Reviews for The Drop
miranda04 chapter 1 . 11/2
Just wondering if you're going to continue this story. I have no idea what's going on in your personal life, so apologies because I know there are priorities.

But, this was such a good story, and I would love to see it finished.
texbratt67 chapter 11 . 9/27
I just read what you have written and sure do wish you would write more. Love what you have here
Stronger than you since 1915 chapter 11 . 8/22
Is there more?
k8ff chapter 11 . 8/22
Can't wait for more
V3Ru chapter 11 . 8/9
i love this story!
Munny44 chapter 11 . 7/23
Please don't forget about this story! I sometimes come back to this story just to reread.
NeverFearTheNight chapter 11 . 7/8
This is so beautiful. I love stories that make me cry because it makes me feel emotions other than love. It makes it more real.
Lisaajjjj chapter 11 . 7/7
I loved this! Why aren't you continuing!?
Vamps09 chapter 11 . 4/20
Please please please tell me you are still writing this! I need some more.
Vamps09 chapter 10 . 4/20
Awww why did Ben do that? Was it on purpose or an accident if so, so selfish and he seemed like a good guy.
Vamps09 chapter 7 . 4/19
So sad. But love the story!
Ness1956 chapter 11 . 4/19
Is this the end?
dixiechickie chapter 11 . 4/17
What?! NO! There's more, right? Right?! Tell me there's more, and I get to read it!
tranquilturtle chapter 11 . 4/17
This story... it's just so many things I can't even find the words. They're all good though. Found this story through a rec from Positively 4th Street. Love everything about this so far and can't wait to read more. - Turtle
zoooaaa chapter 11 . 4/16
Good story. Very well written
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