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Rakkis3059 chapter 7 . 4/19
I would love to see a continuation of this. Especially if you can follow up on how Nat described T.A.H.T.I.
BarbedCaress chapter 7 . 4/16
Fun story
Thanks for sharing it with us
BarbedCaress chapter 3 . 4/16
I like Nat's side job
Good thinking
odonnellzoo99 chapter 7 . 2/16
Harry and Natasha are great together in this story.
dodo chapter 3 . 6/27/2023
I really wish, that people would not misuse /mix-up terms.
Thor is either a god (of Nordic mythology) or god-like being / advanced alien being, worshipped centuries ago by Nordic people. He is NOT a demi-god!
A demi-god, as the prefix demi (half) indicates, is someone with a god parent and a non-god parent, a half-blood like Hercules or Percy Jackson.
Anyways, I really like your story and the way you tell not only of the acts but also the thoughs / background of your characters.
Talyn9661 chapter 6 . 5/25/2023
Maybe it’s the logical side of me nitpicking here but considering Natasha told Loki after his initial incarceration that she has “red” in her ledger, would she really quit S.H.I.E.L.D. when she feels like she has a debt to society for the things she did as a black widow (going off the “Black Widow” movie here). I didn’t get the feeling that she was only referring to Clint as having the debt since Loki replies with something about “erasing that much red.” IDK, just a random thought.
Talyn9661 chapter 5 . 5/25/2023
If other reviewers have said the same thing then sorry for being repetitive but you wrote the “Pepper meets Harry and Natasha” scene as though Pepper and Nat didn’t spend most of ‘Iron Man 3’ bumping heads. As many times as I’ve read this story I never picked up on that before. That probably goes to show how you’re such a good storyteller that I was too wrapped up in the narrative to think about what’s happened a couple years earlier. Good job!

On an unrelated note; why is the name : Romanova being substituted for “Romanoff?” Even if “Romanova” was her name in literature (and I’m not saying it was) but if that’s the reason I thought this story was based on the MCU movies, not the comics? And, I hope you don’t expect me to imagine Daniel Radcliffe as Harry. Nothing against him personally or professionally but he looks nothing like the “Harry” I always saw in my head when reading the books.
Talyn9661 chapter 2 . 5/23/2023
Whose voice are you supposed to hear … David Hasselhoff? Lol!
Talyn9661 chapter 1 . 5/22/2023
This is one of my favorite stories and I don’t just mean by you. I mean overall. My all time favorite is‘The British Reformation’. Gotta love that Fleur!
So, I’ve read this multiple times and it never struck me as odd until this read. Near the beginning of the story, Harry says he only has two choices and that they were pretty much the same choice. But what about going back to the muggle world? I don’t mean giving up magic but not really living in the wizarding world. Not working there or living there. I’m sure there is a muggle job he could use magic for to make it easier or even modify someone’s memory into putting him on the payroll but not have to show up for work. And if he’s ultra-rich from whatever his parents and Sirius left him then spend several years traveling and relaxing. Meet beautiful women and make love to them; sky’s the limit! I’m just saying that immediately jumping to possible suicide if the archway isn’t a portal to another world is a bit foolhardy. But I understand the need for an illogical reason to get the story up and running. And I’m glad it did, too!
AiyaKnight chapter 5 . 4/4/2023
you do a killer job of making a special scene romantic mean something with out having to go full blown spicy. this is why your one of my fav authors and i read all your work, sometimes more than once. bravo. btw harry trek 2 is good keep it up
keht.jelicho chapter 7 . 2/15/2023
I would enjoy another "episode" within this version of the Marvel-verse you have crafted. While I can agree that the Thor movie would certainly seem to be more likely to include Harry (if nothing else since there is that one battle in London Harry and Natasha could be there at that point by stating Harry both wanted to check out "his home" since he never really got much chance to do so, but also to share in some of the British food [fish and chips are supposed to be better there than, similar to how the Italian food in Italy was better in this story] and culture, that he grew up with, with Natasha. Just as she may have shared Russian food and culture with him by that point, or not), I think the more interesting (and potentially greater plot divergent) film would be the Captain America- Winter soldier/Hydra reveal movie, if you included its plot in this world. It would really be interesting to show the way Harry reacts to Hydra/SHIELD's "corruptioninfiltration. Though the aftermath may have some help if Harry has a way to let non-magical people sign magical contracts (combination of Hermione's jinxed DA sign-up parchment, possibly with better penalty/punishment effect, and maybe a blood quill or some other way of "binding" a person to their signature since Harry likely has a legitimate aversion to blood quills [fanon has them used for contracts/supposed to be Goblin or Gringotts limited, but I believe Canon, or "potterverse/extended" canon at least, has Umbridge actually being the inventor of them]).
If Harry has Veritaserum or the potion ingredients, or even just seeds/care instructions to raise plants if it is a purely herbal potion, and the recipe to brew the potion (assuming you go one way or the other on whether or not potionmaking requires the brewer to have/be magical) then that could come in handy too.

further expanding off the MCU plot divergence, I think a lot of the subsequent Ironman movies will have changes (Harry may be able to help Tony with Palladium poisoning, Tony never went through portal with Nuke/doesn't have that PTSD, Harry seems to have a mellowing effect on Tony, etc) to the point that the Iron Legion (a key aspect of what led to the Ultron Swarm) idea he had/scrapped at the end of Iron Man 3 likely wouldn't happen, or not happen in that way. But Loki's Staff/the Mind Stone being in Harry's custody means that Age of Ultron is nearly impossible to happen, though that also means that, to some degree, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver may not exist (the staff had something to do with their powers or the level of their powers) and Vision's "birth" or rebirth from Jarvis wouldn't happen (though that may mean no Karen for Peter nor Friday AIs, since I think Tony developed those from filling the gap Jarvis left/also due to compartmentalization of AI after Ultron fiasco: if Ultron didn't happen I think Tony would have just added Jarvis to the Spider suit rather than creating Karen).
One thing I would hope would work out better would be the whole "Civil War" episode (No Ultron, no Sokovia, no Accords- at least for those reasons/with those levels of backing), though more specifically I mean the reveal of Hydra using Bucky/Winter Soldier to kill Tony's parents/retrieve the Super Soldier Serum. I like to think the relationship between Harry and Tony shown in this story would be such that Tony would be in a much healthier mindset when/should he learn those facts, and there wouldn't be such a big divide over everything (if nothing else, and again touching on topics: Tony never went through the portal with the Nuke, Harry has the Staff/there shouldn't be an Ultron/sokovia incident to feel guilty over, Harry may help Tony face some of his issues such that he deepens his relationship with Pepper much sooner/may have kid(s), etc).
Also, I have no idea how you could/would introduce the Mystic Masters/Sorcerer Supreme. Although, you could have Strange get healed by some process/potion/new medical aspect that Tony and Harry work together to create and so Strange never becomes crippled/turns to Mystic arts, and therefore Harry gets to be the Sorcerer Supreme, or even more drastically changes things and helps stop that whole Movie's plot by taking out Kaecilius (or whatever his name is/or the spelling) and preventing Mordo's disillusionment/"going darkI have not seen the recent Movie post Spiderman No way Home, just basing the "going dark comment on the one end credit scene where Mordo kills some dude and a little bit I have heard of him becoming Strange's nemesis], and maybe even saves the Ancient One/removes her connection to Dormamu without it killing her. That's only one possibility and leaves plenty of holes though.
One thing regarding the Mystic Arts, I would say Natasha learning some would be interesting (possibly even more if she can yet Harry can't, though that's a whole other twist to everything mentioned before) just from the perspective of how it would help boost her capability to around Harry's a
keht.jelicho chapter 5 . 2/15/2023
if the Chair Natasha was sitting in was conjured then shouldn't the finite to stop the concealment also have canceled the conjuration? I think in canon it can, and you may have even had him do so earlier in the story yourself
Harry the Patronus Otter chapter 7 . 12/5/2022
Loved this. Too bad you haven't written an sequels. It got ht thinking though.

So Harry now has the mind stone. Can Thanos get it out of Harry's trunk?

Which is more powerful, the Infinity Stones or the Deathly Hallows? (My guess is the former but I'm assuming that the Hallows would protect Harry from being turned to dust when Thanos snaps his fingers.)

Can Thanos be AK'ed? (with or without the Stones.)
novonia chapter 7 . 11/30/2022
Just rereading and wanted to express how much I appreciate and love this story- I’d be happy to read a follow up. Hoping you’re well
Duchess67 chapter 7 . 11/7/2022
Will Harry be able to heal Natalie so that they can have children?
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