Reviews for 919: Everything is Blood
Indigo-Night-Wisp chapter 6 . 7/17/2014
I am in love.

I love the characterization, and the study of Nikolai's character. I love the subtle ways that Nikolai is different from Natasha, but also still very similar. I love the way that Clint's stubborn pragmatism translates into Collie's overall attitude.

I love "You took my hawk."

I find a rival for the Atrax title intriguing. I love the way Niko keeps asking Collie the personal questions at the end, and I love even more that she doesn't know WHY he asks, but as a reader, I do.

Basically, I love you and everything you write and at the moment especially this universe.
PirateTink chapter 6 . 6/18/2014
So I read this a couple of days ago, liked it, but was hopelessly lost in a new world I didn't understand. So I spent a day and a half painstakingly searching the internet to find where this whole thing started, found you, but then had to track down lithiumaddict, aka the other half of this insanely awesome pairing that has created a whole new world of my favorite couple to fall in love with.

Anywho, came back to this today, after immersing myself into your 919 universe, and this made much more sense. I love where Collie and Niko's relationship has gone, how it started and held on and changed and progressed- it's just amazing. I love regular Clintasha, but many fics just don't delve as deep into their partnership as I would like. I think that's one reason I love your world so much, because not only do you go so deep into them as individuals, you go as deep into their partnership, which has had a huge impact on who they are "now".

I don't know a ton about their comic-verse backstories, but I love that you have put some of it into here. I am dying for some Marvel-movie love for "these" two simply so I can know more about them, but I feel I have a better basic understanding through your works. (And I now have a feeling that whatever Marvel produces will pale in comparison to how perfectly you have made it all fit together here, no matter how much more "official" their's is.)

I don't think I can adequately express how much I love what you - and lithiumaddict - have done here. This is such an amazing AU world that so perfectly fits into the real, and that's hard to do. I have read many brave attempts at AUs involving characters I have fallen in love with, but few pull them off, and none as brilliantly as you two have.

The end of this story speaks so much gravity into *them*. All of *them* that you have created - that has happened, they have shared, and Niko just wants to make sure Collie is still *herself*. I think when Collie wakes up the next morning, and her head is less foggy, she'll understand exactly why Niko was asking her those questions, and that that was just his part of their way of comforting each other.