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wotumba1 chapter 1 . 8/6/2017
glad to have this legolas with the fellowship!
AndurilofTolkien chapter 1 . 2/19/2017
well done :)
Nimblelf legolas chapter 1 . 6/6/2015
Legolas is also a very skilled warrior and he is the most tireless of the group which makes him valuable in the fellowship thus he might have been chosen for his skill too. It is not only friendship that determines who goes because Elrond is wise so he would choose the members for a reason. :) Legolas's been friends with Aragorn for years and hes a very skilled warrior too- that might be the reason. I dont think its because he is a prince so Elrond chose him for I am sure every elf is loyal and brave. Afterall, in the the book, Elrond chose the members without explaining why he chose them. Being wise, Elrond would choose those that are strong at heart, willing, skilled in the areas of fighting. Afterall, the book also says that gimli and legolas were not friends at first so this shows that Elrond did not choose the members based on their friendships. :)
LOTRcool chapter 1 . 6/27/2013
Good story, but in my opinion Legolas was chose in the fellowship because:
1He was a normal elf. What I mean in this is that he wasn't special at all, only that he have a very good aim and is son of Thranduil, unlike other elves that might been chosen, for eample Elladan and/or Elrohir (their halve-elves), Glorfindel (reborn), Elrond (foresight), etc. So it's a way to show just how a normal elf is.
2 He is a great warrior. You got to admite, going out of the war without as much as a scratch is impresive and not something everyone can do, even an elf.
3 He's ability to make friends. Because he befriend Gimli, even with the whole enemisty of their races, and Aragorn, a mortal, when in the movie at least, they don't do it.
4 He's character is more natural an easiest to get along to, ignore if you don't like him or love.

Good story any way ;)
Nebraskafan chapter 1 . 8/2/2010

It was very well written, so more believable; I love to believe that indeed he and Aragorn shared a friendship that was the reason Legolas was the Elf in the Fellowship.

Well done mellon nin. :-)
Tathrin chapter 1 . 11/9/2004
I think you emulated Tolkien's style very well, and it seemed quite natural. You also managed to mix the book and movie verses seemlessly. Nice intimation of Legolas and Aragorn's friendship; the elf's attempt to cheer up the man was very nicely done. Beautiful descriptions-it really was very Tolkien-ish, and well worth the difficulty-and having them share their news prior to the council was a nice idea. I really enjoyed their conversation and everything that it showed about their characters. Worked well as part of the reason why it was Legolas who went on the Quest (although I have to agree-sorry, I'm a cynic!-that it was probably just because Tolkien wanted the Thranduil/Gloin thing from the Hobbit...*sigh* Oh well, no complaints!). Very nice fic, and let me say again, perfectly Tolkien-ish style, which made it truly wonderful.
LuthienMeneledur chapter 1 . 1/13/2004
First off, may I say... BEAUTIFUL... I absolutely love this fic. It's short and sweet and to the point with wonderful writing to acompany a beautiful scene. WOW... we should all be so lucky to have the talent for writing Tolkien-esque that you do. You say you hate it and it's a pain but you do it so beautifully and make it look effortless, I think it fits in perfectly. I also love the "crown of stars" thing because it fits in AMAZINGLY with the "crown of fire" from The Two Towers when Aragorn is speaking with Eomer, which is no doubt what you were trying to do... well you succeded. I think it's amazing to use the stars in this section because it makes his Kingly air seem present but dormant... and then later when it awakens, I just think it's a perfect match. Sorry I went on so long about something so small and seemingly insignificant but it MADE this story for me, yet again as did the writing which is beautiful.
LadyLupin chapter 1 . 4/21/2003
Tolkien's style *is* a paint to write in, but you do it well! (I never could). This is a really cool fic-it's so sweet to see Legolas wanting to follow Aragorn in friendship like that. You really are one of those people who are an asset to the fanfiction community, you know that?
ccasey chapter 1 . 4/2/2003
This is wonderful! I agree with your assesment of Legolas. I think that he is "everyelf"is peraps exactly why Tolkien includedhim (same for Gimli,there is nothing outstanding about him, either, he is no great lord or hero of the dwarven realms)

You stayed admirably true to the style of Tolkien's writing, and his chracters! I'm reading unblinded rihgtnow and adore it! thanks for the wonderful stories!
Surreal chapter 1 . 1/21/2003
I loved this piece of writing. It was well written, adding depth to already interesting characters. And I am soooo happy that it's a friendship piece as oppossed to a slash piece. That gets tiring after a while. No offense meant; it's just an opinion. :)
Aracertariel chapter 1 . 1/7/2003
Cool fic! Go you!
PuterPatty chapter 1 . 11/18/2002
Great piece of fan fiction, Vikki. It really shows that you put a *lot* of thought into this and it really paid off. Great insight into the characters of Aragorn and Legolas.

I liked how Legolas remembers his home as Greenwood-shows he will love his home no matter how dark it may be. I just don't think the elves would refer to it as Mirkwood so easily; it seems like more of an outsider thing to do. Anyway, it's great to read a fic where someone kind of picks up on the same thing.

LOL-Aragorn's got a touch of Ranger Responsibility Syndrome! (That's how I found this story, I saw your review to one of Thundera Tiger's stories, and I immediately thought "well, there's a true Tolkien fan; I wonder what she's written." This did not disappoint!)

"A note of mischief in his voice, for he was a Wood-Elf and delighted in play havoc." Great, great line. So much was said about our favorite elf in so few words. But that was perfect characterization. I loved Legolas wreaking havoc.

I really liked how they fell into a comfortable silence. That's the mark of true friendship. Then I really *loved* Legolas looking upon Aragorn, sensing the kingliness in him. That part was by far my favorite. It was so delicately written and so descriptive. I felt I was privy to looking upon Aragorn through Legolas' eyes. Excellent job!

I really loved your author's notes; your motivations and subsequent ponderings for writing this are wonderful. Tolkien making Legolas, of all the elves-Glorfindel, Elladan, Elrohir, etc.-is something I've kind of wondered about too and will probably find myself doing more of since reading this wonderful work. Thanks! And you should definitely write more Tolkien even though it is a pain to write in (here, here!). I will be checking out your other LotR fic hopefully soon.

Write On!
Dora Henderson chapter 1 . 11/7/2002
Hey ur rite!Legolas and Gimli are only in the fellowship because Tolkien wanted to show the continuation of the story form the hobbit! That was a real good ff.u shud do some more! Yeah writin in Tolkien style is a pain! isn't it!

Luv Dora
Envinyatar chapter 1 . 11/4/2002
I think you have captured Tolkien's style very well, not just in the language but in your portrayal of the characters. Very understated but with sudden little flashes that illustrate their true nature. I hope you write more.
shirebound chapter 1 . 11/4/2002
My goodness, what a treat to read a story that's part-movie, part-EXCELLENT book canon. This is marvelous! I hope you share more stories with us whenever you can.

(I wonder if it's my fic, "A Matter of Time", to which you refer for reasons why Legolas was chosen to accompany the Fellowship? But no matter; it's an interesting topic well worth exploring! The trilogy is a source of seemingly infinite wonder and interpretation. What a joy.)
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