Reviews for He was our Zero
Ran-dezvous chapter 1 . 6/17/2014
While I'm not normally interested in non-heterosexual pairings (and before people start thinking I'm a homophobe, I have nothing against slash or femmeslash; they're just not my thing), but I am willing to make an exemption for this. Takuya's your character, after all, and, if you want to make him gay, I say go for it! I just find the idea of Rei's gentlemanly charm and suaveness affecting his fellow men, as well as the ladies, absolutely amazing. *grins* That, and the drama that comes with not being able to come out as gay, especially in a place such as the police academy. (I don't really know anything about the treatment of gay men in Japan, but I get the feeling it's not something one can easily be open with, given the huge pressure to conform to Japanese societal norms.)

Just make it onesided, though! I say this mostly because I really dislike it when writers pair up their OCs with canon characters. I dunno, it's just that whenever I see that in fic, it just gives me the impression that the OC was created just so the author can vicariously pair himself/herself with a particular canon character. Besides, what I love most about these series of stories how you've managed to make things
feel so canon (I really love it when a fic does that), and Rei
reciprocating Takuya's feelings feels rather jarring to me, not to mention Aoyama-sensei would most likely give Rei his own love interest, LOL. (I hope he doesn't, though; I'm sick of the mentality in this fandom that everyone needs a love interest.)

By the way, regarding your portrayal of the PSB, is that based on research? Because it never crossed my mind that Rei's records would be erased, and yet, it just makes so much sense! And, now, I am totally convinced the reason that Rei's excellence at the Academy is due to the fact the Organization has been training him since his childhood/teens (if he really is a BO child, that is).
TanteiAPTX4869 chapter 1 . 6/16/2014
Just like Durbe the Barian said, I wouldn't totally support this if it'll end up being Takuya being paired with Rei. It just against the rules (in my opinion).

but hey, it's your fic. Do what you gotta do, right?

Also, I would like to see this from Rei's POV because I want to know how Rei felt betraying the two

Oh I forgot to tell you that I'm on DCTP as well! :)

Jaa nee...
Durbe the Barian chapter 1 . 6/15/2014
If I'm getting your characters right, then Takuya is a boy, right? If so, I don't support. Brotherly attachment, sure, but otherwise, please don't do anything crazy. I don't want to hate the OC. (One little mishap can ruin everything about a character. Not speaking from experience, but trust me.)
Other than that little tidbit, I have to say this.
GAH! XD COOL! New Tooru Fic. I'm loving. Now I want to go read your main fic.
And yes. I liked it. :)