Reviews for The One Appointment We All Must Keep
Hello chapter 1 . 7/10/2019
Why is it that in every one of these types of stories, Harry's "Reaper" is mad at him? Verbally abuses him? Harry has no recollection of any his previous deaths.
Wildcatatheart chapter 17 . 7/10/2019
enjoying this story very much...
keitaropurple69 chapter 17 . 6/25/2019
I love this story and it is very original, however i was wondering if you were going to add anymore chapters to this story or not?
emmabrady chapter 17 . 6/25/2019
I really hope you write more... this is very good...
Haji the Monster chapter 1 . 5/19/2019
again you people have to spout abuse at someone with no memory of anything that has been happening. use you heads, it's the fault of the reaper or angel of death. you don't get to abuse people because you're having a bad day. it's just a stupid excuse to attempt to be funny and you failed spectacularly. every single one of these freaking stories from the prompt, just abuse you character and have the reaper rant at him like its his fault for not remembering. you don't abuse people for ignorance, you educate them and help them grow. I'm not going to read anymore of this terrible, redundant story.
Corwyn chapter 17 . 5/14/2019
I'm loving this story so far, and look forward to it continuing. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Corwyn chapter 12 . 5/14/2019
1 for the "Belle is like Hermione" in-joke :-)
missgsmith51 chapter 17 . 4/26/2019
Oh, this is mean, Mandymld - a truly evil cliffhanger.

Now, for the 64,000 Galleon question: Are you going to finish your story? I know you are still writing, because I checked your profile page, and you have 2019 entries. It has been about a year-and-a-half since your last update to "The One Appointment"; but many have picked up "dormant" stories after much longer hiatuses. I sincerely hope you do resume writing this one, as I'm quite curious to eavesdrop on Molly's "one appointment."

I've been reading Reaper fics for the past week, even unfinished ones, if they were long enough to be interesting. I find yours to be quite interesting and somewhat different. I truly hope to read an update very soon.
missgsmith51 chapter 16 . 4/26/2019
Ginny is downright scary. She is delusional, and delusional people can be dangerous. Honestly, she needs to be sent home for everyone's safety. Allowing her to walk around puts everyone at risk. She should probably be committed to St. Mungo's psychiatric ward. Maybe she should be obliviated of all knowledge of Harry Potter. That might actually be better.

So poor Harry not only has Crazy Ginny on his tail, but he also has to deal with whoever is in the thrall of the Diary. It's going to be a tough year. At least he will know what's happening when the petrifications start. I think it may be time for a little GR intervention about now.
missgsmith51 chapter 14 . 4/25/2019
So Albus is a Squib? Interesting. At least, it protects him from having to marry Molly. I wonder ... did she have anything to do with the most recent batch of lemon drops? I think Dumbledore is going to continue to be a problem, until Voldemort is gone. They really need to confine him to keep Harry safe.

I can't help thinking Ginny needs to see a mind healer. She is already pretty far gone, and her mind is weak. If Lucius slips the Diary to her this time, I wonder if she will survive the encounter. It's too bad Harry can't send Dobby to get the Diary and remove it from the equation.

It sounds as though Harry and Draco are in trouble. It's unfortunate that Narcissa made the charm permanent. That really wasnt the boys' fault.
missgsmith51 chapter 13 . 4/25/2019
So Molly is still scheming, and is Harry still her target? I suppose that is a ridiculous question, given the presence of Albus. That reminds me ... was the note to Snape telling him where DD is?

It looks as though Molly's scheming may be coming to an end soon, based on the conversation among Elizabeth, Allan, and Rasputin. Either that, or she will be straightened out and given another chance. I just want to know ... when is Dumbledore going to receive his summons.

On a positive note, it's nice to see Sirius and Snape on the same side.
missgsmith51 chapter 11 . 4/25/2019
I have often wondered if Tonks was the victim of a curse of some sort. For example, is her being a Metamorphmagus a Black family ability? If so, could the fact that her mother was "excommunicated" from the Blacks negatively affect her in some way for using Black family magic? Could some other kind of curse have been used - by Walburga or Bella, perhaps? Just speculation.

How does Hermione have a summer project with the Arithmancy professor when she just finished her first year, and Arithmsncy is a third year elective?

It sounds like Dumbo's prophecy is a fake. Given what happened to the Potters and Longbottoms as a result, I wonder if Dumbo could be sent through the Veil. He is definitely an accessory to murder and attempted murder, if this is true. And Severus was set up to be the "delivery boy."

Well, the new "extended family" seems to be getting on like gangbusters.
missgsmith51 chapter 10 . 4/25/2019
"He had figured that Quirrell's body had been discovered and that the school had simply covered up the mess like they had the first time regarding the Stone." Um ... has Harry forgotten that he transfigured Quirrell's body into a stone?

What's with Fawkes? I thought he was able to detect evil. Surely Dumbledore's actions toward Harry - kidnapping, technically - are not benign. They should be enough to get Dumbledore kicked out of Hogwarts permanently.

"Let's try," McGonagall said and moved to the front of the mirror but all she saw was herself transfiguring the Headmaster into a mouse and eating it in her transfigured animagus form. ******* ROTFLOL!

Harry's Reaper should be happy, because he seems to have shaken off Dumbledore's yoke of control. Of course, a LOT of things have changed as a result, too. I hope none of them result in bad things happening to good people.

I pity Harry and his upcoming shopping trip with Narcissa. I hope we are going to be spared the gory details.
missgsmith51 chapter 8 . 4/25/2019
Draco' superiority is still there, but I haven't seen him call Neville a Squib or Hermione a Mudblood yet.

I can't believe ANY of the Weasleys think Harry should just "suck it up" and marry Ginny just to spare her from the consequences of Molly and Dumbledore's criminal activity. I can't help wondering if Arthur's solution - the one that will bring shame - is to divorce Molly and let HER marry Albus. (Boy, would that be a marriage made in hell.)

I'm glad Harry and Hermione's detention was a normal one this time. I'm just sorry Harry had to do what he did. Interesting about Hermione sensing his need of her. Is this part of the bond?
missgsmith51 chapter 6 . 4/25/2019
Dumbledore is very conniving. I'm glad the other professors are watching him closely already. That should mean they can act immediately when it is necessary rather than kids, or only one other professor, having to first convince them something is wrong. That is quite different than things seem to have been in Harry's past. It makes me wonder if any others besides Harry and Draco are on "second (or more) chances."

I'm glad Sirius and Amelia - as well as the Goblins and apparently the Unspeakables - know about the Horcruxes. Theoretically, if these and Harry communicate, the Horcruxes could all be destroyed soon, and maybe Voldy could be killed in Harry's second year ... or even his first.
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