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KawaiiDoge chapter 8 . 6/9/2015
and again a masterpiece! Its hard to explain but I really like the chapter endings in this story, there was always this point that made it funny or thrilling or a great plot twist. Thanks for the entertainment!
Chikinaa chapter 4 . 1/11/2015
Ooooh I randomly (in the middle of the day while eating lunch) remembred a part of this chapter. When Tobirama recounts all of the times when Hashirama was acting off. I would LOVE to read how the gokage summit went with Madara there instead of Tobirama. How Hoshirama decided that he would take Madara with him, Tobirama being pissed off, Madara probably secretely gloating. Then the meeting itself and maybe even where they spent the time (unnecessarily long according to Tobirama) because i'm sure what was it they were doing. Ah, all the smut *sighs happily*. Sorry for this, it's just I can totally picture how amazing that fic would be because i just adore your characterization of all of them.
Komo Pineconeseed chapter 8 . 8/6/2014
0. Aww, thanks for the dedication, dear! It's so sweet of you. :) And I agree with Sunny271, I hope you write more of this universe!
1. I love how Madara refers to Mito as "That Woman". I take it Madara doesn't really like Mito's new found status in his family...
2. Kudos to the old midwife! She's braver than the Fifth Mizukage! Granted, it's like you said, she's at the age, but still. Braver than a kage is impressive. That or Mei is just incredibly underwhelming.
3. Aww, Madara's the first grandfather to hold Tsunade! That's so cute. (I've recently been rewatching the Madara vs 5 kage fight, so I also find this deliciously ironic.)
4. You came up with a brilliant reason why Tsunade has no last name despite being part of a powerful family. Shame there's no similar reason in canon.
5. Do you think this 'verse's Tsunade has blue eyes or do you think they'll turn brown?
6. Ah, bathtub scene. I was wondering if it would make an appearance in the story, and by jove it has! It's a lot tamer than what I was expecting tho'. A LOT tamer...
7. Aww, Hashirama's washing Madara. So cute!
8. ...really, Madara. You're unhappy because your daughter's not getting married. Newsflash, honey, YOU'VE never gotten married. You've been living in sin with another man for more than a decade and reared three kids with him. (Haha, dear goodness is Madara's hypocrisy hilarious.)
9. What do you think Tsunade's relationship with Butsuma and TobiMito spawn #2 will be like? I think they'll have a close, almost sibling like relationship, but how would Tsunade address Butsuma? Nii-san? Ojii-san? (Speaking of Tsunade and addressing people, she called Hashirama "Ojii-sama" in the 5 kage fight. I dunno why I shared that.)
10. Aww... Madara's worried for the well-being the next generation. It's really great to see that. I really do like to see how Madara has softened. And how Hashirama draws strength from his loved ones. It's very "Will of Fire"-y of him. And not at all, "I'll kill anyone who threatens my village, even if that means slaughtering all of the villagers." (Not that I'm BITTER or anything...)
11. Tobirama wouldn't poison Hashirama to become Hokage... he'd push him into a valley of stampeding wildebeest. Also, is there no chance for Madara to become the Second Hokage in this universe? (Probably because he's planning on dying before Hashirama, huh?)
12. My headcanon ending for this universe is that Hashirama and Madara die in battle, but pretty much together and only after they're very old. (I think Hashirama and Madara might live to their late-70's together, at least. I mean, Hiruzen lived to 69, and he was by himself.) Neither of them lose anyone extremely close to them. And there's nothing you can say that can change my mind.
13. I'm glad Madara didn't choose to be the Madara who left Konoha and never softened. If he had, that would have eventually culminated to an alien rabbit princess hijacking his body, and a Hatake would somehow gain the eyes of an Uchiha through ghost magic.
14. I think when Hashirama gets to be like late-60's old, he'd become that grandpa who shares the really inappropriate stories at the dinner table. Tsunade would be in her late twenties and going, "Please, Ojii-san, I really don't want to hear what you and Madara-san did last night." Jiraiya would be making faces since there aren't any hot chicks in the story. Madara will cover the ears of Noboru's kid, completely indignant. And I think Mads would be content (that would be such a sight, like a unicorn farting a rainbow), but he'd pretend to be grumpy just for the sake of it. His hair would still be black because he's busy dying it. Or rather, Hashirama's doing the actual dye work for him. Madara just sits there.
15. How would gothmetal!Mads and flowerpower!Hashi get together? Hmm... I'd say they somehow got invited to a music festival, and the guy scheduling the thing accidently placed their venues at the same place and time, and they meet. Hashirama falls in love at first sight, and lets Madara's group sing first. Madara forgets about the whole thing, but he runs into Hashirama again, who starts talking to him, and gives him some weed, and they decide they should go to the creek and skip stones with the same sort of high-level cognitive reasoning only a high person can make. (Yeah, I have no idea either. I was totally making stuff up as I went. Also, I have nothing against people who smoke pot.)
16. Where would Hashirama and Madara be in this Office!AU? (Also, Hiruzen being freakin' golden boy in every 'verse.)
17. Kakuzu's appearance scares me. Like, if I ever ran into him in a dark alleyway? Egh. Still, he's an interesting character in how little of a backstory he has, like you mentioned. I wonder why Kishi didn't decide to expand on him or Hidan.
18. I was under the impression ryo was the currency, and all the nations have adopted it. Also, have you noticed how annoyingly well all the Daimyos of the nations get along? I was expecting more hostility between them, but they're all so... incompetent.
19. If I had to guess what the four noble clans of Konoha were, I would have picked the Senju, the Uchiha, the Hyuuga, and the Uzumaki (despite them being from the Land of Whirlpool). How in the world did the Aburame and the Akimichi make this list!? And I have no idea how the Senju didn't, dear. If there was only ONE noble clan in Konoha, it should be the one that keeps churning out Hokages.
20. Hmm... but D-rank shinobi missions also include dog walking and weeding, so I don't get how cooking and cleaning would be more of a waste. Granted, it might seem like an abuse of power if the Hokage were to assign a genin squad the mission of cleaning his toilet, ironing his lover's clothes, and bake his kids a cake.
21. I see Konoha as being a pretty misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, heteronormative place, so I'm not surprised that people would categorize HashiMada into "husband" and "wife" roles.
22. Surely Tobirama would have guessed that Hashirama can't dominate someone like Madara 24/7, and he also must know dominance doesn't correlate with topping every time... What part of Hashirama's sex life bothers Tobirama more: the fact that he's sleeping with a man or that he's sleeping with Madara?
23. For the crossover question, I was wondering if Hashirama would have remembered Kakuzu as that kid that tried to kill him, and be affronted that the man he loved chose a guy who tried to do him in, but then remembered, that incident never occurred in this 'verse. Or did it? Did it happen off screen?
24. Non-crossover question! How do you think The Mercenary's Hashirama would have taken The Mercenary's KakuMada?
25. How do you picture HashiMada's current house? It has indoor plumbing and electricity, but you mentioned how Madara doesn't like Western style? But he sleeps in a bed?
26. Hmm... but what's great about Snape is that he's undeniably not a good person. That's what makes him interesting is his ambiguity. I also felt bad for him and how easy it was for Dumbledore to manipulate him. On the other hand, why did he pick on Harry? It just seemed unreasonably petty.
27. Good luck with your future writings! I hope to see more HashiMada from you! :P Especially from this 'verse. I'm still obsessed with it. (You might have been able to guess.)
Sunny271 chapter 8 . 8/6/2014
Dear you have the best timing was the same with the last two chapters. I come home from a really crappy day and you have updated... I am just scared of the next crappy day, seeing how this was the end. Oh wait, I know, you simply have to write more in this verse:)
I will do a proper chapter review later!
bloody toxic chapter 8 . 8/6/2014
Aaaww... I loved it.

I like the last part where Madara is telling Hashirama he won't get old or he'll dye his grey hair. Love it.
Guest chapter 8 . 8/6/2014
This was amazing!
so cute. Ohgod I love hashimada so much.
Sunny2710 chapter 7 . 7/27/2014
I adored the new chapter... the family gathering was fun, especially Madara & Hashirama's "discussion", I am in accordance with Madara's opinion on Kagami...and considering Hashirama's action it seems he sees reason too;) The boys reaction to their fathers' way of settling an argument was pretty much priceless!
I love the end, please let Hashirama tell Takumi more...I wonder what Takumi would say if he knew that the girl Hashirama was with was (at least from Tobirama's point of view) -an albeit pale-female copy of Madara. Which kinda makes Madara the first and only after all.
I am looking foward to more
HotarunoHikari chapter 7 . 7/25/2014
I lubs Noboru! He's totally gonna grow up to be just like Madara.

I love this family so much if rather read your stories than spend time with my own. XD
Komo Pineconeseed chapter 7 . 7/25/2014
0. Long and rambly, even more so than usual. :D Hopefully no text gets cut…
1. Holy snap, I feel so bad for Kagami. It must be terrifying getting glared at by Hashirama, so much more so than Madara or Tobirama (since he doesn’t do it anywhere as often as them). I’m assuming he knows the real reason he was dragged out to this “party”?
2. How many times do you think Tobirama uttered any variation of the phrase “You heard Madara” throughout his life? XD
3. How far along is Aina? (And if she’s more than five months, how in the world did she manage to hide this from her dad and uncle?)
4. Aww, Aina got character development! Good for you, girl!
5. I love how Hashirama is amused that Madara is a Kagami/Aina shipper on deck. (To be honest, my support for Kagami/Aina has gotten stronger as well.)
6. Holy snap, Kagami must be strong to get the “rather talented” praise from Madara! Wait.. what is Madara’s type? People stronger than him? With a bad sense of style? Who can skip stones better than him? Who can provide a world where he can run away from his stresses? (eyebrow waggle)
7. Hashi totally sensed his little eavesdroppers and turned on the sexy charm to get rid of them, didn’t he? (Not that he needs much persuasion.) Also, Noboru is disturbingly quick and accurate on interpreting the sounds his parents are making. Granted, he is hitting puberty, but… has he accidently walked in on his parents before? XD
8. Whoa, has Takumi lost so much faith in Madara that he needs validation of his love for Hashirama and/or the family?
9. Oh no, don’t tell me Takumi has taken up his sister’s habit of falling in and out of love frequently… (Granted, it’d probably be easier than crushing on said sister)
10. Now I’m really interested in Hashi’s past relationship with this kunoichi. I remember Tobirama describing her resembling a female Madara in the previous story, but I’m now really interested in exactly how she and Hashirama got together and how much impact she made on Hashirama’s future relationships. (Or relationship. How many people have Hashi been with romantically or intimately before Madara in this ‘verse?)
11. Related to previous point, does Madara know about Hashirama’s past relationships? I’m of two minds on this. I don’t think he would as this is private, and I can’t see Hashirama would want to give out this information… but I also can’t see Hashirama lying to Madara if he ever asks. (And I feel Madara would probably ask being the jealous person that he is.)
12. The closest a woman came to beating a man by herself was Temari vs Shikamaru during the chuunin exam, I think. Sakura and Chiyo also defeated Sasori, but that took two women. But you’re right, I can’t recall a woman defeating a man on her own ever in canon.
13. I… kinda skipped the Kushina/Minato flashback. In fact, I only went back to skim it for information related to Mito and HashiMito.
14. I can’t see Sasuke taking Danzo’s position in a Naruto-run Konoha. I say this because he hates Danzo, and I think he really hates the two-facedness of the village that destroyed his family and then tricked him. (However, he is starting to develop the “for the greater good” mentality lately in the manga…)
15. Only man I can think of brave enough to plow Kaguya would be… Jiraiya.
16. It’d be weird if Madara never came back. Like, really weird, mainly because it doesn’t fit the buildup Kishi gave him.
17. What’s weirdest is that the darkest part of their relationship still has a total homoerotic subtext in English…
18. FYI, Oonoki’s flashback of Madara is in Ch 575. (Yeah, I have no idea why he was wearing a headband either.) My favorite present Kage is actually Tsunade, although I do concede she isn’t the most badass.
19. As for the anime episode… it was even more bittersweet than I anticipated. Dear god, they really did well with some of the music placement in this one. I was thrown off by Hashi’s “grandfather voice” in the flashback, and Madara’s eyebrow for that cliff scene. But what really got to me was the extra scene with Hashi walking around the village and meeting up with Madara and the two of them visiting places together… (it really captured the atmosphere of your fic, really), and that heart wrenching scene with hallucination!Madara. God MY FEELS. (I’m seriously terrified of the next episode.)
20.…did you notice the coffee shop in Founders’ Era Konoha? They had CAFES APPARENTLY
Sunny271 chapter 6 . 7/24/2014
Oh boy...I am too slow. I haven't commented on chapter 6 yet...and there is number 7 already *hides in shame* Again I have to blame real life for this. I must check my mails for often so I see when you update:)
Anyway, back to the story... you already know that I adore Madara-san's little favorite, so the beginning of chapter 6 was beautiful and heart-breaking at the same time. The poor little boy, but such a lovely way to show Madara's compassionate side, and his own attempts to hide it. It is of course about the the proper Uchiha upbringing, rather than him caring...sure Madara, sure.
I also love the contrast of Hashirama remembering this only to come back to reality where Madara is on his way to do serious harm to his *not* future son in law. I am proud of Hashirama for standing his ground to Madara and his brother. Tobirama and Madara in the same scene is always amusing, their bickering is such a show. But I am not sure if I am to pity or congratulate Kagami on his future bride, and the in-laws... gotta wait and see:)
Argonian read by Imaginary Dan chapter 7 . 7/24/2014
*snicker* Love at first stone skip. Hahahahaha.

I liked this chapter. It was cute and brightened everything up a little bit. Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see more.

I'd like to see more flashbacks of Madara and Hashirama raising the kids. Like silly things. An agrument for the tooth-fairy.
aibeloved chapter 7 . 7/24/2014
I love your choice of word, Hashi love "reserve" for Madara only
GaleSynch chapter 6 . 7/18/2014
Perhaps Tsunade and Shisui will be siblings?
Argonian read by Imaginary Dan chapter 6 . 7/16/2014

Awesome chapter as always. I also enjoyed Pink. My friend sent it to me and it brightened my day a little bit.

I liked the beginning, when they found Noboru. Poor boy and Madara is such a sweet person when he wants to be. I wish Kishi would show more of his sweet side.

Poor Kagami. Lol.

And I changed my penname. I use to be "Sanguinary Toxicity" but I wanted to change it.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
Komo Pineconeseed chapter 6 . 7/15/2014
0. Review is long, rambly, and inquisitive, as per usual. Hopefully FFN doesn't cut out any text this time...
1. Well… that blows my “Noboru was secretly Izuna’s kid” theory out the water. (I felt it answered why Madara cared so much pretty well and their similarity in looks. Noboru is old enough if Izuna had a last tryst right before his death too. Plus it felt soap opera-y.) But Madara didn’t even remember his mom, so… why did five-year-old Noboru trust Madara? Also, what were Noboru’s parents doing in the forest outside the village? Also, I can’t remember if Founders’ era Konoha had a giant fence. I thought it did.
2. Who is on Madara’s team? Anyone I would know? Anyone from a clan I would know? I had originally assumed he just worked with whoever was available and fit the mission, but nobody else in the Leaf Village floats around like that (except for Root members, maybe, but Danzo has, like, zero political power currently).
3. What is a proper Uchiha upbringing? Learning fire releases and secrets of the Sharingan? (And the Curse of Hatred? The tablet in the basement? Or being crazy in love?) Does Hashirama know about the tablet in the basement?
4. Has ANBU been founded yet? What about the Academy or the Uchiha Military Police? (Or any of the other things that Tobirama founded? I’m guessing “no” for the military police. Please correct me if I’m wrong!)
5.I’m trying to picture adult!Madara trying to comfort someone, and I’m failing.
6. Oh god, GRANDFATHER!MADARA… sorry, just got a canon flashback to the old!Madara Obito met. I know with Hashirama’s guidance, this Madara will be different, but all of a sudden, I’m not sure parental!Madara is a good idea anymore. (That’s a big fat lie, of course. I’ll always squeal over Hashi and Mads being parents together.)
7. How in the world did Hashirama calm Madara down enough to “make love slowly” and “fall asleep together”? Why didn’t you expand on this scene? (eyebrow wiggle) XD But with all seriousness, with Madara’s temper, I was sure someone’s head was going to get chopped off right there and then. (And by someone, I meant Rinha Minoru, and by head, I meant heads.)
8. I guess 10 years in a relationship would allow a man to know when the man he loves is about to murder someone. Good job, Hashi.
9. I love how Hashirama’s cold, angry tone still makes Madara’s dangly bits tingle, and I love how awkward it made Tobirama felt. Is Hashirama aware that showing his power turns Mada on, and, if so, has he ever taken advantage of that fact?
10.I can see what you mean when you said Madara and Tobirama getting along and teaming up would be a bad thing for Hashi. To be honest, I was surprised both Tobirama and Madara put aside their differences and worked together so easily. Is Hashirama powerful enough to withstand the power of a MadaTobi teamup? (Two times the nagging and zero chance of getting lucky.) Also, did Tobirama just pimp out his student? Can the leader of the Uchiha Clan do arranged marriages? Wouldn’t the incestuous (and probably misogynistic) Uchiha Clan be unhappy that one of their best and brightest has to marry an outsider who got pregnant out of wedlock by another outsider, even if she is the adopted daughter of the Clan Head?
11.I’m starting to ship Kagami/Aina again. I also get this feeling Takumi’s about to like Madara even less.
12.I’mma ask a question I don’t think you’ll answer, but I do hope you give some sort of hint. Will Tsunade be appearing in this story? The thing is, it would be REALLY WEIRD to read a story where Hashi doesn’t have a grandkid named Tsunade. I mean, that was essentially Tsunade’s thing in canon. She can heal, she’s part of the legendary sannin, and she’d make a great Hokage since she’s the granddaughter of the First. It’d also be convenient to put Tsuna in this story if you want to cut down on the OC creation. (I’m just sayin’.)
Aina does marry Kagami, will Shisui be appearing in this story? :D (That was a rhetorical question, lovely.)
14.I loved this chapter, darling! Good job! :D (Fav scene was definitely Hashirama’s introspection of what happened the night before, the plan of getting laid in the morning, and the moment he realized Madara’s plans. Perfect mix of fluff and drama!)
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