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missgsmith51 chapter 6 . 4/25/2019
Dumbledore is very conniving. I'm glad the other professors are watching him closely already. That should mean they can act immediately when it is necessary rather than kids, or only one other professor, having to first convince them something is wrong. That is quite different than things seem to have been in Harry's past. It makes me wonder if any others besides Harry and Draco are on "second (or more) chances."

I'm glad Sirius and Amelia - as well as the Goblins and apparently the Unspeakables - know about the Horcruxes. Theoretically, if these and Harry communicate, the Horcruxes could all be destroyed soon, and maybe Voldy could be killed in Harry's second year ... or even his first.
missgsmith51 chapter 5 . 4/25/2019
Interesting about Draco and Poe. Actually, many of Poe's works seem perfect for Wizards. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he was a wizard!

******* Quoted passage:
Narcissa rose and when acknowledged asked "Mr. Black, who put the fidelus charm around the Potters house and why didn't they step forward to tell the courts?"

"Our old headmaster, Albus Dumbledore and I don't know. I have waited ten years for the answer to that question." Sirius responded. ******** End quoted passage

In PoA, Harry overhears Flitwick describe the Fidelius charm as "an immensely complex spell," leading this reader, at least, to believe that Dumbledore was the one who cast it, given it was his suggestion in the first place, and he seemed to be so concerned about the Potters. We also know he cast it on 12GP. I know this is fanfiction, but I can't help agreeing with your interpretation of things.

Well, it looks as though Narcissa will get her wish for herself and Draco, I hope.
missgsmith51 chapter 4 . 4/25/2019
"... [Harry] started to mentally count all of those who had been injured or had died as the result of the Headmaster's manipulations in the other timeline and found himself getting angry." It's about time, I say. Harry was told Dumbledore was a manipulator. He seemed to see it in his meeting with Hagrid, but then he dropped the idea. I guess he needed to have it reinforced.

Well! That dream certainly enlightened him - Dumbledore hiding under Harry's cloak and watching the whole Troll debacle. I wonder if its attack on Snape was a coincidence or Dumbledore's doing ... because Snape cast that spell that showed the Compulsion on the Troll.

I'm just glad Hermione is now under Harry's protection. I just hope she is being protected from the right people.
missgsmith51 chapter 3 . 4/25/2019
"Walking out of the class with his friend, he saw [Binns] staring at him and had no idea why it gave him the creeps." Perhaps Harry is trying to remember the following exchange from chapter one:

"Putin glared at the papers on his desk then said, 'I was unaware until today that your good pal Dumbledore had planted a spy here through his ghost that teaches at Hogwarts and that he had control of the Elder Wand as well as the Resurrection Stone. The spy worked in death contracts and was trying to block you going back with your memories.'"

Even with things happening which should enlighten Harry, he is acting clueless. Is he really that stupid?
"You might want to find the rules of wizard duels, though Potter. Let's just say that his claiming you are his second and you not knowing about it, could give you trouble later on," [Draco] warned.

Okay. If Draco hadn't said something, Harry wouldn't have known anything about being named Ron's second, as Ron hadn't even asked him! I wonder if the vassal (not vessel) thing plays into Molly's orders for Ron to befriend Harry.

Molly clearly has her own schemes with regard to Harry, and she shows no inclination to do as Arthur wants her to do. Ron, too, seems bent on following his own path. I'm surprised to see Percy support his dad. The Twins also seem aware of what Arthur was mentioning, and all of the kids seem annoyed that Ron has no inkling of how his behavior could jeopardize every member of his family.

This is getting interesting.
missgsmith51 chapter 2 . 4/25/2019
It's funny, but from reading his thoughts, Harry doesn't seem to be as aware as I should think he would be, knowing what he knows.

"... for goodness sake, kiss the girl the minute you see her. Don't hesitate." I don't seem to remember THAT happening yet. I wonder ... is the message going to start appearing over her head soon? Or maybe the Sorting Hat will remind him! I hope someone does soon.

I wonder ... what if Harry, Hermione, Neville and Draco all went into Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? That would be fun, especially if Ron went into Slytherin. HeHe!

Well, apparently that didn't happen, except for Draco. I am glad Padma is in Gryffindor, though. That SHOULD give Hermione a decent close girlfriend in her own house. I wonder if this Draco will be friendlier with our three Gryffs. If he's been cut off from his Slytherin pals, I suppose it's a possibility. (BTW, if the Hat is suddenly doing as it is supposed to do, perhaps Ginny, the conniving little fangirl, will go into Slytherin when she arrives.)

It sounds as though Lucius is preparing a lot of trouble for himself.
tricorvus chapter 7 . 4/21/2019
This is amazing and I do hope that you come back and finish it.
rock on
19Shorty chapter 17 . 4/9/2019
Next Chapter Please
Guest chapter 17 . 4/5/2019
The story has potential enjoying it somewhat at times, and is different at parts with other fanfics. The troll and the stone should not have to happen but the creative way you did it i don't mind it really. Was rather annoying that harry avoided kissing on the train or afterwards that is counterwise what with you are writing before. one damn kiss on the cheek is that all with nothing else?
First year was fine but with the summer and 2e year it became dull, too much spending writing on other characters dialogs and stuff. Oh and really the damn train wall they can't cant go through was really not necessary..
And of course far less harry&hermione. (yes i have seen humor/adventure no romance in the titel) You go for a slow relationship but still only trying to hold her hand 2e year ugh how boring, i read this because of them but you rather avoiding it there is no progress like that.

Still curious about the rest though cause 2e year had also some amusing things. i think forget something else but the relationship was the bigger issue.
Guest chapter 17 . 3/30/2019
love the fic thanks more when you can pretty please
suziq968 chapter 17 . 3/28/2019
Wow, this is really good and I'd love to know what happened. You said you had the next chapter done already but that was a couple years ago. Hope
suziq968 chapter 14 . 3/28/2019
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that bear!
suziq968 chapter 4 . 3/28/2019
Draco reminds me of the bear joke, you know how they say if a bear is chasing you and someone else you don't have to be faster than the bear, just faster than the other person. He has very strong self preservation skills.
suziq968 chapter 2 . 3/28/2019
looking at reviews, I see this is unfinished, but very well liked. I love the Reptilia28 challenge, but didn't realize this was one until I saw the AN. If you add that to your summary you'll get more readers, if that's a concern. Also, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful community, so many great stories and authors I hadn't seen before.
Silverstargirl chapter 17 . 3/8/2019
Great story! I hope that it will be continued someday!
Shadowalker666 chapter 17 . 3/4/2019
A good and enjoyable story.
It has been a while but I see you are still writting so please update and continue this one soon.
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