Reviews for The Dragon's King
MRADCACA chapter 26 . 6/7
Are You Making A New Chapter?
Stormdragon6783 chapter 26 . 6/4
No way, you stop just before the fight, aside from that, great story, love the romance parts and the training session, also I like the idea of toothless getting a mate, I wanted to see that in the second movie, but it didn't happen, so you complete that dream, hope you return and write the next chapter. Great work.
Stormdragon6783 chapter 16 . 6/4
Damnnn, there you have an epic form of finishing a chapter, the story is pretty good, keep the good work.
darkvixy chapter 26 . 6/1
This is amazing! Please update soon!
LoganTheLoneWolf chapter 26 . 5/22
good story wish you'd finish it
LoganTheLoneWolf chapter 7 . 5/20
i love the story so far keep up the good work :)
GryffindorGreaser73 chapter 1 . 5/9
I know it's been a really long time but please finish this. I love this story. if you don't want to finish it can I finish it on my own account? I just really want this to have an ending.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/22
Please finish this story it's great
guest chapter 8 . 4/21
I would say your story is hiccup disliking his father. makes me think he is really a fool and you think from stoics pov you clearly can't wrong didn't tell him why he is taking his wife and course he would think they are taking them for saying people that dragon doesn't eat human makes me feel like he is doesn't understand as there is many vicious beast in the world that has little intelligence and more ferocity to kill and eat can't blame them for thinking dragons are original story hiccup himself went to kill nightfury I don't blame original hiccup for his action.I blame this hiccup for being naive and having one track I see my loved one's are taken by a beast with fangs and claws and fire breathing who are carnivorous I myself would hate them and try to kill should be matured enough to see from other people's perspective
BakonoftheUnknown chapter 26 . 4/11
its sad to leave the story so "in the middle" Im only thinking you're dealing with college.
empty chapter 26 . 4/8
don't leave us on a cliff hanger this big!
Anime Princess chapter 26 . 4/6
Well, Dagur i snow dead. Wow, this is getting serious now! I'm thrilled that Hiccup and Astrid are married now though!
Anonymous chapter 26 . 4/5
Pls pls pls finish this! Is there a sequel or something?
sasy39 chapter 1 . 4/1
this is amazing! i lov it
pls continue pllllleeeeaaaasssssseeeee!
BeastXaleX chapter 26 . 3/25
Hey butterfly great writing and I hope to see more great work. Great storyline!
LOVE IT! One question: Will Hiccup and astrid have 1/4 dragon kids or kids at all?
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