Reviews for A Tale of Two High Schools
lycnt chapter 15 . 6/14/2023
For new readers, this is actually a nice story, the kind that makes you smile... If you can go past a really irritating character, well in this chapter the problems seems to be solved. Now the review:
If there's one person that needs to apologize, that person is NOT Elsa. Merida has been painfully stupid the whole time, SHE was the one that threw away their friendship over a dumb rivalry, and SHE was the one needing to apologize.
ElSpanishDr chapter 7 . 10/3/2021
I never thought I'd say this, but Shrek, go to Hell.
Seraphix chapter 41 . 12/17/2020
hey..i really liked this book/fic. its been 5 years but I'm still hooked. ill love it forever and maybe show my children lmfao - keep writing!
Seraphix chapter 33 . 12/17/2020
im sorry - its a bit late now
Seraphix chapter 7 . 12/17/2020
oh damn im scared
Guest chapter 6 . 10/19/2020
God. Merida kind of crazy. You chose the right princess to be overzealous, though.
Guest chapter 3 . 10/19/2020
lol. I love Anna.
Guest chapter 2 . 10/19/2020
So the rivalry doesn’t really matter all that much to anyone but the most zealous, I suppose?
Guest chapter 1 . 10/19/2020
Its alright. I know even less about football than you (and I’m AMERICAN), so you won’t be getting in trouble with me about that ;)

The writing is nice. I like all the crossovers and cameos.
APerson chapter 4 . 10/18/2020
Ooh! They know Harry Potter stuff!
APerson chapter 3 . 10/18/2020
I really enjoyed Hiro's company last chapter. I'd like his company some more please!
reesiem chapter 1 . 9/16/2020
What type of name is Rise of the Brave Frozen Tangled Dragons?Hahahahahahhhahahhahhahahahahahahahhhahah!~o~
jaffa3 chapter 5 . 6/27/2020
Such cuties
SpaceTime1969 chapter 40 . 3/5/2020
I love this story! I usually don't like highschool AUs, but this one worked for me.
Guest chapter 4 . 1/4/2020
Oh this is cute! Also I love Elsa and Anna’s dynamic. 333
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