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HjLostDreams chapter 1 . 6/18/2014
I apologize for my excessively long review in advance

Great story but will their actually be some legitimate training done?

Because in my opinion in canon the progression of skill was agonizingly slow that is unbelievable and the level of skill shown was terrible. For example look at Naruto they made him too stupid , naïve, brash, loud, unprofessional and over reliant on shadow clones, rasengan, and Kyuubi with crappy taijutsu and weapon skills. Its like Kakashi and Jiraiya didn't want him to get strong; I mean they both neglected to tell Naruto the secret behind the shadow clone jutsu. Kakashi and Jiraiya barely taught him anything. By time Naruto fought in the chunin exams he should've been able to beat all of the other competitors. He should have been an animal when he came back from his 2 in half training trip but from what I saw was that he got slightly better at dispelling genjutsu, taller, bigger rasengan, slight improvements in speed and strength, and slightly smarter. I was expecting him to be a ninjutsu powerhouse, taijutsu expert, extremely fast and strong ,talented in espionage, bigger grasp on toad techniques, hell of a lot smarter, mastered affinity and skilled in other affinity ,and more control of emotions and Kyuubi. All of that should have been possible considering who Jiraiya is and the fact Naruto has an extremely large supply of chakra at his disposal and inhuman healing ability from Kyuubi able to give him rock lee results in taijutsu department at the very least a couple months; coupled with the fact Naruto can use a large amount of shadow clones to get years worth of training in months( I'm not talking out of the world training with clone but realistic results when actually trained). That's one of the main reasons why I despised Jiraiya and Kakashi. Then now he has sage mode with complete usage of Kurama chakra and yet the only thing he can do is spam out clones and use rasengan.

And the rest of the Kohona 12 are also pathetic skill wise.

Plus I figured that the chunin exams happens 6 months after graduation and yet they went in with only the tree climbing exercise and from the looks of it the other rookie teams barely put anytime into training.

I believe Kishimoto approach to the series was way to light. I mean barely any actual training done, and are you serious fangirlism in the ninja academy that's illogical. The training regiment at the academy should've been way more tougher. I know people always say that there In a period of peace and the fact they need a childhood but given their profession that's unacceptable. Their will always be people to challenge that peace and they will need the strength to preserve it and if you wanted you kids to have a regular childhood why have them be ninjas in the first place. Being a ninja is a matter of life and death not some little game to play. Then there's the fact that even if the academy standards are absolutely pathetic doesn't give the right for clans to not train their children.

Their jounin instructors didn't even try to rectify that problem they where so lax about it you would think that they were encouraging it.

Then there's the fact of clan shinobi only using their clan techniques while ignoring everything else. For example look at the Hyuuga; they have 360 degree vision that can see for miles but literally have to be in your face to actually do any damage. There's no ninjutsu, genjutsu, and medical jutsu when they are clearly capable of using it. Also The chunin level shinobi and up should have been a
hell of a lot stronger than they were especially their legendary shinobi.

For example Tsunade she would be even more deadlier with the use of ninjutsu which I do add that a requirement to be jounin requires the use of two elements thus her being a sanin then Hokage leads me to believe that she should be able to. Plus with her chakra control her genjutsu should be the stuff of nightmares. then you can get creative with her using poisons in battle, spitting acid(perk for being slug summoner) , carnivorous slugs, and many other acid based techniques. she also should have been faster, larger reserves, and a more fast precise devastating taijutsu style when not using super strength. Kishimoto is good for building up hype and then utterly disappoint at the end

Some ideas for training(2- 3 times as hard for Naruko and Naruto because of Kyuubi gives him a ton of stamina, and insane healing; also you can try a weight seal to speed things up) intensive chakra control, remedial training to fix what the academy didn't, genjutsu detecting and dispelling, KI resistance, trap spotting and setting, stealth training, strength, speed, taijutsu training ,ninjutsu training, fuinjutsu and weapon handling.

If go the route of making them stronger than canon will Tsunade confront their jounin sensei's about their lack of skill and training? From the Story Tsunade sounds proud of them and complimentary towards their ability which in my opinion nothing to be proud about.
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