Reviews for The One Appointment We All Must Keep
Nibiki chapter 17 . 9/13
We're coming up on a year without an update. Still planning to continue this story?
KaySchus chapter 8 . 9/13
I honestly don't understand your story - you state Harry travelled back with all of his memories yet he legitimately NEVER acts on any future knowledge. Draco is the one who frees Sirius; it isn't even framed as some Harry dropping a hint to make the information come from elsewher - he literally just slips some information accidentally and it rolls from there. He isn't actively doing ANYTHING about the Horcruxes even though you claimed he died during the final battle so he would have intimate knowledge about all of them. He has done nothing to prepare for Quirrel, nothing about Peter Pettigrew, honestly nothing at all. You say he is second in his class when he literally has 6 years of education on Hermione. He is absolutely apathetic about everything in this story. If you wanted him to go back with no memories and just the hints from the Death Department or whatever that could have worked - why you insisted on writing him as maintaining his memories and then being the absolute worst Harry I have ever seen is just horrible.

You somehow managed to write a Harry Potter who accomplishes less than canon; does it without any emotion at all; and just coasts by on what other people do to drive the plot. We never get anything from his perspective (or very rarely) so we don't even know what he is thinking. Does he even care about the war? About Voldemort? or is he just going to repeat every year in the exact same way canon happened and hope that is enough to get him through?

Honestly, this entire story needed significantly better planning. It's most certainly not the worst but I just don't understand the vision of what you want this story to be at all. It feels like some weird canon remash with an absolutely insane Dumbledore for almost no reason.
Delightfully sinful chapter 17 . 9/11
Is it next week yet?
Guest chapter 17 . 8/25
Please finish I like this story
flashbak35a chapter 17 . 8/22
the continuing of this story would be appreciated.
Azrael's Son chapter 17 . 8/19
well done i would love to read more especially about snape going crazy due to the bear
Rae chapter 17 . 8/15
update please.

I want to read more
sarah.clarence.1 chapter 17 . 8/17
noooo, I've reached the end of what's written and now i have to wait for an update!i love love love this story. it's hilarious without going into crack fix territory. i love how you've shown the characters grow in personality, especially the weasleys. it is rare to see a weasley bashing fic that gives them redemption.
i also love how you've shown sirius growing as a person and not being stuck in the mind set of a 20year old like most fics do.
overall i find your representation of the characters to be true and the storyline refreshingly new, while still sticking to the major fixed points from the books.
I'm looking forward to seeing how you take this from here.
Rafsolo chapter 15 . 8/9
LMAO. That bear just had me cracking up. you are brilliant!
seldombites chapter 17 . 8/2
This is a good story so far.
HartleySkarsgard chapter 17 . 7/31
Almost a year since your last update but I'm hoping you come back and finish this great read :)
waya715 chapter 1 . 7/29
good start! thank you for the time and effort you've put into this story to make it enjoyable for everyone.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 11 . 7/22
Kewl. Molly as a barmaid is great. Especially in the dive! And Sirius with two neighboring condos and a hidden floor that close to royalty may or may not be a good thing. I always figured him for a larger place closer to the country to be less visible to muggles.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 9 . 7/22
I believe I really like your devious little mind. That is so twisted to be almost genius. And Arthur admits about all the covering he has been doing
guest chapter 17 . 7/19
"TO Be Continued"...

Well I certainly hope so. I'm rather enjoying this story.

I think I prefer this treatment of Ron Weasley as something of a non-entity, rather than an evil git, or something of the sort.

So far, so good!
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