Reviews for Snowgroven
Invader Tim chapter 1 . 6/26/2014
Well done, I must say. A very excellent Prologue that shows the beginning of the end for the Thalmor and also manages did give characters with true faces to the Thalmor army. Very well done on the introduction of Clavicus, by acknowledging his characteristics rather than blatantly saying "Yo dat's Clavicus Vile". One thing that was quite difficult to follow was the rooms he was entering and leaving and the progression of it seemed a little bit like walking continuously past doors. Nevertheless your grasp of the inside thoughts of a racist Thalmor is amazing, I despised Varanil from the first inner monologue. Especially love the "No wonder they were inferior" and the "evil... what mothers say to their ..."
Really well written.
One little character question is on Faenil and his dress. White robes and Golden ear rings? Not sure if this is meant to symbolise something or why a Thalmor would dress that way, as it seems to more of a Dunmeri dress to wear.
Anyway, all in all this was amazing and really had me in grips with my desktop screen.
(winky face)