Reviews for I Never Wanted But Your Heart
Rachel chapter 1 . 11/1/2002
poor spike. he's really been run through the mill, hasn't he? his view points are harsh in this fic., but you write them in a way that makes me sympathize. the parts where you described how buffy broke spike down really made my blood boil in her direction, and made me sad too. excellent work.
Darryl J chapter 1 . 10/31/2002
Wow!This is one of the few dark DARK non-Spuffy fics that I like. The portrayal of Spike's anger towards Buffy and his vindictiveness is sad but realistically presented. Like he said, William could never do that and, in some ways, neither could Spike. But this hybrid is unpredictable and the soul mixed with the demon's hurt makes him want to get back at her for how she broke him. I don't like vindictiveness in life-life's to short to carry that around-but this was one of the few acceptable cases. If she hadn't changed a year after everything, especially how quickly she forgave Angel, well...guess I have nothing good to say about her.