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Nem chapter 45 . 9/19
Please don't actually make this a harem thing, seriously. The Naruto crossover section is inundated with harems and this crossover especially never lets him go without one, or at least the promise of one. The monogamy is refreshing at this point and Kallen butting into the relationship, no matter the circumstance, would almost fully ruin that aspect of this story, at least, in my opinion. Coming from someone who reads fanfics like an addict, please don't be part of the monotonous harem crowd.
Capturinggod200 chapter 45 . 9/16
I have got to know do you or the people constantly praising each thing Naruto does even like Code Geass? I really hope Lelouch doesn't just roll with them involving Nunnaly and keeping it from him, why is Lelouch super dumbed down in your story? Why the hell is Naruto getting Kallen? Euphie? might as well hand Shirley over to. I haven't seen a single in this story that hasn't made Lelouch not look like anything but an incompetent arrogant loser because everything he accomplished here wasn't on his own merit like the canon material nope its because of freaking Naruto. I could see if Lelouch didn't exist or Lelouch was an spineless weakling like some generic harem mcs, but Lelouch is not and this is simply a Naruto wankfest.
naruto chapter 45 . 9/15
great chapter keep it up
jetslinger333 chapter 45 . 9/12
The final nail to the coffin is when the geass order is under attack by Naruto and C.C. and Charles would finally send in the last battalion of his army to invade Japan again to obtain what the Empire lost the sakuradite. This can be consider a gamble if the Empire wins not only they obtain back their sakuradite fuel but stopping all uprising in the area number.
But if the Black knight wins and stopping the invasion not only Britannia military and economy will collapse like dominoes but fueling the uprising even more.
Still there should be seen the condition of Britannia is deteriorating as the people have to reduce the usage of sakuradite, food shortage, condition building deteriorating, people out of jobs and so on.
Jack Inqu chapter 45 . 9/11
Glad they finally got Kallen to at least start thinking about her feelings for Naruto, even if she hasn't fully admitted them yet. I wonder how long our favorite redhead will be able to resist.

Nunnally is really coming into her own. Good for her.

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
R-king 93 chapter 45 . 9/8
Excellent chapter
FoxFan88 chapter 45 . 9/7
Thanks for the new chapter. It'll be interesting to see how CC will help Kallen develop a relationship with Naruto.
Talonis Wolf chapter 6 . 9/7
"She swore on her title as Princess of Britannia."

Okay, I am *certain* this is foreshadowing, but even knowing this I'm not sure what exactly you're foreshadowing (although I have a few ideas!). This in turn builds suspense, which in turn makes the story more compelling- well played!
WindyCitySlayer1 chapter 45 . 9/6
Yes harem for naruto
Yes nunna
Can't wait for more
Please continue
harlequin320 chapter 45 . 9/6
great chapter, keep up the good work
s.k.f.f.f chapter 45 . 9/6
go nunnally, shes the rock. im still enjoy reading this fleshed out detailed story, btw.
Quathis chapter 45 . 9/6
I am kinda surprised it took this long for Kallen to actually ask the question. The politics and economics of the situation are well explained, then you through in human emotions, which really got me laughing at how Kallen is taking the situation. Until next time.
Lycosyncer chapter 45 . 9/6
Well, we briefly reunite with Villetta and Shirley and it's only clear to me that they will play a more bigger role in the future and with Lelouch already about to come back to the academy, expect things to get more complicated for him and I wonder if Nunnally left a shadow clone behind so that Lelouch won't be suspicious of what she's hiding from him.

Of course, the most memorable moment of this chapter is of course C.C. telling Kallen that she clearly knows that Kallen doses have some hidden feelings for Naruto and reveal her wish and that is possibly wanting to have her and possibly the rest to join their family? Sounds rather heartwarming there and if Naruto is going to have a harem, he should have some more moments of good believable romantic chemistry with the other girls if that were to happen and so far besides C.C., Kallen and especially Euphie have plenty of moments where there is definitely something there between them and if he does get a harem, I can only imagine what Lelouch, Nunnally and especially Cornelia's reactions are going to be about the idea of Euphie being with Naruto romantically of course and I think Naruto is going to be pretty nervous if anything were to happen to Euphie under his watch.

Lastly, just don't leave Lelouch out of having any romantic love interest and just let him have at least one and we all know that Shirley is going to be with him so leave him with her at least.

Anyways, the pieces are in place for Naruto and the others to make their move against the Geass Order and this time, there should be no objections in destroying them and therefore, crippling Charles's power even more.

Looking forward to the next one.
bladetri chapter 45 . 9/6
like XD
TheDudeMan400 chapter 45 . 9/6
I'm not a huge fan of harems and prefer single pairings. Don't get me wrong, there have been authors pull it off fine and are quite enjoyable to read. However if it were up to a vote I'd pick the option for Naruto and Cera to be strictly a couple and no harems. Pair Kallen with Lelouch.
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