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WyldClaw chapter 2 . 4/30/2016
what a descriptive chapter
WyldClaw chapter 1 . 4/30/2016
that was incredible
Gryphon's wing chapter 53 . 3/18/2012
I sincerely hope you wrote a better story than this. Seriously mate, you made yours and Shastina's characters really annoying, really weak. Totally pathetic! I really hope you're not like that in real life! It's true what I said, I really do hate people who think suicide and dying is the only option! It's not!

Plus why did you have to have more mention of slutty Kari and TK!

They didn't need to be there for the goodbye. They had NO right!

Especially if the rest of the BETTER digidestined couldn't be there! Davis, Tai and the rest should've been there too!

DEATH to TK and slutty Kari!
Gryphon's wing chapter 52 . 3/18/2012
Oh who cares about TK and Shastina? Let them sodding die! Actually TK's ok. It's Kari that's the slut and deserves do DIE!

Also Shastina deserves to die more than Kari! She seems to want it, so let her DIE and leave us in peace! She's NOT important! I don't care if she's a real character! She's a weak, annoying little prat!

And yes, TK is gullible and a crybaby! He has NO courage! He never did! TK is a coward, just like your own character mate!

If only you'd made your own character less suicidal and depressin, and more courageous, I might've liked him. But I HATE cowardly traitors! And I HATE suicid al prats! They're just feeling sorry for themselves!

Also TK doesn't truly show Hope until Piedmon almost destroys him! So wrong there too.

And Kakonmon did pretty much turn Tao! Tao was a prat who attacked Marc and the rest loads. But Marc more than anything. And he didn't even apologise. He's more of a jerk than Matt was in the first season! Least Matt came back and saved Tai's life! Tao just runs!

Tao is WEAK! He is NOT the sodding strongest! He kept running. Always suicidal! That is NOT strong! That is WEAK!

Tao and his Digimon had NO right to get the strongest crest!

This fic just got worse and worse. Don't think I'll bother reading the last part!

Suicidal people piss me off! They just feel sorry for themselves! At least Matt grew a backbone and came back. Also at least he apologised for hurting Tai. Unlike ickle Tao!

Get a backbone! He's no Digidestined!
Gryphon's wing chapter 51 . 3/18/2012
The second time piece should've gone to Marc again. Slutty Shastina doesn't deserve to have a piece of a powerful crest. Light's fine, as it's weak. But TIme is powerful and Shastina is NOT worthy of it!

DEATH 2 SHASTINA! She's an annoying slutty little brat!

And she's NO sodding leader! Marc's the leader and should remain the leader! Tao's too sodding weak to be leader! He has no way to stall Kakonmon. He's too weak! If he'd had Harriermon with him he may stand a chance but if he's alone he won't have a chance!
Gryphon's wing chapter 50 . 3/18/2012
Death to Shastina! She's such a pain in the ass. And such a major slut, kissing Marc like that! bAck off slutty Shastina!

You're just as bad as slutty Kari Kamiya!

And Tao's a joke. Saying about finding his prey! Please! Kakonmon will destroy him!

I HATE Shastina! She's a slut! And her Digimon's a total weakling!

If I were Marc, I would NEVER go with slutty Shastina, not after asshole Tao hurt him. And Tao never even apologised! He's a jerk! He shouldn't have to keep a promise to Tao, when Tao can't hold his own against anything and runs away! Tao and Shastina are just as weak as TK and Kari! So annoying!

DEATH2TakariHopeLight chapter 49 . 3/17/2012
Oh there goes Shastina, praying again. Sad little moron!

The rest of the Digidestined get on with it and beat one Digimon apiece, but it takes both Tao and Shastina's pathetic Digimon to beat ONE Infinity digimon. Doesn't say much for those two morons! Tao and Shastina are idiots! Don't deserve to be Digidestined! DEATH 2 HOPE AND LIGHT HOLDERS!
DEATH2HopeLight chapter 48 . 3/17/2012
Oh, how pathetic! I knew you'd put those pathetic bratty two together, but I never thought you'd put them BOTH getting their crests! You're so pathetic! Tao and Shastina, go burn! DEATH 2 Hope and Light holders! Pathetic little idiots! And you had to add that silly slutty Shastina's pathetic sentence at the end! Stop being so pathetic, pitiful and weak, baby slutty Shastina! And Tao, stop being a coward!

That was a an awful chapter! Shastina and Tao don't deserve to be Digidestined! Just like TK and Kari!
DEATH2Takari chapter 47 . 3/17/2012
Yay! Another good chapter! Too bad the other two will probably get their silly digimon digivolving in the next one. And they're probably together as well. Typical really. They're such an annoying pair!

Oh well. Least the last 3 chapters were good!
DEATH2Takari chapter 46 . 3/17/2012
Another good chapter, with only one mention of the idiot two!

And another cool Digimon. The third and last cool one is next I hope!
death2takarihopeandlight chapter 45 . 3/17/2012
That was a good chapter. No silly Tao or Shastina the weaklings mentioned! They're annoying!

More proof that Tao is no good as leader! It should've been Marc, not tao! Marc's digimon is cool.
DEATH2TakariHopeLight chapter 44 . 3/17/2012
Tao is far too bossy after being a total coward and traitor. He has NO right to boss the others around! If I were Marc, I would've challenged him and told him where to go! He's no leader! Leaders don't run from their problems like this cowardly Tao does!

And Shastina's a pathetic little loser! Wish she'd disappear!

Literally! Bog off Shastina and Tao! They're crappy characters! Typical for the Hope and Light holders! They're all sodding pathetic! dEATH 2 Hope and Light holders!
DEATH2TkariHopeLight chapter 42 . 3/17/2012
The slutty weak Shastina is taking the lead and bossing the guys around? That's just not right! If I was one of the guys, I'd slap her one for that! She's not the leader! She's not strong! She's always weak! And she's a total lovesick moronic little tosser!

And Tao's just a traitor! They shouldn't even consider him! If he was a true friend, he wouldn't have to be THINKING about joining the battle! He should want to join the battle straight up! Your own character is a total traitor mate!

If I was part of his team, I wouldn't be thinking of him as my team mate OR friend! A friend would want to be there straight away to help his friends! Clearly Tao is NOT a friend! He's a cowardly traitor. And Shastina's just a slutty loser!

DEATH 2 weaklings!
DEATH2TakariHopeLight chapter 41 . 3/16/2012
God, if I were Marc, I wouldn't want ANYTHING to do with that tao creep if he tried to kill me. He could burn in hell! And I certainly wouldn't do anything to protect lickle baby weakling Shastina! She could also burn in hell! If she and her "boyfriend" are so weak, then they shouldn't have been chosen. Just like TK and Kari, Tao and Shastina are weak and pathetic!They don't deserve to be digidestined!

Plus it goes to prove that Darkness is stronger than silly ickle Light, since it became one of the four crests!

DEATH 2 Light! Death to Kari! Death to Shastina! They're both weaklings and Tao's a traitor and a coward!
DEATh2Takari1 chapter 38 . 3/15/2012
Well at least Marc's was a cool mega, unlike silly Shastina's!

But emphasis on Hope yet again, it's really unbelievable how over the top you go with Hope and pathetic Light! So Light's gone. Big deal! Get over it Tao and silly Shastina!

It's so pathetic! Light is WEAK! Always has been! Angewomon was weak and a slut. MagnaAngemon wasn't as strong as people make him out to be He only formed his silly Gate of Detiny. It was the Mega digimon that pushed Piedmon into it! So Hope and Light are pathetic and I wish you'd stop making a big deal out of it!

Also, why the heck are you making your own character so pathetic! He's a real coward, always running away! Why would you make your character like that? Shastina's a wimp too! But that's understandable since she holds Light!
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