Reviews for A Diamond is Forever
Nrrrd-Grrrl-Meg chapter 6 . 1/13
While I am sorry that we didn't get to see this in full, this was a great run down. Overall, this story was amazing and I'm glad you finished it in some way. You're a great writer and I hope you do another one soon, I'd love to submit again.

Honestly, I was shocked by the victor, even if you didn't seem to be. I'm glad my sweet, socially inept Cartier was your pick from the start and I'm super excited to have my very, very, VERY first tribute victor. :D I hope others loved him as much as I did.
nevergone4ever chapter 6 . 1/7
Austin, this was a truly great story. I'm immensely saddened to know that your time on fanfiction has gone, but you know, you can always come back if you like :) We certainly wouldn't complain!

I can only hope that you'll update the blog with training scores and rankings and stuff, haha.

I'm going to comment on the top 8, because really, that's where most of the drama unfolded!


Eliah- he was strong-willed and great, but perhaps a little too great? He always seemed just a little too perfect when he was in the Capitol, ya know? I don't know, his death was terrible. Bleeding out or being eaten alive. Poor Eliah.

Laec- awh, buddy, you really made it far, and I'm glad to say it was my Ryker who protected him - or he was just an alpha hider, you don't know what happened, hm? ;) But no, Laec was truly great in the Capitol. At first I was like "he was babied... really?" but this proved that he was brave. He tried to jump into the action and help Ryker with Maven, and for that, I wanna liek give him a hug or something. Awh, RIP, Laec. :(

Maven- this girl... I didn't know what to think of her, and I liked her less and less as we got little cameos over this chapter. She's twisted and with no heart and abadons her own ally for dead. Like, who does that? Bye, Maven.

No, honestly, I liked her, but her death was hilarious, from the part about the little goblin to trying to pounce on Castor, only to accidentally hop into a hole and die. DIE IN A HOLE omg.

Metias- I actually know his backstory and watching it unfold, dang. This was intense. He accepted death and while that's terrible, it's realistic. He knew he couldn't go up against a Career with a bulky sword, while he had a tiny knife. Metias was great, dark and mysterious, and I'm sad to see him go, but happy to say that he got a high ranking. RIP.

Castor- Castor I don't remember too much about, but he must have had a great personaliy and character arc to make the top 3. Oh, and his blog picture had a really uncomfrtoable pose. And for that, I wish him a sincere RIP.

Ryker- Austin, the path you took her down was amazing. Every little lie she told and every time she protected Laec, even in the two POV's she was featured in and even the weakness on her blog post, was great. And here it only proves it. I can't say anything more other than how proud I am of her. You truly made her flourish, and that's something only an amazing writer can do.

Cartier- well, if it isn't the un-monstrous dude. ;)

Seriously, Austin, I'm sad to see this story go. I am. There are too many stories just ending liek this, and while yours is one of them, you made it great while it was happening. ;_; and that's all that really matters, isn't it?

Have a great life, Austin, and best of luck with your future writings.

lissy chapter 5 . 9/14/2014
oooooh ahhhhh I like ryker and rion and Kendra the best hahaha but lake isn't too bad either those are my early favorites though

make ryker go with the careers and rion a loner, and make kendra and lake pair up because she'd be like a mother to him

hahahaha ok long review but I am out and waiting for an update!
jacob1106 chapter 5 . 9/1/2014
I think that Dax and Cordin will snare in the girl from 5 and they'll be a great alliance
nevergone4ever chapter 5 . 8/20/2014
Hey Austin :)

Okay, so first off, I'm extremely sorry I haven't reviewed this sooner. If I did review it, it would have had to been on my iPad, and you definitely don't deserve a crappy review full of SpellCheck and all that, but a late review with lots of thoughts and such is better, yes? :)

Here we gooooooo-

Rion- haha, clumsiness :o) Everybody can relate to hey, he seems to have found a friend in Merris, yes? That's pretty good, yeah. I think that the both of them can support each other, even though Nash and Arleigh are in the alliance as well. They seem to click.

Naomi- I rather like her, she seems to have this manipulative side to her that can be tricky to decipher, albeit a bit... I don't know, really. It might just be me, because there's also the side of her that genuinely seems to like Lora. Hm, I'll be watching out for her.

Dax- oh, I like him! He understands that he's two-faced, one charming and delightful side and another side of him- maybe a less delightful side, where he full-out rages? xD Yeah, he seems pretty ballsy to me, and I like how there's a bit of a rebel in him, what with wanting to use the crossbow. He's gonna be a force in the arena, I know it.

Kendra- she seems to have actual common sense and wits, something that Neith CLEARLY lacks. ._. That being said, I think my favorite Career girl is Kendra, though Kiah isn't too shabby. Bastian's easily daunted, I guess :D I can see Kendra going far, actually.

Laec- awh, you just have to love him. I think that he /might/ seem a bit young for his age? I mean, I can see a nine-year-old being babied and such, maybe even a ten-year-old, but not 12. Miniature ocean in his pants, haaaa. Aside from that, he seems to be easily flustered and overall a people-pleaser. No chance of him stabbing Ryk in the back ;) Doing lovely with her, btw!

Cidar- ha, he's rather funny. :) "You're back!" "And you're two-toned!" Racist, but he was poking fun at himself and the escort both, which shows that he has a good sense of humor :) I can see why he allied with Tucker. They mesh very well together.

Neith- manipulative, eh? So the silly flirty girl is all a facade! Really interesting, I actually fell for it, thinking she was some dumb Career at first xD But yeah, she does seem a bit arrogant, and while that's entertaining, it can get old after a while. I'm enjoying her character, but she's not a favorite.

Nash- I don't like their alliance one bit. You've got Nash, the sweet, somewhat oblivious and awkward guy, Rion, the clumsy guy who just wants a friend, Merris, who I don't know too much about yet, and Arleigh, the manipulator. In my opinion, Merris acts more prissy and stupid around Arleigh, and I don't like it. Nash, though, still amazing xD

Maven- ehh... to be honest, I'm not getting a feel for her character. I think it's the overly pessimistic personality, how she looks down on everybody, an is overall just a nasty person. Eliah, don't join her ;_; You can do so much better!

Bastian- He's such a perf xDD I love how, like, a ton of the dudes are just watching a half-naked Neith, all oiled up and wrestling xD Nice, dude. Their three-on-three plan is interesting, appealing. Personally, I'd be rooting for Neith to go at it alone, Kendra and Cartier to team up, and yeah, Castor, Bastian, and Kiah. Their Career pack seems fragile.
OH AND I DID NOT MISS THAT ONE DIRTY JOKE. "Girls either want boys for pleasure, satisfaction, or money in our pockets. And I don't have any pockets." WOW XDD

Thalia- she seems really, really shy. I'm not sure where I stand on her. Metias and Thalia would sort of be a weird alliance, to be honest.

Lora- "I don't have to worry. I;m only sixteen." That was one of the quotes that still sticks in my head. Hm. To be honest, she does seem really carefree, but that will ultimately be her downfall. I can see her being a bloodbath.

Early favorites? Ooh :3 Ryker, but that's completely bias. Laec is adorable. Bastian's the perv, but that's just perfect :) Kendra, Castor too. I really like the Careers this year!

Again, apologies :s
Tear That Cherry Out chapter 5 . 8/18/2014
oh hey, i appeared ;o

I'm honestly too lazy to write out POV by POV opinions, so I'll just give you my preference list and chart before I forget about it C: I'll probably do proper opinions by the Games though, for now the chapters are just hella long.

Lora Venere
Tucker Keefe
Kendra Lear
Thalia Belmont
Maven Ashford
Kiah Mirelle
Merris Bradley
Rion Caraher
Eliah Seeton
Castor Ortega
Neith Mortici
Nash Terrin
Ryker Brunel
Bastian Prewitt
Cartier Rappaport
Metias Callah
Cordin Gerick
Seydre Lyren
Radison Bombeck
Cidar Rye
Naomi Aracus
Dax Landcaster
Laec Arias

Love: Lora, Tucker.
Like: Kendra, Maven, Kiah, Rion, Merris, Eliah, Thalia.
Conflicted: Neith, Bastian, Seydre, Ryker, Metias.
Neutral: Cartier, Castor, Cordin, Nash, Radison, Cidar.
Dislike: Laec, Naomi, Dax.

You're doing great, btw. Looking forward to the next chapter :)
Gamemaker97 chapter 5 . 8/12/2014
Well, this seems like an interesting chapter. I think with most Hunger Games fanfics you get a sense of the in-game politics of forming and breaking alliances, but this all seems to be about everyone trying to get one over everyone else and everyone hatching their own plan. I've almost been finding myself reading one perspective and thinking 'oh, that plan will work great', and then reading the next one and thinking the same thing. Then I get to the end of the chapter and realise that according to me, at least ten of these tributes stand a good chance of winning.

Favourites from this bunch of tributes? Neith and Naomi. Maybe Bastian. I'm still not sure who of the twenty-four I want to win. By the time of the interviews, I'll probably know who I'm backing.

Likewise, all the tributes seem to have something to offer in the Games so I can't really rule anyone out just yet. Nor can I predict who will win, either. So I'm going to withhold all thoughts on the matter until I know training scores and who survives the bloodbath. Then, and only then, do I think I'll know who should come out on top.

But to conclude, I liked this chapter, as we got to see something new about a lot of tributes and it all helps in the build-up to the Games. I imagine that this must be the hardest bit of the story to write, given how tedious it must be to write so many scenes all about training; I know I couldn't manage it myself. Still, you're doing a good job with keeping it fresh and original, so it's not getting boring despite what might be seen by some as repetitiveness.

Oh, and the quality of writing is excellent, as ever, with only the odd typing error that you would expect with a chapter of this length.

OK, so now before I ramble on for too long (I probably already have), I'll finish with this: Good job with this chapter, and I'll await the next one eagerly :)
luvakatsuki3 chapter 5 . 8/5/2014
Have a little faith Rion dear :-)
Dang, great dialogue between the mentors. I'm glad Rion has one who will believe in him, but at the same time, Seydre having the one who doesn't is liable to hurt her chances and I feel like she has good ones.
Oh my goodness, genius move Austin! Merris and Rion? Match made in heaven :-)

Naomi, very bitter girl I'm eager for the back story here with Metias.
Poor Lora, so naive, hopefully she faces reality soon and Naomi's plan bites her in the butt.

Whoop! Score Dax! :-) :-) :-)
While I'd have preferred him with 8, 3 is okay lol. Their personalities actually clash pretty decently it looks like. :-)
Good luck with Seydre though - I hope you get her :-)

I like all the things you said here with just the two's tone of voice, very impressive. :-)
Awww x3
Cartier called her gorgeous how sweet :-)
This girl has got Neith's ticket - I one hundred percent share her dislike lol. Although I don't like her herself too much either.

Poor Laec, caught in the aftermath of neither and her conniving spirit :(
At least he has Ryker though right? :-)
:( That sucks. I hope in the arena he'll find the courage to try at it you know? He's so young, I guess it's understandable, especially if he was babied the way he was.

Cidar :-D
Knew the man in her stories would end up being is father xD
Genius genius genius :-) :-)
Tabby cats xD
Rflmao! Low blow. My guy's such a douche sometimes :-)
And aww, even though he doesn't really want to go he listens to Tucker anyways :-)
I like how he wanted to steal the pillow too, nice touch :-)

Okay, let's be honest here. This is where my reading left off, and now that I'm continuing, I can't quite say I dislike her as much. I'm still not fond, but I will say I love the duplicity in her - you know how I am with the devious types :-)

Hmm, as you know, I heavily support the Rion-Merris alliance, but did you notice how similar Nash and Dion as in personality, well, so it seems now at least? Not that it's a big deal. The girls seem pretty different though. I will say I wish Arleigh wasn't part of the alliance, somehow I feel like she'd be the first to betray them, you know?

Okay! Officially supporting an Eliah-Maven alliance! They're so cute together. :-)
But to be completely serious, I love the banter between them. I'm definitely more biased towards Eliah winning the Games out of the two, if only because he seems a lot nicer, and I really just like his character surprisingly. :-P

Clients huh? Stripper alert!
I actually like Bastian a whole lot more seeing things from his perspective though.
Good thing I don't have any of those. Pockets that is. xD
Nice one there :-)
I also like the way he's not letting first impressions rule his opinion of Castor.
I like this one. This is the career I'd want to win. :-P
Awwwww, Metias- smooth moves :-)
Adorbs lemme say. Somehow I feel like I'd be this girl in the Games. Points for her in that case. :-P

So... I,m not saying I want her to win, because there's many I'd choose before her, but poor, poor Lora. :-(
She's SO naive. I could see her maybe, maybe, winning if people disregard her as weak and she eventually comes to the realization that she needs to fight to survive. I feel like she has the potential, but depends on her overall character outline.


Okay, overall favorite characters?
Dax, cidar, Tucker, and (strangely) Bastian. :-)
TotL support for the Nash, Arleigh, Rion, Merris alliance, you know, minus Arleigh.
Obviously Cidar and Tucker, totally feeling that.
Support for Dax and eventual Seydre alliance, but Cordin's okay overall.

Are these the definite solos? Aww :'(
So no dax-seydre or eliah-maven for me huh?
That's too bad :-P
luvakatsuki3 chapter 4 . 7/23/2014
Hmm, I kind of like Eliah's train of thought. He's coming from a genuine place. I kinda like him, but not sure if I'd want him to win.

Castor can be pretty funny :-)
Neith definitely gets on my nerves though - she speaks the truth though I guess, I'll give her that much.

Tucker is an interesting kid. I think I can see what's meant by inappropriate lol.
Hmm, is it his dad maybe? What a coincidence :-)
You just nail this boy every time. Applause for you :-P

Ahh, Radison, so there's a method to the madness :-)
Lora - Not sure I don't like her, but not sure that I do.

Awww, I,m not that fond of Arleigh, but Sven I have to admit the interaction here was adorbs :-)
Nash is so cute. I'm digging the nickname - gosh, when/if he dies I'll be so sad :'(

Don't like Kiah, but I guess she's nice.
I love how eager Bastian is for attention lol, but don't like him otherwise.
Muscida is going to be interesting if we see more of her, if not she's interesting right now - very befitting of a mentor :-)

Great choice Cordin! I don't like her either :-)
That said, I don't like you much either. :-(

Gosh, is Ryker gonna end up abandoning the kid right off the bat in the arena? What if she ends up killing him, poor Laec.
Honestly it's not as if he has no chance at all. Kids can do pretty awful things out of desperation after all.

Well, Cartier is kind of interesting I guess. I wonder what he,s in it for.
Kendra seems pretty typical, but I wonder how deep her character goes.
Neith neith neith, lol, I do so hope they all see through that little act. :-)

You know, for some reason I had it in my head that I wouldn't like Seydre, but I actually really sort of do. :-)
Plus, she seems kind of like the full package, but we'll see. :-P

Dax yo, go with D8 :-)
Smarty pants isn't he, yet still so oblivious. :-)
Merris, smart, good points. I like her, but I'm not crazy about her.
Huh, shout out to 11 mixed in there with 10. I can just imagine that conversation, trying to start a fire lmao :-)

Interesting stuff here. Who's Micah? Metias' brother? Interesting :-)
Naomi is bleh. Don't like her, bleh!.

Early favorites: Tucker, Cidar, and Dax. :-)

Who I'd like to hear from: Cidar, Nash, and Dion. We haven't seen Thalia at all, but I don't think I'll like her anyways.

The funny thing is, I don't like Tucker just because she's allied with Cidar, but I genuinely like her character. Props to her creator, I don't think I've seen someone like her yet - plus, maybe it's just me, but her personality just pairs so well with Cidar's, doesn't it? :-)
Oisin55 chapter 2 . 7/19/2014
I haven't finished Riley's Choice yet because big important life things, but I still intend to. Nevertheless I read the first two chapters here and I wanted to drop a line and comment on how much your writing has improved. Keep up the good work mate.
Gamemaker97 chapter 4 . 7/19/2014
Well, I'm certainly liking the way this SYOT is panning out so far. Good set of characters, good initial two chapters introducing them. The way you've mixed in the petty troubles of a group of Gamemakers amused me also. An ingenious way to get around the usual monotony of SYOTs.

As for the tributes themselves, it looks like a good crop. Favourites? I'm not sure. I think Ryker and Kiah have my attention here. Not that any of the tributes are bad, of course. I think I'll decide who I'm 'officially' supporting after the interviews, so I get a fair shot at everyone.

Oh, and kudos to whoever thought to create a character from District 6 with the surname Brunel. That sort of reference is something that I think should be seen a lot more in tribute creation.

I think one issue with SYOTs is that, in a group of 24 tributes there will always be one 'normal guy', who doesn't have a real story to tell. But I do like how everyone seems to have a unique angle. Within these Games, at least. Makes it more interesting from the perspective of someone like me, who's doing a pretty good imitation of an interested Captiol fan at the moment.

But anyway, great job so far, I'll be awaiting the next update as always :)
TallTalesInk chapter 4 . 7/18/2014
Hiya, I think I'm a few days late, I've been busy starting a new story. But I made it before the next update, so I'll call this a success.
Eliah- He seems kind of like you're average guy. I can sort of see why 'negative' and 'indifferent' work as weaknesses for him, but there were a few moments, like when he mentioned his father, where we got to see that he does care for some things, which is good. He's also already thinking forwards about the Games, and trying to toughen up for them. He knows what's coming, and that's good. I can see him doing well enough

Castor- I really enjoyed this section. The idea of a creepy stylist was just really original to me, and it was perfect that you chose Castor to be her victim. He was so awkward with her- which was perfect. I can already see that Castor's going to be one of my favorites. I also liked that he sort of had heard of Neith before. Speaking of Neith, by the by, she seems a little off her rocker. It'll be interesting to see her view of the world, because Castor has pointed out that she's hiding something. Anyway, this was one of my favorite segments in this chapter.

Tucker- Or I guess I should call her Tuck instead. The story teller angle here is definitely new, but I'm not sure if I like it. She's definitely a little off. Like, talking about all the guts and gore of this guy getting whipped, and focusing on the victim, not the peacekeeper. That's super weird. As for Cider- I caught how he wanted to know about the peacekeeper. I think there might be some backstory dirt there. I don't know how I feel about these two allying though. I don't think I like it. Because I think I might enjoy Cider, but Tuck is definitely creeping me out. Right now, she's definitely my least favorite tribute that I've read so far.

Radison- So, we've got ourselves a tough guy here. He's going for the stoic angle, which is interesting because he's a little young for that. He seems to have more sense than his District partner though, who seems to be a bit of an idealist (I'm calling the bloodbath on her now). I liked the glimpse of Snow you gave us here- since he's young. I thought that Lora saying 'you'd think he was dead already or something' was a very clever. Anyways I thought this section was good. I bet I could like Radison, but Im going to wait a little longer to make the final call on that.

Arleigh- The bit here with Nash was comical. Arleigh is an interesting character. She almost is like a bit of a foil to Merris (I know we haven't actually gotten to Merris's section yet, but I'm mentioning it anyways). Arleigh is big into the debt thing, but she doesn't seem to ever feel indebted- she just expects it from others. While on the other hand, Merris doesn't think about others being in debt to her, she's all worried about herself being in debt to others. it's interesting.

Kiah- So we have a bit of plot here. D4 is going to be the first to split the alliance huh? Thats definitely asking for trouble. I do like Kia though. She's the kind of career I like- she's focused and very career-ish but she's also clearly not crazy. Bastian meanwhile, seems like he might be missing a screw or two. He's been presented as very flirty and promiscuous so far, and seems to be doing a lot of random ridiculous things for attention (like taking off his pants during the reaping). For now though, I can say for sure that I like Kiah

Cordin- I like Cordin. He seems smart- but not like nerdy smart, more like street smart. He might be a little full of himself, of course, but it's subtle if he is. His interactions with Maven here were definitely interesting. She seems to be similar to him actually, except maybe a little more direct with a little less finess. I think that I do like Cordin better out of the two though, mostly because he is doing a better job at trying to put on a friendly exterior. It'll be interesting to see who they pick for allies (if they pick allies)

Ryker- So she seems like she's a compulsive liar which I'm not a fan of. She's got the serious and pessimistic undertones to her voice that I usually do like, but I just don't usually like these tributes who can't say a word of truth. They're usually too manipulative for me. And I realize that Ryker never outwardly said that she intended to manipulate people but that almost makes it worse 'cause she's doing it without thinking. And it annoys me even further that she's allied with Laec, although I don't know exactly why. Probably because he's going to be used so easily by her. Maybe if she get's a bit attached to Laec, I'll like her more, but for now I'm can't get past the lying. Yeah, I'm not a fan.

Cartier- Well he's kind of odd. I didn't expect him to be like this, that's for sure (I think I pegged him as the nice career earlier). Instead he doesn't seem to understand social cues or expressions. Which is definitely kind of interesting. It's also very possible that he's some sort of sociopath or psychopath- which would be ironic because his quote on the blog claims that he's not a monster. Yeah, I don't know what to make of him just yet. The flirty dynamic he has with Kendra was interesting. The beginning of the career dynamic here was definitely fun. Neith sets me a bit on edge- I bet she was totally just trying to start things with Caster. But yeah, I want to see more of them all.

Seydre- This segment was more backstory than anything else. We got a glimpse at Seydre's logical side with the reading plant books in the beginning but after that it sort of focused on her little anecdote about her past. The sword play thing was kind of interesting. I think that it's a little weird that someone might call a kid loopy for playing with sticks ('cause that's something kids do, even if they're like 12-14, it's not too too weird). But she is definitely weird outside of the playing with sticks thing. You can tell there's something a little off with her, and it's a little much, if I'm honest. Yeah, I don't think I like her too much.

Merris- :D. This segment was great. You wrote her very well. I liked the interactions that she had with Dax. He's definitely different from what I expected. He seems nicer and maybe a bit intellectual. I'm definitely interested in seeing his POV next chapter. As for Merris though, it'll be interesting to see if she get's herself into an alliance or not. Judging from this section I'd say she seems to be leaning towards no, but hey, it's hard to tell so early on.

Metias- I liked the setting in this chapter. It's always nice to have one or two night time scenes in the Capitol between District partners. I take it that Metias's brother (twin? I think I heard twin somewhere) is a bit off his rocker or something? Some sort of killer? And now Metias is bent on separating himself from him? That's what I got from this section between Metias and Naomi. That and Naomi is a bit explosive and judgmental.

Anyways, heres my order of preference of these twelve characters (not including Merris of course.):

Update soon :)
bobothebear chapter 4 . 7/17/2014
Hey Austin :)

Sorry this is so late; school, band, eh. Not fun. Anyway-

Eliah was interesting, but not odd. I loved the insight he put off, but I got the vibe that, save that nice moment with the fatherly quote he remembered, he was typical. His thoughts and epiphany in the chapter didn't prove him to be something out there, but I'll keep my eye out for when he does bring something else to the table.

Castor, also, was interesting. No strings attached. I liked his general stoic outlook of everything, particularly his interaction with Neith. Both of them'll be fierce competitors with entirely different ways of doing so. Both of which, I'm intrigued by and excited to see in the games.

District Eleven was cute, but I wasn't the biggest fan of either. Cidar's plain, or so it seems at this point at least, and I'm on the fence with Tucker. Her naïvety is typical, but it's realistic - her odd...tact of using her creepy details may be the redeeming quality I'd like to read more of.

Radison proved different from the rest of the pack of young tributes. As someone who's practically the same age, I can promise that hardly an eighth of my classmates can be deemed 'cute.' Handsome, pretty, sure, but definitely, definitely not cute. Rant, over. Anyway, he was alright, but Lora kinda outshined him just now.

Arleigh seems really complex. She showed different characteristics throughout her POV, and that little bit about favors and debts is a thumbs up in my books. Nash is more or less dull, but granted, he didn't do anything except split his leafy pants. All in all, Arleigh's promising :)

Kiah was intriguing. I love the straightforwardness and focus she showed in contrast to Neith, and another side of her came out with Mags in the elevator. Bastien rubs me as a District One-esque boy. All in all, I'll have to see another POV from both, but from the looks of things, both are looking good :3

Cordin and Maven were both stellar :) I loved the dynamic between them, and I'm anxious to see more from the two of them. Cordin, especially, caught my attention with both his spitfire mindset and sense of control. He'll be going far, definitely.

Oh, Ryker, you're sweet, but you've oh so screwed yourself over. Hard. It's a really adorable pair, but nothing else: Ryker may've just killed her shot at winning, and I can't say I'm saddened.

Cartier's POV was insightful, to say the least. Neith is up to something - splitting the pack, it seems - and Cartier is housing emotions D1 is not known for, not at all. Kendra seems elusive, and Kiah/Bastien I've mentioned. Castor appears to be the weapon Neith's planning to use to rip the careers to shreds. This is definitely promising.

Seydre's weird. Honestly, the weird is a bit overbearing and I'm kinda weirded out right now. XD She felt really mechanical and odd, and yeah, the sooner she goes the quicker I'll be able to sleep at night.

MERRIS IS BEAUTIFUL IDEK I LOVE HER. Maybe it's because she silently stood up to that sorry excuse of a human that is her district partner, but so far, she's by far my favorite. I absolutely adore her omg she's perfect XD

I loved the dialogue between the two of them. Metias and Naomi were portrayed perfectly, thank you :)

Until next time!
nevergone4ever chapter 4 . 7/15/2014
Great chapter, Austin. Love the song, too, especially that lyric as well. So fitting for this chapter, yes? :) Onto the review!

Eliah: I still think of Gale when I think of him, but he's improving a bit. I really like his temper and bitterness that seeps through, it shows that he has a strong sense of self. I can see him in the final 8, easy. If he gets allies, that is, but they'll either be repelled by his strong personality or drawn to the overall mystery he has. His stylist sucks, but she's okay, I suppose.

Castor: I'm liking him more and more, which is definitely a huge improvement, considering I loathed him back in blog reviews. He's an early favorite, yes. I love him as a Career, and it was cute when his stylist pointed out the... erm... coldness. xDD I love how he's easily flustered, too, and can see through his district partner's facade. Yep, I'm liking Castor.

Tucker: I'm still a bit conflicted on her, but even she's getting better for somebody who utterly confused me. I like her dramatic side, how she's not afraid to get into the gruesome details of a story. Her nickname for herself is cute, if a bit creepy that she's referring to herself in third person. And I can see her and Cidar being sort of a Thresh-Rue kind of thing. He being overly protective and all.

Radison: He proved himself, all right. I enjoyed reading about him, and throughout his POV I giggled a bit... so kudos, since despite all the "hehe's" and stuff I throw into reviews, I SHOCKINGLY am not really laughing. :) So, yeah, I enjoyed Radison. He's adorable, really, trying to step outside the little-kid stereotype box that Laec's digging himself into.

Arleigh: Oh heck naw. Nope. Nope. Nash is just too cute for words. This is upsetting to me, since I'm LIKING EVERY SINGLE FRIGGING TRIBUTE HERE. :/ Anyways, Nash is obviously adorable and everything, easily flustered, while Arleigh is a bit... odd. She sure is selfish, thinking that Nash will repay her with a favor? Okay. Nope. Arleigh's the first one I don't really like. Though I could sort of feel her emotions seeping through, her fear and kindness. Fear of District Ten's Dax, and kindness towards her littler district partner.

Kiah: Oh, I love her! Bastian's just hilarious, a bit of a perverted playboy which I find really entertaining, and Kiah herself is just trying to tone everything down a few notches. I find her POV to be quite humble. She keeps mentioning her mother, which means she must be really family-oriented. She's just adorable and I love the idea of "cannibalizing" the alliance first. It'll be very interesting to see how that plays out, yes?

Cordin: Hm. I'm not quite sure where I stand on him. (Haha, that sounded weird.) He can stand up for himself, which was nice, but I'm not really getting much of a feel for his personality as of now, but we do get his opinions on Maven, which aren't the most positive, to be honest. I'm glad that we got to see more of the district relationship, though.

Ryker: What can I say? You've done great with her, and the alliance is just looking fantabulous! :3 *I guess that's a word, no SpellCheck there.* I love Laec and Ryker! :)

Cartier: Ehh... he's alright. I don't really know what to say about him, at the moment he seems rather bland, but there is one thing he's interesting on- that last sentence. So he's putting up a facade, too, right?

Seydre: I really didn't get much from here, other than she's sort of deluded... :/ Somewhat insane, right? Those tributes are always fun to see in the arena, especially, if they aren't bloodbaths (looking at you, Cosmo!)

Merris: Oh, Dax. Silly Dax. She seems a bit frightened by him, and I can see her being a bloodbath as well...

Metias: Yep. Yep. He's great, honestly. I can tell that Naomi and Metias have a connected backstory... with this Micah kid, too. I love Metias already, Naomi as well. Just. YES.

Who am I anxious to hear from? Hm... Neith, Laec, Velvet, especially.

Update soon. Great chapter :33 Sorry my review's a bit late!
jakey121 chapter 4 . 7/14/2014
Eliah: jeez, you'd think in the Capitol they'd have found ways to make this process as pain-free as possible, but everytime I've read about this part it's always painful. I guess it makes sense, they're off to watch them get killed, who cares about ripping some hairs out of your... nose. Yeah, poor Eliah. He's cool though, kind of cold, but kind of sentimental in a way and I liked the nostalgic way he felt thinking about his family and life in Twelve. He's already preparing himself mentally for the Games which is great, but he doesn't seem to really buckle down well when things get tough for him, and this sort of mentality doesn't suit the Arena. Maybe he can try and get through it, he's okay, I'm interested if he finds an alliance.

Castor: Loving him, definitely. I like his no fuss state of mind and how he becomes flustered when taken out of his comfort zone and put into something he isn't expecting. Again, a weakness because if he plans so much about what he expects, the unexpected could really overwhelm him. But he's focused and that will do him good. His training has definitely shaped him into someone that sees the way things should be and doesn't like things to fall out of procedure, he's a no nonsense sort of guy and the seriousness is a good contrast to other characters like Neith. I think his lack of charisma won't obviously help in the likeability side of things, but he's determined and this warrior thing going on gives him an edge as he'll try not to be distracted. Yeah, he's awesome, I prefer these types of Careers with differences but also who reflect their lifestyle back at home.

Tucker: The D11 pair are better than imagined, their relationship seems strong already and I think with someone older helping her, Tucker stands a much better chance of making it far. Her morbid state of mind will help her adapt to the state of the Games, but the storytelling might be a bit exaggerated in favour of increasing the entertainment value so maybe she'll be in for a shock when she experiences it herself. She seems the type to not care what people think, but also care, if that makes sense? Like, she doesn't change who she is for the benefit of others, but she'll tweak her stories here and there so they fit certain audiences without losing what they essentially are. I think outside of that, she's a bit of a mystery, but this little segment was intriguing, I'm excited to hear more from her!

Radison: I take back my blog comments, his name is still atrocious, but I really enjoyed this POV. Lora is hilarious, and I'm intrigued to hear from her and how her warped mind sees things. But Radison, he's already adapting well and this strategic way of seeing things could give him a much higher chance of making it further than other people his age. He realises there needs to be something more standout than something repeated over and over, and that edge to him could really give him a fighting chance as he seems determined to follow it through and not break despite what other people, like Lora, think of it. Whether he can maintain it, who knows, but so far it seems to be working and I've always sort of enjoyed the stoic characters, but someone who is acting this way rather than naturally being the sort to do so, is different. Or at least here, it seems more original.

Arleigh: Ugh Nash is adorable, another tribute I can't wait to see when it's his turn for a POV. Arleigh is better than I expected, her traits on her post are coming together here but in a much more toned down, less irritating way than I was expecting. Her take on the whole debt thing is actually quite clever, although I feel like she could become an incredibly pushy person and this selfish side of her could take over and her allies betray her or something along those lines. She does however seem to have a caring side to her, especially in regards to Nash because although there was an ulterior motive for helping him, she did care enough to do it without being bitter or angry. She also seems quite sensitive about herself, and loud as well which won't help since she'll be quick to gain attention to herself. Yeah, Arleigh is a lot better than I thought she'd be.

Kiah: Not much to say since she's mine, but this was a brilliant introductory POV for her. I enjoyed the social aspects with Neith and then the aspects of how she views herself and her skills, and then the doubt creeping in at the end!

Cordin: He's living up to the image I got from the blog, and since that was positive, this was positive too! I like the way he's good at masking the way he really feels, not in a manipulative way, but in a way that protects himself from others learning the true way he views things. Maven would have most likely put some kind of revenge target if she found out the way he truly sees her, so it was good he's tuned into the emotions of others and knows how to work his way out of sticky situations. That's a talent he can develop come the Games. He's also distant as well, but less in an anti-social way, but more in a clever, maybe awkward way, that makes me enjoy his character more. Plus, he's aware that it's better to distance yourself and be a 'player' than a 'pawn' and with this mindset he stands a great chance of not falling early.

Ryker: I'm curious about her backstory, although kind of apprehensive as well because if it's all over the top, I'd probably rather not know. But still, her bitterness is portrayed really well here and her overall sense of anger towards the situation is understandable given where she is. Plus, there's a sarcastic side to her thoughts that was kind of funny, and the way her life has been seems to have hardened her to expect the worst from people. The fact she can lie so easily will help her, not physically but maybe to get her way in an alliance or out of fight or something that will benefit her. The little bit of vulnerability and slip in her harsher attitude was great to see, and Laec joining her is great, even if he's definitely a burden for her.

Cartier: And the Careers come together, this is always one of my favourite parts. There already seems to be something up with all of them, well, D2 and Bastian. Did Castor want to be leader or is Neith just trying to start something since she knows the way Bastian acts and all? Hm, anyway, Cartier is interesting and I like the false confidence he has there as it's kind of rare for a Career to be that insecure and try to put on such a facade. I'm used to seeing pretend emotions and all, but he's literally so in his head about how he should act sometimes it crumbles and then he's left all flustered. That's kind of adorable and I also liked how he just wants to be respectful of the others, but it counters with his lessons on flirting and acting all arrogant.

Seydre: Not sure how I feel about her, if I'm honest. She's one of those I probably need to see more of. I respect her for realising she should just be herself and accept who she is, realising everyone is unique and a little strange in their own way and not taking others words to heart. That's great. And her logical way of viewing how she should train should give her an advantage over those who stick with the intellectual sides of training rather than the physical. However, outside of that I didn't get much except this history of hers, so I think it'll be cool to see how she can develop when it comes to interactions and if she makes it further into the Games how she puts her skills to use. She seems smart and practical, but also there's a bit of a crazy side that is interesting.

Merris: Another tribute I like, this is going well so far! The moral side to her isn't layered as thick as I expected, it stops short of bordering into an overbearing sense of optimism and stays somewhere within the realistic side of things which is great. Her thoughts on debt were reminiscent of Arleigh's, although she's thinking in terms of herself owing other people rather than Arleigh's way of seeing it. She doesn't want that level of commitment with someone, which is respectful because although she is trying to see some good in the situation, she isn't oblivious to how it works. Dax is... okay, he isn't as bad as I expected, but he's sort of irritating and I feel bad for Merris having to deal with someone like that.

Metias: Eh, he's eh. It might be because all I really got from his POV was desperation and a desire to not be whoever this Micah guy is. He's not as depressive as I expected him to be, I thought he was one of those types to volunteer just because of the fact where he's going can't be anything worse than the life he has, maybe that is the case, but it's more mysterious now which I guess is a plus, it leaves me wanting to see more of him. I have nothing against him, just nothing really good to go on right now except for his plan on watching the Games, not because he likes them, but because they're a good tool to learn from. That's smart, but then of course Naomi shows up. Yeah, he seems okay, don't wanna judge him just yet. He's someone I'd like to see more of to properly assess.

List time!:

Favourites: Castor, Cordin, Kiah, Arleigh
Like: Cartier, Ryker, Radison, Merris
Neutral: Seydre, Metias, Tucker, Eliah

Early favourites, you can see from my list above!

The tributes I'm most excited to see next chapter are: Maven, Nash and Lora.

Awesome chapter!
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