Reviews for The Prophecy
TN Sarah chapter 90 . 11h
great update, can't wait fo more

sorry I didn't review sooner I was busy with personal stuff and didn't have time to read anything
Gingeraffealene chapter 90 . 10/17
Really enjoyed Morgana’s magical journey through the different parts of the castle in her search for Merlin. This is a fun idea, the magical signatures. And I’m very curious to know whether Merlin can read her other thoughts and emotions. I’m guessing that he can but won’t out of respect for privacy. I mean, she can read his emotions, so obviously he’d be able to do that and also a bit more. I don’t think he did while they were talking though because there was no emotional reaction of embarrassment on his part at her thoughts. So fun to ponder and make conjectures...always the sign of a great idea. Well done.
Adele Chase chapter 90 . 10/16
Looking forward to the next update. I wrote a little tag to your story that Uther died on the way home from Camelot. Morgana was crowned Queen. Aredian was discredited and cast out. It was nowhere as detailed as what you do in your writing. I like the way you describe Morgana reaching outtosense all the different magic in the castle. Merlin got better. Itwould be nice ifMorgana and Merlin started courting and got married.
Merille Marc chapter 90 . 10/15
This is an emotion-filled chapter and one that I enjoyed reading. If only Merlin can see that Morgana is doing everything she can under her power to save him instead of having those suicidal thoughts. And telling Morgana that he's actually Emrys. An honest realtionsgip can do a lot of good for his survival I know. thanks for the update.
badkidoh chapter 90 . 10/16
Another great chapter.

I like Morgana Magical signature seeing thing.

Thinking of the vaults of Camelot, I wounder if Morgana will visit them, maybe pick up a few objects like the Mage-Stone for unlimited gold for mass bribery/buying loyalty and future economic supremacy for her kingdom.

Also I wounder what would happen if accidentally Morgana initiated a mental conversation with someone other then Merlin, like Cornelius Sigan. Maybe even have Sigan act as Morgana secret mentor, teaching her powerful magic that he alone knows like how to cheat death, change day into night and build things with magic & I guess help her control her magic? Maybe some kind of deal were Morgana removes Merlin spell form Sigan's Jewel at a later date when she is skilled enough. As for Cornelius Sigan new body I would let take over King Cenred. Maybe even have Morgause support Morgana letting Sigan take over Cenred body? Maybe some Sigan/Morgause? Also Maybe have Sigan do a better job at running Cenred's kingdom.

Also I guess it's been sometime form the last time Morgause has been around in this story.
Guest chapter 90 . 10/15
This is super cool!
Taz chapter 90 . 10/15
Great description of magical signatures. Fascinating. I'm waiting for Emrys to break through the restraints. He is after all magic itself. He's only limited by his own doubts and preconceptions.
OechsnerC chapter 90 . 10/15
Awesome update.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 90 . 10/15
The color details were cool.

I also liked her point about Merlin not listening, he usually is good about that but now he’s in pain and sacred and feeing guilty about the knights and Arthur. Will he realize and tell Morgana he’s Emrys soon?
Linorien chapter 90 . 10/15
Love the chapter. Those two were overdue a good shouting match.
geddiep91 chapter 90 . 10/15
Nice really liked the way you did that I can't wait for the next chapter.
mersan123 chapter 90 . 10/15
Thoroughly enjoyed Morgana and her exploring the magical signatures in her surrounding areas. Not to thrilled on Merlins situation still. If anyone should be killed it should be Aredian. Has no one thought of using a little poison in the mans food? Surely between gaius, Morgana and Gwen something could be done. Sigh.
Many thanks. Great chapter.
Merille Marc chapter 89 . 10/6
Morgana is going through a fierce "storm" in her reign as Regent. Yet Morgana is Morgana after all. Fierce, intelligent, with razor-sharp brain and strong willed. Can't wait to read the next ep. Thanks for the update.
SisterOfAnElvenWannabe chapter 89 . 10/5
I caught the Montague blood feud thing, don't know about the other though. Love Morgana kicking out the arrogant lord.
TN Sarah chapter 89 . 10/5
great update, poor morganna that's a lot of responsibility

wonder how she'll react to learn the truth about emrys
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