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Guest chapter 3 . 3/8

Suzume was the lady who taught kunoichi class, and Taji was one of the ANBU who helped deliver Naruto. We don't know the former's fate, but Obito murdered the absolute fuck out of the latter
arthropodic chapter 2 . 3/8
Minato is six years old, and the war is about to break out? Let's check the timeline.

The Ame orphans were exactly five years older than Kakashi and his teammates. Minato was exactly five years older than *that*. This sets things up pretty perfectly.

Jiraiya started staying with the Ame orphans near the tail end of the Second Shinobi World War. They looked to be about 5-7 at the time, and Jiraiya stayed with them for three years. At the low end, Kakashi/Obito would have been 0-2 around the time the second war ended, meaning Minato would have been about 10-12 when it *ended*. If he's six now, then it would have lasted for about half a decade, which seems... totally reasonable.

Well, well, well, author. Looks like you did your research :P

The timeline checks out just fine. Good work.

Incidentally, we know that the Third War broke out when Minato was at least a teenager (maybe 17-19) and officially ended when he was 23. We know the former because of the Whorl oneshot. We also know that Minato canonically died at the age of 24.

I'm always surprised by how well the Naruto timeline stands up to scrutiny. It seems disjointed at a glance, but it's surprisingly airtight.
RandoMando47 chapter 69 . 2/29
All in all a good story. I think characterization, plot interactions (how ripples would impact the world), dialogue, grammar/spelling, and world consistency were all top notch.

Most of the main character hang-ups were fine early to middle of the fiction but really held the story back from doing something unique for most of the last half of the story. It had the same issue as soaps and comic books where nothing was allowed to change but the underlying reasons for that state became less and less understandable and justifiable. When you spend ten or more years immersed in a culture you’re going to adapt especially when you know the threat levels coming down the line.

That adapting and growing was a big stumbling block and (even if partially excusable) wasn’t the most engaging to read. I think the biggest issue though is the MC didn’t ever try to break down her problems into steps needed to reach her goals. “Get strong” is too vast a target and it felt she didn’t spend time figuring out the best ways to try and leverage what she knew for an advantage to growth or deal with enemies/challenges. A lot of her conflicts seemed to be more or less conventional when she should have been able to use jutsu to make situations more favorable. She always seemed surprised when with her education, training, and time to consider and consult with smart professionals a lot of the fights shouldn’t have blindsided her.

Narratively it would have been nice to see her come up with a few plans to deal with each station of canon, watch her pursue them, and then see how each fell apart, kind of worked, or succeeded (all for the same challenge). I think the Suna and Bridge arcs had the seeds of this but didn’t quite manage it.

She was odd enough her dropping little insights to those closest to her (generally not the yamanaka or her sensei) could have gradually opened their eyes to different issues. One of those once you see it you can’t unsee it sort of things. She isn’t in a courtroom or defending a thesis so perfect evidence is a pipe dream and hunches are perfectly actionable among friends and ninjas.

Anyhow, despite all the gripes there weren’t so many issues I dropped the story so I hope you were able to grow from writing this and you’ve been able to continue enjoying creating stories. Thanks for the adventure.
RandoMando47 chapter 67 . 2/29
Felt a bit like a speedrun on the conclusion but I’ll take it over a did not finish. Even as a speedrun though the solutions and plots were well thought out. Though the obito actions seem out of character. Dude always struck me as having might guy energy and tons of loyalty so him flipping perspectives a ton was very confusing. Really just highlights how much you can accomplish when you get Minato and a few key others working with you.
RandoMando47 chapter 56 . 2/29
It’s like she waited until 11pm the night before a project is due. I’m glad she’s finally working on it but everything is so much messier since she didn’t do any of the prepwork earlier. I would have expected body flicker or body replacement to have been a staple for her earlier since rockslides from explosions aren’t usually directed but she has terrible situational awareness for a ninja. I’m also glad she didn’t cheap out and bought hair dye for her disguise this time. I’m now hoping the last 13 chapters are amazing quality.
RandoMando47 chapter 53 . 2/29
She’s really terrible. I don’t know why you keep giving her the idiot ball.
RandoMando47 chapter 48 . 2/29
Why does she need proof? Paint an outline with what you know and trust the people you’re telling to fill it in. If living with them and generally working hard at being competent for a decade hasn’t given you some ability to say “trust me” and have key people go out on a limb for you then you’re a terrible human. Plus they’re fucking ninjas, bank on the personal relationship, stamp the source as secret and then use a growing history of success to justify more help. An SI shouldn’t scream out their secrets to the world but sharing nothing is just dumb. Any proof can be doubted or picked apart a tiny bit of framing for her information can provide a hint. Then she gets other people brainstorming about how to manage issues even if they only treat it like contingency plan C.
RandoMando47 chapter 46 . 2/29
Rough chapter for the MC but she tried which is a good step forward. Whether it ends up better or not she seems to have remembered her purpose and hopefully this will spur her into leveraging her information more. Just existing without trying to change the death world would be soul crushing because of her family.
RandoMando47 chapter 44 . 2/29
That triple Uchiha team idea is weird. I’m not sure if it was a clan request or if it is someone plotting but still, mono-family teams are just asking for tragedy. Gotta spread those bloodlines among different teams to get more diverse capabilities and mindsets.

Also, like half of the last 10 chapters have ended with a “and everything was about to get worse”. Very angsty.

Her not engaging with pacifists was another missed opportunity. If they’re not going to seriously interrogate her for escaping captivity ON HER OWN then they’re not going to find out if she “used her own medical supplies while escaping”. Keeping a pacifist alive would also have been the first step in intelligence gathering which is like ninja 101. She couldn’t build a wildly influential relationship with them without support from her bosses but that doesn’t mean she should pass up the opportunity. MC needs to act, if she’s going to passively let canon happen and not improve things she should stop whinging and being angsty. Inaction and isolating herself isn’t going to save her friends or make anything better.
RandoMando47 chapter 40 . 2/29
A bit surprised she isn’t sounding out her brother on his progress with the Rasengan or finding out if her reserves can handle the shadow clone. Nudging him toward getting the first complete or finding out if she’ll be able to munchkin a bit (or helping Minato and Kushina to really munchkin hard with shadow clones) to accelerate their learning and capabilities would be worth the time.
RandoMando47 chapter 39 . 2/28
Almost like when you make minimal effort to change things, things don’t change. Fucking waste.
RandoMando47 chapter 38 . 2/28
First half of that speech to the Nara was perfect, last bit was just confusing since it was kind of meaningless for the person she was talking to. I think the strongest argument is just that if you want to be the best you’ve got to have the resources and experience against the strongest. As part of this village there’s the most knowledge of how to push her bloodline and there’s about to be a war where she’ll get tons of experience fighting strong enemies while having stronger allies that can help her with strategy and survival. Going missing nin as a woman is just asking for a ton of hassles as she has to waste a ton of time on basic survival, evasion, and worry about being put in a dungeon. If she stays in the village all the time she would have to spend on that crap could instead be spent getting better. There’s less life or death challenge (until the war starts) but way more paths to growth and more information. Once she’s survived the war she’ll be able to hone herself against the best in the world multiple times instead of only being able to learn from one fight per person (if she survives).

I kind of want the MC to ask Sakumo for teaching. Better she keeps him alive until the war, if he’s going to commit suicide he might as well take out as many enemy ninjas as possible. That or tip him off about Danzo kidnapping children that’d be another way he could try for redemption.
RandoMando47 chapter 34 . 2/28
Mallet is a bad weapon for a tiny girl even if she’s a ninja. As a workout tool it’s fine but if she’s being serious about combat something big and slow will get her killed.
onoM chapter 39 . 2/21
Nope. Stopped reading here. "All she could do was nod and accept that there was nothing else to be done." Really? It hasn't happened yet. Nothing is done yet. He's still right here in front of her, alive and in good condition. So she's just given up on changing things. War is coming, they all know it. Plus this always seemed like such a contrived, ridiculous thing, even in the show/manga. Naruto put up with the scorn of the whole village for a lot longer than this. It's hardly a death sentence. Sakumo even insisted he take the blame, though it was absolutely not his decision to send them there or be attacked (Hokage's orders to meet like this instead of through diplomatic channels and envoys. Ridiculous way to handle a scroll delivery, ridiculous waste of many high-ranking ninja's time. Not even a Shadow Clone to deliver the scroll? With them a healthy distance away? Iwa's fault. Hokage's fault.). This shouldn't even be an issue. Not to mention, here's a Sakumo quote from an earlier chapter:

"It will take time to understand, Kakashi. But keep in mind that what's done is done and there's not a single thing that anyone can do about it. Not now." Sakumo's words were heavy; real. His father never lied to him or downplayed the severity of something crucial. It was sound advice. Useful advice. "But there is always something you could do differently in the future."

And it gave him hope."

So that's all just lip service? Talking Kakashi through the loss of his teammate didn't change his mindset even a bit when it came to subjecting his son to an even worse loss? Leaving his still single-digit-aged child alone in the world with the hope that a bunch of s**tty villagers will treat him better without his father around? I feel railroaded by this senseless, defeatist plot device, and totally disagree with the idea that there was nothing to be done. I'm sorry but I'm totally checked out after that. Made me stop rooting for the MC. Thanks for all your effort regardless, it was a fun and engaging read up to this.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/4
Rehashes Canon Plot with a OC.
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