Reviews for Happy ending
LOCISVU chapter 56 . 9/27
Swanqueenamber chapter 56 . 9/3
Please please please finish this fic! 56 chapters *cries* this has been one of m favourite stories and I'm heartbroken that it's not finished!
Guest chapter 56 . 7/30
Do you even plan on updating this? You can't just leave us hanging there. Please. Please update soon.
Randomme103 chapter 56 . 7/24
So I just crossed paths with this story and ... WOW! I AM ABSOLUTLY IN LOVE! I could not put it down!

I am not sure how you manage to write 3 different timelines with varying versions of the same characters while keeping them all easy to follow, but you do. I am in awe and awaiting the final few chapters of this story whenever they are available. Excellent work, author, and hella kudos!
IamElaine chapter 56 . 7/5
Omg, omg, omg i need more, this story is SO awesome i cannot wait to read more, i just found it yesterday but i couldn't stop till now . PLS I AM addicted and I need more.
Pls update asap
You rock
Alexa chapter 39 . 5/29
More than halfway thru and almost do not want to keep reading because it'll be cliffhanger and this is really good good story. Been curious on some part like leaa interaction with other characters and still quite a few missing parta to know what actually happened /happens/ will happen and sometimes the emma/future emma talking person confuses me. perhaps write FutureEmma and Emma and AlterEmma to differentiate them. And curious on why Henry doesn't seem too much concerned about the secreta by emma and Regina and the thought regina might still be in danger. Passing the message to Gold from AlterGold should have made FutureEmma wary about the daggers location and use in the spell used in AlterRegina or something. Looking forward to reading more after Ch56 , hope u still update. This was pretty good work.
Alexa chapter 2 . 5/27
Will this still be continued, i noticed it didn't say Completed. This seems like a really good story and multichaptered! Pls think about continuing the story.
BlueTigress chapter 56 . 5/10
omg all the Emma's and Regina s are teaming up now to save Henry! Can't wait for more
Guest chapter 56 . 5/8
I really like this story. Please update it soon. I want present Regina and Emma to meet the married couple. Regina cam talk some sense into them lol they need to become a couple too!
MiDushiNoSushi chapter 56 . 5/6
I love Regina, but sometimes, she's just too freakin brave.. you'd think experiencing her own death once would make her a little gun-shy. But no. SHe seems ready to just run right into the fray... crazy lady! Emma better step up!
Guest chapter 49 . 5/4
Please tell me that present Emma and Regina do get together in the end. I don't think I couldn't take it if they didn't.
narutobones chapter 56 . 5/4
Im so excited u updated the story loving it please write more
VanessaIvesIsQueen chapter 44 . 5/2
Are you kidding me? Yes, let's get future badass Regina involve. I did not see this coming. You are so delicious. For real. Where can I send you a bottle of Remy Martin? I usually refrain from commenting but gosh damn. You got me back to back. This is fire! Reminds me of B of Erica...
VanessaIvesIsQueen chapter 41 . 5/2
This is so sick. Mind boggled. Fucking fantastic. fourty fucking one chapters, never a dull moment. This is the pinnacle , the tipping point. I hope the trek down will be easier though. Gosh damn, I pray for present, current, future timelines to get there happy ending. Please. For the love of everything.
Shalifi chapter 56 . 5/1
Keep it up. Always good to see an update.
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