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Cyan Quartz chapter 22 . 1/17
Actually, rats dislike cheese compared to most other foods. They'd prefer to attack a human as opposed to going for cheese, so a doctor WOULD actually be better bait for a rat. The only reason people think rats like cheese, is because it's one of those long lasting foods you'd put into galleys and pantries they would often raid.
BrokenKestral chapter 48 . 1/13
I love Alfred’s sense of humor—the comment about denting things was lovely.

"If you can call being cuttingly chill or sarcastic toward the poor physicians when they asked simple, necessary questions, then sure." Oh, Clark. Just that statement shows how strong your friendship is. Good line.

"You'll learn to love the new one too. You do that well." While this statement seems a bit OOC for Batman—too kind—I do like it.

Should I remember Jeanette, or have we not been introduced yet?
gordios79 chapter 47 . 1/11
I liked a lot the flashback in Clark's memories and the role Bruce had in that part of his life. Well, the more you reveal about their meeting the more I want to know about...

As for Deadshot, this is a prison. One way or another, he would end up in a place like that. On the other hand the way he swears to make pay the one who is responsible for this it is ominous.

Another great chapter, dear, I'm looking forward for the next.

Take great care of yourself!
gordios79 chapter 46 . 1/11
Hi, dear! Happy New Year! How are you?

A great chapter, dear. You teased us about what happened when Bruce met Clark - it is very interesting and such an appettiser for more.

I liked the interaction between Bruce and Alfred.
BrokenKestral chapter 47 . 1/2
I think I'm looking forward to Madge's reaction inside the house. :)

The scene with Clark was good; the memory of him and Batman, incredible. I loved Bruce's well-timed "I'd do anything to hear my dad call me like that again" - coming from him, that line meant everything. And I can't wait to read the story that teaches Bruce to realise that his world needs Clark too. I loved, loved that scene.
BrokenKestral chapter 46 . 12/22/2019
I really liked the way the first part subtly showed the differences between Clark and the CEO's relationship that happened over the plane ride. And I'm really happy - but very nervous - about those family reunions. It is a very, very hard thing to come back to a family a different person, with a past they hadn't experienced.

And I'd comment on the second part, but that might give things away. :)
gordios79 chapter 45 . 9/15/2019
Hi, dear!

Another great chapter with the characters right on point. Your description of Bruce's beliefs and emotions are perfect - he definitely has more than enough reasons to believe all these even if nothing of these are his fault. I'm sure you refer to Ra's Al Ghul and Talia about his first connection with a woman. He implicitly admits that he has feelings about Madge.

I wish we get to know more about Bruce's meeting with Clark and those others - it was very intriguing.

Take care of yourself, dear!
BrokenKestral chapter 45 . 9/11/2019
So many good lines. “You know the likelihood of my judging you harder than you judge yourself is infinitesimal."

And “Bruce gave a sniff that sounded bitterer than those she often heard from Alfred.”

Or “Usually, Mr. Wayne avoids relationships like quarantined buildings.”

Also, your editing skills are great; this read very smoothly.
Sophia the Scribe chapter 45 . 9/9/2019
Nice. Now I'm curious regarding the "unredacted" story-I'm assuming something Justice League? Interesting that in this version you have him in the League (or at least a team with Superman) when he's barely established in Gotham-not, in fact, even legally back as Bruce Wayne.
Sophia the Scribe
gordios79 chapter 44 . 8/18/2019
Nice chapter, dear!

Bruce playing with the dogs was a beautiful add.

Take care pf yourself!
gordios79 chapter 43 . 8/17/2019
Madge is so lucky that she got a second chance in life and a good one having such powerful friends that care for her - I wish I was so lucky...


Hi, dear!
I liked very much the chapter. I had my suspicions about Alfred's shady past: I always had said that he was also responsible about the path Bruce took, hehe! And his skills as he helps his ''master'' aren't random.

I also loved the discussion between Bruce and Evie - right on point.

I'd love to read how Bruce and Clark met. I'm intrigued but certainly that Jude sneaking all the time won't let him say the truth - not to mention that since Lucius doesn't know who Clark is he will tell only half the story - sigh...

Great chapter!
Take care of yourself, dear!
BrokenKestral chapter 44 . 8/8/2019
Clark shone in this chapter. His jokes, meant to set at ease, catching how they didn't - even though they were very true - and then revealing the other truth as well. Seeing people that well, and speaking truth - a very good trait in a reporter! And their views on Amanda Waller were humorous with an undercurrent of fear - VERY well done.

And then that fear was verified as they talked about Deadshot. The placing of that was perfect. And scary.

And I'd love to see Madge begin to take care of Alice; of realising how much stronger Madge herself has become. If that's where the story is going. :)
BrokenKestral chapter 43 . 8/3/2019
I like how you show Clark's intelligence; a lot of writers miss that. But he's an investigate reporter, leads a double life, and helps to lead the Justice League. You can't be an idiot and do that. You've made him adept at conversations in a way that's very true to him.

"Not had to be guilt." A nice twist; point twisted and driven home. It makes sense that she'd be smart too, coming from that family.

The end of his conversation - it's heartbreaking. Because she loves him and wishes the best for him, and because his guard isn't down, even with her. Which is true to him, and therefore in keeping, but it is still painful to read (in a tribute-to-your-talent-way).
BrokenKestral chapter 42 . 8/3/2019
The interaction where Lucius is reassured - and made more nervous - by the news that Alfred and Leslie don't know about this friendship either is entirely in keeping with the Batman universe; well done.

I loved the "How many secrets does he have?" "Neighbor, you and I will never know." That was great.
Sophia the Scribe chapter 43 . 8/3/2019
Nice! I liked learning Alfred and some of the others' backstories, as well as hearing Bruce articulate just why he's so wary of getting close to people now. Just one thing you might want to fix-in the airplane interlude in the middle of the chapter, you say "Bruce" once instead of "Clark." As always, I'm looking forward to more!
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