Reviews for Academic Prowess
Rose chapter 1 . 6/16/2014
If that part about him tutoring was about the friend who died, you just broke my heart.
Love your work so far, keep it up :-)
Airhead259 chapter 1 . 6/12/2014
I always felt like Neku was probably the type of person who paid attention during his classes and did his homework. He seemed like the typical "quiet kid", who chose to immerse himself in studies instead of talking to people. So in my opinion, this fic really tied in well with Neku's canon personality, because I do think he would try to hide his intelligence in order to avoid unnecessary attention.

The last section was my favourite - he was afraid that his friends would treat him differently, but they accepted him for what he was. His hesitance was very natural, even considering his post-Game personality, and I appreciated that. Everyone else was perfectly in-character. I particularly loved how you wrote Beat, and even Shiki was a pleasure to read. Great work, and I really look forward to reading your next one-shot!
Hyoxjnn chapter 1 . 6/12/2014
I think- legitimately, I think that this could of made you 'Author of the Week' if you hadn't posted late; this is REALLY good :D

No 'plot'? Pshaw, that's fine, what is 'plot'?
'Plot' is what, that's plot it is- I mean, 'what is is' :P

This felt like it could be extremely canon, (as for Beat's dialogue, ['exhausting', hahah,] it was pretty good, don't worry) everyone was really in-character, and also, the matter of Neku's 'friend', when I got to the last line of II, I was like D:
And then III, D':
But yeah, believable; when he identified the square root of 3(...?) straight away, my face: ._.

-Oh, it's 'zetta', not 'zeta'; 'Zetta-' denotes a factor of '- times 10 to the 21', and 'Zeta' is a Greek letter lol. But hey, minor complaint.

IV was just so great all-around, Neku's inner dialogue and the last line about him cringing XD
Extremely well done :D

-V was a lot longer than the other 'minutes', but I don't really care, it just meant I could read more XD

The last scene in Neku's house was lovely to read, it seemed, again, like a very believable scenario to see after the game ended; things like Beat 'beggin'', and Rhyme tricking Neku made it that much better :)
On a more serious note, 76 by 84 is 6460, not 6384 :P
Just kidding, lol XD
Did I get you? :P

... OH, and, "Beat, we don't even go to the same school!" X'D

-Extremely minor: Neku seems SLIGHTLY too pre-'rehabilitation', a bit TOO grumpy.
Instead of having him go, "Ngh, demmit my secret's out," have him blush or something, perhaps XD

Anyway, overall, extremely good, (perfect use of Prompt, btw,) big hopes for Week 2 :D

Amulet Misty chapter 1 . 6/11/2014
Ahhh thank you so much for doing this! I will never get over Neku knowing the square root of three off the top of my head. I mean who knows that!?

When you started writing about 'that idiot' I was like , 'ouch, hit in the feels'. I always get emotional when I read about Neku and his best friend, even though we never got to really know about the friend.

That line with 'I'm so done' cracked me up, though...Oh Minamomoto...

And that last section was just too cute. Friendship feels all around. I love how they do pester him, but in the way that everyone does when they realise they've got a smarty in their group. (Haha, I've got a friend I pester, too). But I'm glad Neku realises at the end that it's not why they're his friends and that he'd be important even if he wasn't smart.

This does count as a one shot, and it's a lovely one shot, and I'm looking forward to your next!
Chronic Guardian chapter 1 . 6/11/2014
And the Twewy-fest continues! Nice character choice. Neku's genius is so understated that you almost forget that it's totally there. I liked how you played the off-balanced sectioning to portray the progression. III is especially powerful because of how much it says without saying much overtly.

IV's inclusion kind of confused me. Cementing the setup of Neku's aversion to academics(advancing the conflict) before the resolution? It works well enough, but it doesn't seem to fit within the social motivations driving this fic up until now. Friendship both draws Neku out of his shell and forces him back into it. Throwing in an enemy supports his position, but feels like bringing a broadsword to a fencing competition. You get me?

At any rate, all the parts play well as a necessary lead up to make the last scene really worth it. They seem unrelated, but like the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, it is the congregation of these seemingly random snapshots that leads us down the road to understanding.

There are a few typos here and there. If you don't care, that's totally fine. Should you want a report, just shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can come up with.

I'd like to note that I really liked how you played Shiki in the last scene. She's somebody who I don't have a good post-game handle on, so studying how she acted here was an interesting process.

Anyway, that's all for now. Thank you for the fantasticness, and thank you for passing the T-Sauce.
FullMentalPanic chapter 1 . 6/11/2014
I think you pretty much had me with the summary. More than any other character, I identified with Neku, and I think you have him nailed from the very first sentence. It was just a delight to read, both for content and characterization. Keeping his brains under wraps and going for the path of least resistance is totally something Neku would do! Plus I really like how you emphasize using what you have and how approach can be more effective than sheer brainpower. Because it's true. Being willing to use what you have will put you forward more than natural talent that you don't utilize. I even like how Neku is intelligent but keeps trying to downplay it. It reminds me of one of my siblings (you know who you are) who keeps insisting they're not very smart and then goes on to win a bunch of academic gold medals and scholarships and still insists it's hard work rather than brains. Geniuses of hard work!

I love the almost contrary aspects of Neku, he doesn't care what others think, but he has personal pride, he doesn't want to get involved with people, but he tutors that one kid 'cause he sees it as a challenge. People are like that. Also, great work showing how his one friend who probably died could've influenced his outlook on life. I wouldn't want that one event to turn him into a social hermit, and it doesn't because we see that he already has that tendency, but you can see how it could've cemented that trait. Neku does a great job keeping smarts, and what they can and can't do, in perspective. I cracked up over that, 'please excuse my dear aunt Sally' bit.

I really enjoy how even when Neku is friends with Beat and Rhyme and Shiki, he seems kind of unsure about how he should act around them. You get the feeling this isn't his normal mode of operation but he's still giving it a shot. I liked that. I think everyone is in character, Neku in particular and also Rhyme, but Shiki and Beat also seemed completely accurate; study habits and speech patterns all seemed authentic.

I like the title, because academia is so often used as the standard for brains even when 'intellectuals' can be pretty dumb sometimes. Thumbs up for devious Rhyme! I think this was wonderful and a completely solid entry.