation, I would definitely be on the side of including it. They've got a great relationship and I'd love to see your take on it, though Raven and Batman sounds tantalizing too.
Guest chapter 24 . 3/30
3 3
Guest chapter 24 . 3/20
One more chapter left. I've loved your writing and concept with this immensely. I'll be looking into your other work as well.
zerozeno chapter 24 . 3/15
You know if raven practiced useing her emotions in small amounts she would be able to use them with out fear of being like a spring that's wound to tight like in the comic
bbraeflinxrobstarcybee1011 chapter 10 . 3/13
Am I one of the many TT fans who actually knows who Ravager is? Which is odd considering I've hardly watched any episodes. I watched the ones like Nevermore, The Beast Within, the one with Malchoir (I forgot the title) etc. Then I saw the one with Terra in it and got mad. Still, great job bringing Rose in!
bbraeflinxrobstarcybee1011 chapter 4 . 3/13
Yeah! Stupid freaking mating call.
flamefacethecloun chapter 24 . 3/9
I feel like you already know a review coming from me is going to be mostly praise, so this time i'm going to skip the general praise and go right to another issue on sentence structure that made me stumble as i was reading this. I think it's around the middle, when the titans are debating on whether or not the seperation of jerico and ravager is smart. the sentence is "...nightwing's hands clenched trembled in rage..." I feel like this should read something like "...nightwings's clenched hands trembled in rage..." Other than that, I didn't notice any huge mistakes. and i am still definitely excited for the finale!
Louddragon chapter 24 . 3/6
Hi, I was too lazy to log in.

I've spent my entire day reading your story. And I have a few things to say.

First, I want to thank you. You stayed true to the characters (something I have struggled with) and you have really thrown me for a loop. I have been reading Teen Titan fanfics since forever. Most stories now are not as combed and neat as you made yours. It's absolutely wonderful.

Second, your writing style is phenomenal. You have a clear and concise way of putting things that entices the reader and propels my thoughts directly into the story. I was literally IN the story. I felt it. Wonderful job.

Finally, I am also a writer on Fanfiction, under the pename (Louddragon). I NEVER ask this of authors, but would you be willing to do a collaboration? This is a rare offering, and I understand if you wish to reject it. Please PM me, and maybe in the future we can do an amazing one-shot together or something.

Please, continue writing. This story has satisfied my BBRae craving. :) XOXO
Guest chapter 24 . 3/5
One of the best stories I have ever read.
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