Reviews for Master of Jiongu
IgniousLupus chapter 5 . 14h
Man, I was really hoping to like this, but I just can't. I tried to get into it but no matter what it just grates at me
Alice Scarlett Knabel chapter 7 . 6/21
love this so far and bet i'll keep loving ot unless you do something silly like make danzo the hokage
Marco Zilvetti chapter 7 . 5/11
This fic should be named it as "When Hiruzen does the right things about rising and training Naruto"
kingpj999 chapter 8 . 5/3
I love Naruto's relationship with Hyugaa Family
kingpj999 chapter 7 . 5/3
Man, Kakashi is a great character but he sucks as a teacher, I can undersrand why he concentrated only on Sasuke, Sakura was useless and Naruto was too green, he only know how to spam clones while shouting about being Hogake, I get that but it was Kakashi's job taught him how to be a proper shinobi.
Marco Zilvetti chapter 1 . 5/3
I really like Kakuzu as a character and his abilities, he was the most badass Akatsuki in my opinion using his five hearts alongside with the five natures of elements.
nagiten chapter 6 . 4/5
you said they had to last at least 2 minutes and after that they can quit? so why did iruka call time at only 2 minutes
nagiten chapter 5 . 4/5
so the council work in keeping the fact it was uzumaki senju and uchiha that founded the leaf quiet hmm and no lessons on uzumaki or uzu hmm
nagiten chapter 2 . 4/5
so the council screwing naruto over hmm
is that why naruto think only hokage and the ramen stand people are the only ones that dont hate him? and why he go cant to his father friends house every once in a while? also where the hell is tsunade in the adult who like him?
why doesn't tsunade just take him as they have blood similar been cousins
Pinkypi chapter 11 . 2/8
How the civilian snuck up to get to Naruto. Everything was a clusterfuck. The ninja's are running on little sleep as is at the moment. The people in the room are acting restless with a lot of moving around due to the announcement. The Anbu is question wasn't expecting someone to so blatantly ignore the Hokage in such a way. Said civilian was already positioned in a spot near the Anbu making his travel path shorter and therefor less likely to be noticed with all the other jostling going on. Particularly if said civilian was being one of the more calm people in the room making him seem like he was accepting the Hokage's words and was less riled up than the others when he really wasn't. He also happened to make his move as the attention in the room was drawn in the opposite direction. Also said civilian may be an academy drop out. Meaning he knew at least something about right moment to strike etc.
Pinkypi chapter 4 . 2/7
still one of my favorite stories for the 4th read through. Though I just realized it. You've got Sasuke acting like an emo which didn't happen until after the massacre. Kappa.
dennishoisington2 chapter 32 . 2/1
Can you please continue this story I would be greatly honored if you could!
Pvtcheeks chapter 20 . 1/14
Ah I see, you realized that made no sense to not copy that down so you made that even though Kurama help make it, it stil can’t be translated with out the rinnegan… W
Pvtcheeks chapter 19 . 1/14
Pvtcheeks chapter 19 . 1/14
Right, just muttered root right infront of him and is hiding that it is danzo, because hes the only damn one who would do that, or the more likely one, somehow Hiruzen reallt doesnt know, which makes sense in auch abysmal amounts, you make the OG naruto look like he was the smartest person in the whole series…
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