Reviews for To Catch the Moon
Casual0reader chapter 49 . 11/2
I’m really enjoying your story and hope you can find the time to keep working on it! I love these Zutara stories with the slow build up and confliction. This is one of my favorites!
DramioneLurver chapter 49 . 10/3
I've spent all morning reading this story. It's brilliant and I love it. Nice work.
Dc-Mythology-Lover chapter 9 . 9/19
I understood that reference! ''The 'not as awful as he could've been' award'' reference!
Good job
Flamey Owl chapter 49 . 9/10
Ahhhhhhhhhh no zuko don't gooo
xvector chapter 49 . 9/1
Your Zuko characterization is back to perfect!
xvector chapter 12 . 9/1
I have to say, your Zuko characterization is much worse than your previous Zutara fics.

Your Zuko lashes out at everything like a child, whining constantly. Canon Zuko was the opposite - he would hold in all his pain, bottle up his emotions and keep them under a tight leash. Firebending was essentially the only outlet of Zuko's anger, which is in part why Zuko eventually had to go to the Sun Temple to regain his firebending once he regained his calm. Your previous fics captured Zuko's reserved nature far better.

At the same time, I feel like you've made Zuko a tad bit dumb. Zuko is naive, yes, but he is also intelligent and pragmatic. Katara is naive, too, but for some reason you've made her far less naive than canon. Basically, everything so far has been reading like a mature lady and old man trying to deal with the tamper tantrums of a five-year-old. Instead, it should read as a struggle between two equals trying to find their way in life, with the occasional sparse and neutral advice of a mentor.

I'd urge you to take a look at your previous characterizations of Zuko: reserved, introverted, serious, mature. That is the Zuko we see in canon and the Zuko you once wrote. But currently, I find myself struggling to read through anything involving Zuko, which (as you can imagine) makes reading a Zutara fic a bit of an unfun grind.
CamiNeni chapter 49 . 8/29
Love it! It's written so well and the character development is goodPlease do continue! Can't wait to see what happens next with Zutara.
sakurastorm14 chapter 49 . 8/28
Are you planning on finishing this story? chapter 49 . 8/28
Can I just say that Ive fallen in love with this story? Its definitely one of the better zutara fics out there. I really liked the way zuko and kataras relationship has uneasily grown rather than their attraction being instantaneous. I also really like how you've managed to fit the show's plotline in with your very own plotline. I really wished zuko had stayed with katara and I just cant wait to see how/when zuko will join the gaang permanently! Great story telling over all and i do hope you update this soon!
NAVSO311 chapter 49 . 8/26
im love
27th chapter 49 . 8/26
this story is great! i really like how you've managed to weave canon with your own au and i've really loved watching zuko and katara's development. ; v ; i'm sad we're leaving zuko and iroh behind for the moment, but i can't wait to see how katara's changed since her capture and when she'll reunite with zuko! looking forward to your update.
Guest chapter 49 . 8/15
Update? :)
Dictator4Life chapter 49 . 8/13
Amazing as always! My love for this fic just keeps growing :)
Zutarafan chapter 49 . 8/3
I just want to say I really like this story and appreciate how much work you've put into it. So glad to see that their relationship is progressing to something a little more.

Eagerly looking forward to the next one!
jay-scout chapter 49 . 7/13
This has got to be one of my favorite zutara stories! It's so well paced, the characters are written beautifully, and I absolutely love the take on all the canonical events mixed in! Fantastic work, thank you for such a great story!
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