Reviews for The Forgotten Boy
Monster King chapter 8 . 2/24
Great story I really liked it good job writing the story.
silvairelining chapter 1 . 2/22
Really enjoyed this story and your characterizations. Glad to see Dumbledore get caught for all his machinations and manipulations for a change (and for the Goblins to be good guys). Great job! :-)
angeldanica chapter 8 . 2/4
Wow.. I loved this story very much.. It was very touching.. It plucked at my heart strings..
slytherinsal chapter 8 . 2/1
regarding Ron having the mind of a 5 year old; how could anyone tell the difference?

I love Jean Webster's books but the understanding of those with problems is shocking if you don't take it in the context of the period. I thoroughly agree with your understanding of the way wizards see squibs.
an excellent story, thank you
slytherinsal chapter 3 . 2/1
I forgot to mention how nice it is to see the word 'nemeses' used correctly as a plural of 'nemesis' re James and Sirius.
I don't normally read the wrong boy who lived stories but this looked, and is proving to be, more intriguing.
nashtah chapter 8 . 1/9
Great story
Nerfhearder69 chapter 8 . 1/4
A little abrupt, but a good read with a well founded plot. Good work!
HarryPotterFangirl85 chapter 8 . 12/22/2017
This was a great story, but I was hoping to find out that they had figured out the mystery of how Harry became forgotten. And I was waiting for it to come out that he was once Harry Potter and the reasons why he was no longer.
Right What Is Wrong chapter 1 . 11/23/2017
Yeah, Dobby's massively suspicious in canon, in that he loathes his current masters and has a positive view of Harry. I've long held the fanon that he somehow got taken in a raid on the elder Potters and bound to the Malfoys. Your fic is the first one I've seen, canon-verse or not, that proposes that maybe Dobby suffered an incomplete shift of loyalties.
excessivelyperky chapter 8 . 11/16/2017
Ta-daaaa! Excellent ending, loved this story very much.
shiho59 chapter 7 . 10/31/2017
j 'adore
excessivelyperky chapter 7 . 10/22/2017
Delightful meeting with the Grangers! And now, I believe, Dumbledore has lost mastery of the Elder wand-now, who has it, Hermione or Harry, or do they share it between them?

Claire also sounds quite nice, and I love how Flippity adores the Grangers.
excessivelyperky chapter 6 . 9/17/2017
Yay for Voldemort being gone, and his followers, too (one expects that Narcissa Malfoy, for instance, is a widow now).

And hurrah for Andromeda Tonks pursuing a chain of logic that comes close to choking Dumbledore, though not quite.

Looking forward to Rennard Prince taking the power that is rightfully his.

I wonder how many others are victim to the Headmaster's Unbreakable Vows, and if they would like their freedom, too.
excessivelyperky chapter 5 . 9/11/2017
Another excellent chapter, and good for Andromeda for standing up to Dumbledore.

And yes, those Dark books need to be well away from Harry and Prince, as well, and only consulted at need.
excessivelyperky chapter 4 . 9/5/2017
Yay Andromeda!

So glad the Blue Moon ritual went so well. Now both Prince and his son, Thomas Henry Prince, are free to live a good life and help from the sidelines, if nothing else.

Aww, poor Dumbledore! How disappointed he must be that he can't be in charge of all wizarding children everywhere and tell every family which heirs they must choose.

Good chapter.
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