Reviews for A Trick of Fate
Serelena chapter 3 . 9/3
Wow! Your story is absolutely brilliant! This is by far one of the best stories on the site. You are an extremely gifted writer and I am so thankful you shared your story with us!
DeathlyIceMaiden chapter 3 . 7/16
nice story. I enjoyed it to the end.
im ur misconception chapter 3 . 6/22
Nice~ A really good, sweet read with an awesome twist that is unique.
katara Y.O.U chapter 3 . 6/16
-bows at the author's epicness-
young kagome chapter 3 . 6/8
Sooo cute! I loved it great job!
Aki chapter 3 . 6/7
Unique, beautifully written and thrilling to the end. You had me tearing up several times in Chapter 3. I enjoyed the premise - an inadvertent side effect of Kagome's pure wish - and the progression made towards acceptance of her loss of humanity and the gift of the Shikon jewel. The budding relationships were well thought out, and while I am not a huge Sesshomaru fan, the pairing with Kagome made sense and was quite enjoyable to read. I did wonder how fake Inari was able to fool Inuyasha, someone who knew her so intimately, for so long, but all the other plot points were well-established and covered. I'm glad you accounted for the time passing for all the characters - the time it takes Kagome to come to her senses, the ten moons that passed when Sesshomaru was with the sea witch, Jun's aging and training, and so on. The only critique I can offer is to break the chapters apart so they are more manageable. "3 chapters only? I can do this in an hour or two..." I haven't put the story down for days. All my blame and love for you and your enthralling tale.
summersaults16 chapter 3 . 5/23
I just wanted to say that I love you and I want to shower you with my utmost gratitude for crafting such a beautiful masterpiece. Inuyasha has been my most favorite anime as a kid and it will always have a special place in my heart. The level of dedication, effort, and love you poured into this story was truly remarkable. This story truly deserves all of those awards and recognitions. I really had no idea how I stumbled upon this fic because as much as I love Inuyasha, I never read fanfic versions of it but I am so glad I discovered this gem even if I am an InuKag shipper all the way. The manner you write is incredibly beautiful and so true to each character personality. You have such a gift and if you ever plan to write original fiction I will purchase it in a heartbeat.

P.S. now I remembered why I saw this fic! I was reading your HP LOTR crossover fic - The Elvenqueen. And that fic is also so beautiful. I am going to leave another review for that story soon and I hope you don't abandon that fic. I hope one day I could be as versatile as you are as a writer. It's amazing to witness a talent such as yours being able to fluently capture and captivate a reader to your tales regardless of the fandom so thank you again - for being a gift to us in the world of fanfiction.
Typicalyssa chapter 3 . 5/7
This story was absolutely riveting and I absolutely loved it! I couldn't put down my phone even for a second!

The plot is refreshingly unique and your characters were very well written. I could totally imagine Kagome as the fiery seductive yet cheeky vixen! I was so looking forward to see Sesshoumaru finally coming to show love for Kagome, and you didn't disappoint. Ugh, the moments during his conflict was so frustrating.

I'm so glad the ending had a surprise twist and thank you for this amazing story! Adding you and this story to my favorites! 3
The Goddess Sabelina chapter 3 . 4/3
I really enjoyed reading this all the way through, and thoroughly enjoyed the uniqueness of the entire 3 shot fic.

You had so much thought and backstory into the youkai that it really made me draw myself into the world, accept something as truth, and even had me in tears as I read part of this.

I'm glad you wrote this and glad I stumbled across this: please take fifty of my likes even if i can only give one.
MoonPrincess919 chapter 1 . 3/14
I loved this story. It was a beautifully storyline and the characters are well written. Highly enjoyable.
Asia1990 chapter 3 . 2/1
Jesus.. Like.. Holy crap.. I just finished binging on this and powered through it all in one day and I can honestly say... -holy crap-! That was AMAZING. I don't usually give out rave reviews, in fact I can't remember the last one I gave out at all, but here I am, giving a damn near standing ovation.

Yep, now I'ma go perv your profile and see what else you're written, just as soon as I fav and follow and all that jazz, because hot damn, that was one of the best stories I've -ever- read on this site.

Pepike chapter 3 . 2/1
Soooooo well written! Loved it!
grimmich chapter 3 . 1/28
Very well written
grimmich chapter 1 . 1/26
If knowledge is power for the kitsune then shouldnt she have at least 1 more tail? She is educated and knows a hell of a lot compaired to the people of the fuedal era...
Selacha chapter 3 . 1/4
Loved it, loved everything about it. It was sweet and well-written.
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