Reviews for At His Command
Guest chapter 1 . 7/3
Barb chapter 10 . 6/4
please let us know if you are ever going to update, or if you just decided to stop all together.
jk chapter 10 . 6/1
I think edwads just a controlling prick call it what you want
jk chapter 6 . 5/31
ya they know what they it being free or whatever but doms have fucking issues...I own you? I own your soul?
yup deep seeded issues
jk chapter 3 . 5/31
so Edwards been a skank for11 years huh...I wonder many "scenes" he went through to find those subs...ewwww
gross chapter 10 . 3/6
I thought I had found an extra chapter here but I hadn't. ;( I hope you come ack to this soon!
lissie101 chapter 10 . 2/21
I've absolutely fell in love with this story, please update soon!
Barb chapter 10 . 2/20
just wondering if your going to continue with this story, you havent updated since Dec. 16. Sure hope you do, this is very interesting read, very good.
i am mrs emmett cullen chapter 10 . 2/17
OMG have fallen in love with this story!
But why did you stop? :(
Please update soon!
Guest chapter 10 . 2/9
Oh pleeeeassse tell ur writing more i was just getting into this ff
Firewolfe chapter 10 . 2/2
Interesting idea
AliciaW68 chapter 10 . 1/30
Loving this looking forward to the next chapter Ax
Barb chapter 10 . 1/13
wow, been a long while since you have updated, hope you do soon.
Romana973 chapter 7 . 1/8
I like her conviction - "I don't want to be afraid anymore."
Romana973 chapter 3 . 1/8
I like that Bella has a friend to rely on, a sounding board. Too often, authors set the stage with secrets all around, so that she is alone and has to conceal the truth from her closest friends.
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