Reviews for Living an Indoctrinated Dream
CBS chapter 87 . 8/19
Goddamnit I laughed out loud. I must say, I am beyond impressed that you've managed to keep quality up for so long. You should consider writing your own books I think.
Shalist chapter 42 . 7/25
And now I'm imagining the ME3 trailer with these new husks. Or really, any part of the ME franchise with them (to say nothing of 'smart A.I.'). Also yay for human (husks) not getting left behind tech-wise (i.e. after those tougher turian husks back on palavin).

And the epic (survivor butcher) background for Jenkins, heh.
Shalist chapter 39 . 7/25
Heh, mutual roofie'ing, and more of Kasumi Burrfoot.
Shalist chapter 38 . 7/25
I'd wondered about Jones' whole 'we must appease the Council' obsession, even while acknowledging their white-collar hostility. I'd asumed she was just bad-mouthing Jack to pressure Julia/Hannah before though...So her department actually is some sort of reverse-cerberus, an anti-anti-council group? Targetting criminal organizations for political reasons (to say nothing of all that Hannah did as part of Golden Dawn, which you'd think a less sleazy intellligence agency would've been less ruthless about) rather than because of how awful they are?

Also, love the whole 'assassination attempts are how we say 'hi' bit, kinda like Earth hotels leaving a mint on the pillow. 5/5 would fight to death here again. Also love how he gives zero f*s about the political shitstorms he's kicking up everywhere. Did strong women nudge his views at all?
Shalist chapter 36 . 7/24
Thanks for the reply; I agree that the messaging here is lacking, though I love the necro-free chapter-by-chapter review format.

Having such epic fights (and all the fully internalized/consistent extra detail for racial quirks, gear, and such) is already impressive, but setting the stage so that the fights taking place (i.e. involving heads of state) make sense as well? Masterful.

I can't wait to see what'll emerge from that particular crucible (the high priest, the legends, and the culture).
Shalist chapter 32 . 7/23
I love how adults aren't entirely useles in this fic, i.e. someone like Benezia putting in a solid showing rather than remaining a quest-giving background character. Ditto for authority figures, even when antagonistic.
benrobbins77 chapter 27 . 7/15
I tried your story because of Logical Premise' recommendation. I could only stand reading through chapter 27. There is too much jumping around with no explanation, we're told Jack is this great businessman, but we only see that a couple times. If he was using his foreknowledge to the fullest, he would be a trillionaire right now. His management style is also terrible. He doesn't treat his employees as well as he should. Anyway, thanks for putting the effort in, even though I'm done reading.
Lost Guy chapter 90 . 7/9
God damn man I binged the last thirty chapters to 8am from 12!

I love this story and the amount of detail you have put into it, truly this I have to say is the best Mass Effect fic on site.

Also what happened to the Russian sub captain? I think I skipped over what happened to him.
Black-eyed Envy chapter 1 . 6/29
cool fanfic! And I wonder if Jack will have an affair with anyone? Maybe even with Shepard
The-White-Spiral chapter 85 . 6/14
Ho mate, I've been devouring this story over the last three days, it's so good! Just wanted to say that Ex. Pallins speech on holding the line and why he fought for the image rather than the reality nearly had me in tears it was so amazing.
Roku - Molester of Science chapter 90 . 6/13
Ah, and he has returned to us :D

Sounds like either Xen is removing witnesses, or we're about to stumble into some Dead Space-degree bullshit

Damn it I'm looking forward to that now.
OBSERVER01 chapter 90 . 6/9
Excellent chapter man :)
Lost Guy chapter 38 . 6/7
I have to say I love your Batarians and that if I were to ever attempt another ME fic I would like to base my Batarians off of yours if thats okay.
Janizary chapter 90 . 6/7
Glad to see the Blackshirts didn't get you ;) (I'm going to secretly believe that 'moving 4 times in the last 9 months' is code for "our secret bases was discovered. on the run" :D )

They better hope this works out. From all the forces and traps in place it feels like they've painted themselves into a corner if it goes sideways.
AgentSteve11 chapter 90 . 6/7
Hooray! An update! outstanding work yet again. Congrats on the house, my wife and I are looking to buy a home in the next few months too.
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